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Welcome to 2nd Grade!!!

I am Melissa (Hrncirik) Moline and am thrilled to be your child's teacher this year. This will be my fourth year at DPES and my third year teaching 2nd Grade.  I absolutely L-O-V-E what I do and am excited to begin a new year with new students. 

While I know all official documentation says Hrncirik (Hern-Sir-Ick), my last name is now Moline.  (I got married the first week of August!)  I will happily respond to Mrs. Moline OR Ms. H since I know many have called me that for years.  
While I am not with my boys and girls at school, I am spending time with the other boys and girl in my life: Mr. Craig/Mr. Moline, our 6 year old, Lincoln and labradoodle puppy, Luna.  I love spending time with my family and am happy that Lincoln will be with me at Decker Prairie as a first grader. 
I am passionate about what I do and love nothing more than watching my students learn and experience new things.  It is going to be a fabulous year! 

Recent Posts

Week of September 25
Reading - Make and confirm (or disprove) predictions 
Writing - Small moment stories (focusing on ONE moment and adding details) 
Math - Place value and writing numbers in different ways  
Science - Measuring matter and physical properties of matter
Social Studies - Creeds, pledges and maps
(In an effort to be more consistent with my teammates, I will now be giving the 4 sight words for students to study.)

Blue Spelling List  - fell, still, mess, gloss, pill, fluff, boss, skill, class, bluff, moss, puff, stuff, place, year, live, me

Red Spelling List  - whiff, scoff, tariff, sheriff, spell, swell, enroll, dwell, shall, across,  unless, press, pizzazz, place, year, live, me

Week of September 18

Parent Orientation is this Thursday from 6 - 7:30 in my classroom.  I hope to see you all there!  
Reading - Learning and practicing more comprehension strategies
Writing - Writing process and publishing
Math - We are starting place value.  Students will learn what makes up a number and how to make numbers different ways.  
Science - Measuring matter - temperature, volume, and predict length.  
Social Studies - Creeds and pledges 

Blue Spelling List  - test, spot, end, skin, ponds, drum, plan, men, must, flat,  kept, twin, brushes

Red Spelling List  - grant,habit, stand, crept, empty, lemon, print, sixty, comic,  frost, dusty, lumpy, stunt

Reading: Thinking about our reading, reading long and strong and choosing the best books.
Writing: Personal Narratives.  We are learning how to add details to our writing.
Math: Facts to 20.  We will have an assessment on Friday.  A short study guide will be sent on Thursday for review. 
Science: Classifying and measuring matter.
Social Studies: Characteristics of good citizens.
Sight word assessments for the beginning of the nine weeks were completed last week and a copy will be sent home in Wednesday folders so you and your student knows which ones to study.  This week, we will start spelling tests.  If your student missed 0 or 1 on the Spelling pretest on Monday, he or she will be tested on the challenge list for the week.  Reading level assessment for the beginning of the year will be started this week also, and this is a major grade.  

Spelling List


Below is the spelling lists for the week:  
List 1 - band, send, hits, frog, jug, help, desk, wind, flap, hunt, clap, next, flit, over, new, sound, take
List 2 - (for those who missed one or less on the pre test) blast, craft, stamp, blend, slept, drift, limit, logic, solid, topic, blunt, lucky, trunk, over, new, sound, take
Students will be required to write three words on the spelling test that follow the pattern of soft vowel sounds.

DPES is looking for volunteers for our Parents as Coaches program!  Parents as Coaches are weekly parent volunteers that work with small groups of students in a Kindergarten or First Grade classroom for thirty minute increments.  A language arts or math activity/game will be provided for the parent to play with the students.   We believe that our community and parents play a significant role in our students’ success.  All volunteers will need to submit and pass the district background check on the TISD webpage.  If you are interested in volunteering for the Parents as Coaches program, please contact Mrs. Hudson at  or complete the application form at

2nd Grade Sight Words

These are the sight words second grade students will be tested on for a daily grade.  I will assess at the beginning of the nine weeks (now) and at the end of the nine weeks, replacing the beginning grade with the ending grade.  Students should know these fluently. Students can write the words on paper and cut them out to make flash cards. 

1st 9 Week Spelling List

Attached you will find the spelling lists for the first nine weeks.  Students should practice each word by itself and then write it in a sentence to be ready for the spelling and sentence dictation assessments each week.

 Meet the Teacher

Monday, August 21st

3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Room 303
If you are able, please stop by to say hello. I look forward to seeing you all and beginning a new year.  
(You are welcome to bring school supplies to Meet the Teacher.)

Moms and Muffins is Friday morning (5/12)

in the cafeteria from 7:30 - 8:30 AM. 

Fun Run money is due on Friday as well!! 
All library books need to be returned to school by our library day next week. (Tuesday)  Due to an end of the year inventory check, students will not be checking out any more books. 

Reading: Drama
Writing: Writing process with nonfiction
Math: Money  (We will be preparing for a math test at the end of this week.)
Science: Life cycles (We will also be preparing for the Science Spring Benchmark at the end of this week.)
Social Studies: Producers/Consumers
We are finished with spelling for the year, so we will no longer have our weekly spelling or sentence dictation tests!  (I'm sure all students will be devastated! Haha.) 

The Fun Run was a huge success and a ton of fun!  Envelopes will be sent home on Monday 5/8 to collect pledges and must be turned in by Friday 5/12.  Thanks!! 

FUN RUN May 5th!


Fun Run is next Friday, May 5th.

Our class poster color is Florescent Orange (almost red/orange).  We have neon sweatbands for our head and wrists.  Students should wear bright colors, crazy socks & shirts.

Our Fun Run time is 8:50-9:50.   Volunteers are still needed for all times (8:50-3:45).  Pledges are due, May 12th.

May 1


Spelling pattern of the week is _soft g sound, hard g sound______. 

The word study words for this week are:giant digit, gym, jam, badge, green, goose, games, gems, garden, jumps, gifts, frog

Reading: Drama
Writing: Writing Process w Fiction
Math: Money
Science: Life Cycles
Social Studies: Producers/Consumers

Spelling Words:  lick leak, snake, sleek, weak, croak, whack, brook, bank, smack, kick, rock, spoke  (Spelling and Sentence Dictation tests on Friday)  

Reading: Research Historical Figure
Writing: Research Historical Figure
Social Studies: Research Historical Figure
Math: Fractions
Science: Adaptations
Read"Lemonade Wars" every night please....