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My name is Allie Feder, and I am so excited to be your child's teacher this year!  I graduated from Texas A&M University in December 2015 where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies K-6 (WHOOP!).  This will be my second year at Decker Prairie.  I taught 4th grade Language Arts/Social Studies last year, and I can't wait to start 2nd grade with your students!

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What we're learning this week
Language Arts: In reading, we will make predictions about our books using evidence.  We will also continue to work on staying engaged while we read independently.  In writing, we will begin brainstorming ideas and planning to write about a small moment. 
*Reading for 15-20 minutes each night can make a huge difference!  The best way to become a better reader is to READ! 
Spelling Words (List 3) - short vowels:
fell, still, mess, gloss, pill, fluff, boss, skill, class, bluff, moss, puff, stuff, place, year, live, me
Students can go to Spelling City to help study for their spelling test! spellingcity
Social Studies: We are starting our unit on maps.  We will learn about the different parts of a map and what maps are used for.
Math: We will continue talking about place value and working on writing numbers in different ways.
Science: We will learn how to measure mass using a balance.
Important Dates:
9/29 Spelling Test 3


What we're learning this week
Language Arts: In writing, we will continue to work on stories about ourselves with a beginning, middle, and end.  In reading, we will continue to work on reading for a long period of time without stopping and asking ourselves questions to keep us engaged.  We will also talk about making connections to what we read to help our understanding. 
Spelling words (short vowels): test, spot, end, skin, ponds, drum, plan, men, must, flat, kept, twin, brushes
Social Studies: We will be learning about the Pledge of Allegiance and writing our class creed.
Math: We will begin our unit on place value.
Science: We will learn how to find temperature, volume, and the measurement of objects.
Important Dates:
9/19 - Watch D.O.G. Kickoff from 6-7 PM
9/21 - Parent Orientation (PreK-2nd) from 6-7:30 PM
9/22 - Fall Portraits
9/22 - Spelling Test 2


What we're learning this week
Language Arts: In reading, we will be learning about thinking about our reading and working on our reading stamina.  In writing, we will be writing about things that have happened to us.
This week, we will have our first spelling test.  If your student misses 0 or 1 word on the spelling pretest on Monday, he/she will be given a challenge list for the week.  Reading level assessment for the beginning of the year will be this week also, and this is a major grade. 
Social Studies: We will be learning about being a good citizen.
Math: We have been working on our addition and subtraction facts to 20 using review strategies, and we will have a major grade assessment on Friday.  A study guide will be sent home Thursday for review. 
Science: We will continue reviewing science safety, and we will measure and classify objects based on color, texture, and shape.
*Please make sure you sign and return the science safety contract!

Second Grade Sight Words

These are the sight words second grade students will be tested on for a daily grade.  I will assess at the beginning of the nine weeks (now) and at the end of the nine weeks, replacing the beginning grade with the ending grade.  Students should know these fluently and some will be added to the spelling list each week.  Students can write the words on paper and cut them out to make flash cards. 

1st Nine Weeks Spelling List

Attached you will find the spelling lists for the first nine weeks.  Students should practice each word by itself and then write it in a sentence to be ready for the spelling and sentence dictation assessments each week.