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School Policies


 8:40 – 3:50




Students who will be riding to school in a car will need to be dropped at the front of the school in the circle drive.  There will be school staff to greet them and help them out of the car.  The bus ramp on the side of the building is used only for bus rider drop off.  Children will be allowed to enter the school at 8:10 AM.  Please do not drop off your child before this time.  The YMCA is offering before school care which will begin at 6:45 AM if you should need it. It is recommended that you remain in your car and drop your child off in the car rider line.  During inclement weather, the line moves slower than usual so you should probably leave a little earlier on these days.  Students who arrive after 8:40 will be counted tardy.




Students who are car riders should be picked up in the front of the school in the circle drive.  Dismissal will begin at 3:50 pm. Car riders are dismissed through the front of the building and will sit by grade level under the covered area.  You will be given a card to place in the front window of your car which states your child’s name and grade.  Please make sure it is visible each day when you come to pick up your child in the car rider line. Your child’s name will be called and will be lined up when you drive to one of the assigned spots.  A staff member will help them into your vehicle.  A staff member will walk out children who are walking home or riding a bicycle. You may meet your child on the school side of the street.


Parents will not be allowed to park and come pick up their child from the building during dismissal.


If your child needs to be signed out at the end of the day, you will need to sign them out before 3:30. No students will be pulled from their classes after this time, so please make arrangements to arrive at the school before this time.




When visiting our school, it is necessary to check in at the front office so you can be checked in by our V-soft system.  This will require a picture ID such as a driver’s license, passport or student ID. When leaving, a visitor must check out at the same place and return the nametag. When you are visiting for lunch, there are tables in the cafeteria for visitors to sit with students.  Your child will not be able to invite another student to sit at the visitor table with them. 


When visiting the classroom, it is required that an appointment be made with the teacher so the classroom will not be inappropriately interrupted.  Parents will only be allowed back to their child’s classroom, before school, during the first week of school.  After that time period, your child will have to walk to their classroom by themselves or with the assistance of a staff member. An appointment can be made with the teacher during her planning time if it is necessary to discuss a student’s progress.  Please be aware that teachers check their emails and phone messages only periodically during the day and their time to reply is limited to during their planning time and before or after school.




When a child is absent, a signed note must be sent within five days of your child’s return to school that states the date(s) of absence and the reason.  A letter will be sent when a student has numerous absences as a reminder of the importance of attendance.  If a student misses more than 10% of the school year, they could be in danger of retention.  When a child has been absent for 3 days, class work can be requested to be sent home. 




We understand that it is sometimes necessary to change the way a student will go home.  Please make those changes before 3:00 PM so that we can make certain that the change gets to the student.  We cannot accept changes over the phone or by email.  The change in transportation must be done either by fax, in person, or by sending a note with your child.  Our fax number is 281-357-3293.   All changes must go through the front office.




Being at school on time allows students to begin their day ready and prepared. Just as staying at school all day allows students to get the most from their educational day. All students who arrive after 8:40 will be counted as tardy unless they arrive with a note from a physician’s office stating the student has been in the physician’s office that morning.  Students who arrive late due to an issue from riding a TISD bus will not be counted tardy.  Students who leave before the school day ends will be considered leaving early.  If a student is going to a physician’s appointment a note will need to be returned the following day to excuse the leave early. When a student has 6 unexcused tardies or early releases, he or she will be placed in lunch detention and will be placed in lunch detention for each tardy or early release which follows.  Parents will be notified by mail on the 5th unexcused tardy or early release.