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DPES PTO Membership Drive

The annual PTO Membership Drive is underway! The PTO is an important part of our school and we invite you to join. The PTO has funded major campus improvements and financially supports all student field trips. The drive ends September 22nd. You may download a membership form by clicking on the headline of this article.

September 18-22

Spelling Lesson  4

  1. load
  2. open
  3. told
  4. yellow
  5. soak
  6. shadow
  7. foam
  8. follow
  9. glow
  10. sold
  11. window
  12. coach
  13. almost
  14. throat
  15. cold
  16. most
  17. tomorrow
  18. sailboats
  19. young
  20. never

Readers will continue to:

  • Focus on responding to what they read by writing on a sticky note, marking where they have a reaction. 
  • Practice talking about what we have read.
  • realize they get distracted and learn skills to refresh our memory. Readers will go back and scanning the last part they really were connected with the text. This way we can continue understanding and reacting to our text.


In our Writers Workshop, we will select one topic, narrow it down and begin working on our first writing project.  We will share the idea of focusing on one event (a seed) of a large event (the watermelon) like going to the beach. The seed would be building the sandcastle; it is the small moment.  We will focus on sharing Who, What, When, Where, Why it was important/ memorable.  We will be using a plot line to help us organize our writing as well. This helps kids to sequence the event, as well making sure they give rich details. We will make sure to include all of the characteristics of a quality personal narrative:

  • past tense
  • about the author (uses I, me, we)
  • is able to be put on a plot line
  • has a lesson/theme 


Social Studies:
In social studies this week we will investigate:

  • Freedom Week and the United States Constitution.


Well, we had a wonderful restart to the 2017-2018 school year.  All my kiddos did wonderfully remembering what we talked about before the very slow and wet Hurricane Harvey dropped by.  I was really proud of them and their focus throughout the week.  This was not an easy way to start the week, but I think we all did marvelously!!!
We will begin going to library this week, so look for those library books!


  • Read nightly 15-20 minutes (reading logs will begin soon)
  • Study spelling words nightly for test on Friday

Spelling (test Friday):  List 3

  1. lay
  2. real
  3. trail
  4. sweet
  5. today
  6. dream
  7. seem
  8. tea
  9. treat
  10. afraid
  11. leave
  12. bait
  13. screen
  14. speed
  15. paint
  16. please
  17. yesterday
  18. explain
  19. *often
  20. *chose
    *Sight Word


What's going on in class?

We will build reading stamina and begin writing about what we have read, then sharing.  As we work through the week, the lesson will focus on ways we can reflect and react to what we read.

Students will be taking an online reading test on Wednesday, September 13th.  This will provide valuable data to teachers so that we may better assist them as readers.  Please make every effort to not schedule appointments on that day. The test is given in class and their is no studying or preparation that can be done to take the test.  It is not for a grade either.

*Library Day is Tuesday!

In our writers workshop, we will select one topic, narrow it down and begin working on our first writing project.  We will be using a plot line to help us organize our writing. 

Social Studies:
We will continue to talk about communities and citizenship. Additionally, we will be reflecting on what a citizen in a community is.

Important Information from DPES

DPES is looking for volunteers for our Parents as Coaches program!  Parents as Coaches are weekly parent volunteers that work with small groups of students in a Kindergarten or First Grade classroom for thirty minute increments.  A language arts or math activity/game will be provided for the parent to play with the students.   We believe that our community and parents play a significant role in our students’ success.  All volunteers will need to submit and pass the district background check on the TISD webpage.  If you are interested in volunteering for the Parents as Coaches program, please contact Mrs. Hudson  or complete the application form at


DPES está buscando voluntarios para nuestro programa “Padres como mentores”. Los padres como mentores son padres voluntarios que trabajan semanalmente por treinta minutos con grupos pequeños de estudiantes de una clase. Una actividad o juego de artes del lenguaje o matemáticas será proporcionado para que los padres trabajen con los estudiantes. Creemos que nuestra comunidad y los padres juegan un papel importante en el éxito de nuestros estudiantes. Todos los voluntarios tendrán que presentar y pasar la verificación de antecedentes penales del distrito en la página de internet de Tomball ISD. Si usted está interesado en ser voluntario para el programa “Padres como mentores”, por favor póngase en contacto con Mrs. Hudson en el correo electrónico, llene la forma o el formulario de solicitud en

September 5-8

Spelling (test Friday):

Lesson  2

  1. spoke
  2. mile
  3. save
  4. excuse
  5. cone
  6. invite
  7. cube
  8. price
  9. erase
  10. ripe
  11. broke
  12. flame
  13. life
  14. rule
  15. these
  16. those
  17. surprise
  18. decide
  19. talk
  20. almost

Library day for both my homeroom and Mrs. Short’s homeroom is Tuesday!

We will build reading stamina and begin learning ways we can reflect and react to what we read.

In our writers workshop, we will select one topic, narrow it down and begin working on our first writing project.  We will be using a plot line to help us organize our writing. 

Social Studies:
We will investigation of communities, including knowing our address and phone number.



Me in a Nutshell!

Homework on the second day of school!?

Yep! You have homework on the second day of school.  Fill the bag you were given with 3 items that best represent the person that you are. Everything must fit inside the bag (paper lunch bag).

Think about yourself.

What are you likes, dislikes, hobbies or habits? Be ready to share your items with the class so we can learn more about each other.


Apply now to volunteer throughout the year!  The "Volunteer Application" link on the right side of this page has been updated for the 2017-18 school year.
Remember you MUST fill out a new application each year to have a background check completed.

Science Benchmark Tomorrow

Your student should have a review sheet for you to sign tonight!  Please help them look over the material for tomorrow's benchmark.

5/ 15-19


What’s happening at DPES?
  • May 19- All Library Books Due
  • May 24- 3rd Grade Field Trip to  W.G. Jones State Forest
    Chaperones Needed:
    We will be taking a 3rd Grade field trip on Wednesday, May 24th!   If you are considering chaperoning you must have a background check complete and on file with the district.  Please click the "volunteer application" on the right to fill out the district form. (Yes, it looks like you are filling out a job application for TISD.) Apply now so it is all back in time!
  • May 26- Reading Rally
  • May 29- Memorial Day, No School
  • May 31- End of Year Parties
  • June 1- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, Early Dismissal/Report Cards Sent Home
  • We have had such a great year and worked very hard! To wrap up this year, students will be revisiting several genres we have read over the year and working on a variety of writing activities which will correlate with those genres. 
  • Don't forget towels, flashlights and books for our Fun Flashlight Friday reading time!
Lesson 30- 5/15-18         
Last Spelling Test Friday, 5/19
  1. below
  2. about
  3. belong
  4. around
  5. again
  6. alone
  7. because
  8. above
  9. between
  10. alive
  11. behind
  12. begin
  13. along
  14. before
  15. away
  16. want
  17. awhile
  18. beyond
  19. answer
  20. study