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I love teaching!
I attended Harleton High School which is in a small rural town in East Texas.
I received my bachelors degree in education from Stephen F. Austin State
University in Nacogdoches, Texas. I am certified to teach all subjects Pre-K
through eighth and ESL Pre-K though 12th. I also have my certification in a
reading program for struggling students which is Reading Recovery.

I will be starting my 32nd year of teaching. I first taught in Aldine ISD for 25 years and the last six in Tomball. I have worked with students in grades K-5th, ESL, Inclusion students and Gifted and Talented.

I am the mother of two young men, Jonathan and Scott. Jonathan served in
the United States Navy and now lives in Houston where he works for a doctor and he will be attending college in the fall. Scott just graduated from Texas State University and is searching for a job in Public Relations.   I also have a
dog in my family and her name is Daisy. Our adorable Sheltie who
keeps me busy.

Recent Posts

Mitchell's News

Well the time has come and everyone is excited about promotion to second grade.
Next week will short and furious with a lot of activities.  First is the class party on the 31st at 2:30.  Please come and enjoy an afternoon of fun with your child.  They have worked so hard and they deserve the fun they will experience.
Also next Tuesday May 30th, students need to bring a bag or two to bring their supplies home with them.  
On Thursday June 1st is a half day and the only things they need to come to school with is themselves.  No backpacks.  They will receive their report card that day as well.  If your child owes  lunch or library money, you will need to take care of that or their report card will be held.  If your child is absent this day their report card will also be held in the front office and you may pick it up later.
Now let me take this time to tell you how much I have enjoyed teaching your children.  They have kept me on my toes and I have loved every minute of it.  They are sweet caring children and their smiles help me get through the day.  I see great things in all of them.  Keep reading over the summer and come see me when you return next Fall.  
Ms. Joy Mitchell

Mitchell's News 5-8-17

Important dates to remember this week
May 11th GT Showcase 2:30-4:30 Decker Prairie Cafeteria.
May 12  Muffins for Mom
May 15 -18th District Benchmark test in Math
May 15th -  All book bags and guided reading books are to be turned in to Ms. Mitchell. If you can not find a book you are responsible for paying for them.  
May 22nd - Michael White  - Author visit
May 26th - Reading Rally
May29th - Memorial Day NO SCHOOL
June 1st  Last day of school and Early Release Day
School is approaching an end and there are many notes coming home.  PLEASE read them and mark your calendar.  
Science - Test May18th, Study guide for plants animals and come Monday May 15th. 
Social Studies - Studying maps and how they have a compass rose and key to help them understand how to identify places on the map.
Math - Time to hour and half hour.  Measurement and graphs are the next objectives up in first grade.  Students will use non standard and standard units to measure an object.  Students are graphing using pictures and creating bar graph to match the data collected using tally marks.  

Mitchell's Cougar News for May 1-5, 2017

This week is our time to shine as we are having our First Grade Music Program.  It begins at 6:30 and students need to be here at 6:15 to get lined up for the program.  the date is Thursday May 4th.
Calendar Dates you do not want to miss:
May 4th  -  Music Program at 6:30
May 5th -   Fun Run.  Our color is neon orange so were it if you have it.
May 12th -  Muffins for Mom @7:30
Reading - We are working of all reading skills such as story elements, retelling a story, main idea for this week.  Students are preparing for End of Year reading levels.  J and above is exceeds expectations and will receive a grade of 100. Meets expectations is level H/I and will receive a 90% for a grade.  Approaching Expectations is a level G and will receive 75% for a grade.  Below expectations is a Level F or lower and these students will receive a 60 %

Spelling and grammar we are learning about wording with the ING chunk added to the end of a verb.  Contractions are also on the agenda to learn about this week as well.
Math - Time is the theme this week and reading a clock to the hour and half hour.  To also write the time as well.  It is also a great time to learn quarter hour as well.  
Graphs are also happening in class as well.  Just ask about the ice cream graph we did today in class.  
Science - Animals and their life cycles.  Frog, butterflies are the ones we are discussing and showing example in class.
Social Studies - Identify and tell the use of a compass rose , key and locate items on a map using the key.  Students will next week be drawing a map of their room.  
As always if you have any questions please email or call and I will do my best to return with an answer as quickly as I can.
Thanks again for the privilege of teaching your child.
Ms. Mitchell

Mitchell's Weekly News 4-24-17

This week is Miss Pounders' last week to be with your children.  She has been a great resource for your children and I am going to miss her greatly.  
On Friday our class won the Good Sportsmanship award trophy for First Grade.
This week we are finishing our Texas Reads One Book  Lemonade War with taking donations for the local animal shelter.  Please send in donations this week and on Friday we are having lemonade to celebrate.
May 4th will be our First Grade Music Program.  Our teachers have worked very hard with our students so please come out and watch.  Program begins at 6:30 but students in first grade need to be here at 6:15.
Reading - We are reviewing and learning about retelling a story and writing summaries.
Math -  review for math test that is Friday morning over shapes and fractions.  Students need to know  name of 2D and 3D shapes.  They should also be able to tell how many sides, and vertices there are on the shapes and 3D  how many faces, edges and vertex or vertices. (corners)  
Spelling words are dealing with plurals and how to know when to add an s or es.
WORDS: trashes, foxes, benches, churches,  mixes, gases, buses, lunches, away very
Science- animals and their habitats and how they survive in them.
Social Studies - Introduction to maps. What they are, how we use them and things to look for on a map.( Compass rose, legend or key, and symbols and what they represent.

Field Day is Friday April 21st.

Please remember that Field Day is this Friday April 21st.
First Grade will begin at 10:15 and end at 11:45 and go strait to lunch in which you may stay and eat with your child.

First Grade Music Program

Dear First Grade Families,


On Thursday, May 4 you are cordially invited to attend your child’s grade level music program.  During the show titled “Spring is Here” the children will sing songs celebrating the arrival of spring.  Your child may dress as a small forest animal (i.e. squirrel, bunny, bird, etc. – painted faces are okay) OR flowers (i.e. wildflowers) OR in bright spring colors.


Send your child to the gym at 6:15 for warm-up; the performance will start promptly at 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria.  We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, May 4 at 6:15 p.m. for the show. 

Mitchell's News 4-17-2017

DON'T FORGET  Field Trip tomorrow at Dewberry Farm.  Please have your child wear a red Decker Prairie shirt or any red shirt.  Also comfortable shoes will do nicely.  You may also bring a towel to sit on as well.   This way we are able to better see who is with us and keep a better on the children.  Don't forget your lunch either if you are bringing it and we already have the food ready from the cafeteria ready as well.
Tomorrow if you are a parent bringing an ice chest we also need ice left in the bags and not poured out already.  I have large bags ready to go with student's names on them so we just put them in and zip them up.  
Parents if you are going the buses are leaving at 9:00.  You may follow or meet us at Dewberry Farm.  Please have $8.00 in cash for your payment at the gate to help things move more quickly through the line.
Also just wanted to say Thank You to all the parents who are coming.  I have never had a field trip with 10 - 12 parents willing to go and help.  You guys are AWESOME!!!!  Could not do it without your support.
Also Field Day is this Friday April 21 from 10:15-11:45.  Come and hang out and participate with your child and cheer them on.

Updated Field Trip News 4-13-17

I just found out there have been changes made in our district that we are  no longer allowed to check out students from the field trip when we are leaving.  Students must ride to and from on the district buses.  You can check them out from school after we return to the building. 
Also if your child has a red Decker Prairie shirt or any Decker Prairie shirt please have them wear it the day of the field trip.If they do not please just have them wear a red shirt so we can identify them easily that day.  Please make sure they bring a water bottle for the day and I will also have some as well.

Mitchell's News

Just a reminder that this Thursday the egg hunt is for the children only.  It is not a party  just the fun egg hunt. 

Mitchell's Cougar News 4-10-17

Please remember that this Thursday is out Spring Egg Hunt.  Each child is to bring 6 plastic eggs with a surprise in them.  Please Please Please, write the word spring on the eggs.  One letter for each egg.  Examples where sent home earlier.  Students will also need something to put eggs in as they hunt. Example would be a basket, bag or what ever you have available is great.  There is no school FRIDAY!
I sent out Friday all the information for the week and homework.   Have a good evening.

Mitchell Cougar News 4-7-2017

Don't for get to wear Yellow or a lemon or lemonade shirt in honor of our Texas Reads One Book.  

Mitchell's Cougar News April 7, 2017

Next week is a short week so I wanted to get this out early to you this week.
April 13th is our Spring Easter Egg Hunt.  Children need to bring 6 plastic eggs filled with a treat. ( No Nuts Due to Allergies Please). They also need to have something to put the eggs in after they find them.  Basket or pail or plastic bag is fine.  
April 21st if Field Day.  If you want a shirt you need to order on line.  A note was sent home with information on it about the website.  
For academics next week:L
Reading /Grammar /Writing  : Writing small moments and adding dialogue to their story.  Long vowel review with the magic e at the end of the words.
Social Studies:  Texas unit and students are to say the Texas Pledge for a grade on Thursday the 13th.  This should not be a problem we do this everyday in class.
Math:  Geometry- plane or 2 D shapes.  Tell what they are and how many sides and vertices there are in the shapes.. Identify common objects that are these shapes.
Science: Animals and how they are like their adult parents. What they use in order to survive in their habitats.