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Kimberly Kras » Welcome to Second Grade!

Welcome to Second Grade!

Dear Family,


                I am so excited to announce that I have officially become your child’s Second Grade teacher!! We have had a wonderful start of the year, and I have enjoyed beginning to get to know your child. I started at Decker Prairie last January as a Reading Instructional Paraprofessional, and during this time, I completed my exams to become certified in the state of Texas. I am so happy to continue my career here on the prairie. I cannot wait to share my experiences here in Texas.


                I graduated from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee, and I taught second grade for six years. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to move to Texas with my husband (Mr. Kras), our toddler (Shawn), and two dogs (Sable and Artex). We enjoy reading books, watching movies, and basically anything outdoors!


                My goal is to help your child achieve success through fun, rigorous and relevant classroom experiences! I believe working together as a team will help your child be successful! Please do not hesitate to contact me at or 281-357-3141.


                This is going to be an amazing year! Let’s reach for the stars!


                                                                                                                                                Your New Teacher,

                                                                                                                                                Kim Kras



Recent Posts

Week of October 16

Important Dates:

Report Cards go out this week

Friday, Oct. 20 - Donuts for Dads (7:30)

Tuesday, Oct. 17 - Math Test on Place Value

Tuesday, Oct. 17 - Science Test on Matter

Friday, Oct. 20 - Spelling Test


Science: We will complete our unit on matter. Please review what are solids, liquids, and gases, examples of each, and how we can use each. Here is a great site to help review solids, liquids, and gasses:

Social Studies: We will complete our unit on maps. We will begin a unit on the government and government figures. 

Math: We will complete our unit on Place Value to 1,200. Here is a good link to practice before our test on Tuesday:

Reading: We will study character traits, physical (outer) traits and personality (inner) traits. We will compare two characters. 

Language: We will begin learning about adjectives. Adjectives describe nouns: a beautiful flower,  a smart dog, the yellow sun, a soft blanket, etc.​

Writing: We will begin writing letters. Vocabulary associated with writing letters include: greeting (salutation), date, body, closing, signature. Please remind your child that commas are found after the greeting (salutation), in the date between the day and year, and between the closing and signature. 

Spelling: We will be working with long e: ea, ee, ie words. 

Regular List: sea, weak, chief, beef, hear, piece, please, seem, grieve, seen, teach, leave, field, name, good, sentence, man

Challenge List: beach, dream, feast, gleam, squeak, breeze, freeze, screech, squeeze, achieve, believe, yield, brief, name, good, sentence, man

Week of October 10

Important Date:

Friday, Oct. 13 - Spelling Test

Science: We will manipulate matter to change physical properties. Test will be next week. At home, please show students different matter and the properties and how the matter will be useful to us. For example, a brick is a good building material, because it is strong, hard, and able to be stacked.

Social Studies: We will continue to work with maps. Please review the terms map, map key, symbols, compass rose, cardinal directions, north, south, west, east. We will also discuss the similarities and differences of rural, suburban, and urban areas. 

Math: We are ordering numbers to 1,000. We will use the terms greater than, less than, and equal to. We will also continue to build numbers using Base-10 Blocks. Our math test will be next Tuesday. Please use my place value game links on my website. 

Reading: We will focus on finding similarities and differences of characters, settings, and plots of stories from the same author to understand a story. Please read nightly with your child. Please begin practice the 2nd 9-weeks Site words.

Writing: We will write, edit, and revise small moment stories about your life. Please point out strong beginnings, middles, and ends of stories that you read with your child.  

Language: We will continue to work with synonyms. 

Spelling: Our spelling words follow the long a: a-e, ai, ay rule. 

Regular list: 1. safe 2. day 3. rain 4. say 5. play 6. ate 7. stay 8. save 9. may     10. paint 11. plain 12. tray 13. chain 14. after . 15. thing .16. our . 17. just

Challenge List: 1. grade 2. chase 3. scrape 4. skate 5. escape 6. estimate 7. explain 8. complain 9. obtain 10. remain 11. Friday 12. Monday 13. always         14. after 15. thing 16. our 17. just

Week of Oct. 2

Important Dates:

Spelling Test: Friday, Oct. 6

Math Test: Friday, Oct. 6

1/2 Day: Friday, Oct. 6

No School: Monday, Oct. 9

Math: We will continue place value. We will work with number lines this week. I added some links to my website to practice place value. Test on Friday.

Science: We will continue to work with Matter. We will see how matter changes. Fun things to do at home includes, using ice cream to compare solid (frozen) to liquid (when it melts) and then eat..or drink it! Cutting paper, coloring paper, playing with those Amazing Animals sponges in the capsule and watching them grow in water.

Social Studies: We will practice map skills. Vocabulary includes, title map/symbols key/legend, compass rose, cardinal directions/north/south/east/west, globe, map

Reading: We will practice inference. Please read out loud nightly with your child.

Language: We will learn about synonyms and antonyms. 

Spelling: Our rule follows the -nk and -ng blends.

Regular list: wink, sing, sink, king, long, sung, hang, blank, wind, junk, think, bring, stung, back, give, most, very

Challenge list: sprung, flung, belong, prong, strong, shrink, yank, debunk, shrink, blink, rethink, skunk, chunk, give, back, very, most​, spunk

Week of Sept. 25

Spelling: We will focus on the Floss rule, usually a short vowel sound is followed by a double consonant.  

Regular list: class, mess, fell, skill, pill, still, gloss, boss, moss, bluff, puff, stuff, fluff, place, year, live, me

Challenge list: whiff, scoff, tariff, sheriff, spell, swell, enroll, dwell, shall, across, unless, press, pizzazz, place, year, live, me​

Reading: This week, we will use books to make predictions.

Writing: We will write a small moment story. We will focus on beginning, middle, and end. Also, we should remember a Capital letter at the beginning and a punctuation mark at the end of each sentence. 

Math: We are building numbers to 1,200. We will begin working on number lines. Please work with your child on counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's. Also, it is important that they can tell what number is 10 +, 10 -, 100 +, 100 -

Science: This week, we will finish our unit on Measuring Matter. Next week, we will see physical changes in matter. For example, melting ice cream, a sponge growing due to absorbing water, a paper getting cut in half. 

Social Studies: We will begin a new unit on maps. Please let your child look at maps around the house. You can use Google maps, an Atlas, or a city map. 



Week of September 18

Important Dates:
9/19 - Watch D.O.G. Kickoff from 6-7 PM
9/21 - Parent Orientation (PreK-2nd) from 6-7:30 PM (Room 305)
9/22 - Fall Portraits
9/22 - Spelling Test 2
Spelling - Please remember that we have three dictation sentences with the test, in which they are graded on spelling, capitalization, and punctuation at the end of the sentence. The words that make up the sentences are words they are already familiar with, being sight words from kindergarten, first, and second grade. Dictation will count as a separate grade from the spelling test, and the sentences are not given out in advance. An example from this past week: We see the frog jump up and down.
Spelling List - test, spot, end, skin, ponds, drum, plan, men, must, flat,  kept, twin, brushes, only, little, work, know

Spelling Challenge List - grant, habit, stand, crept, empty, lemon, print, sixty, comic,frost, dusty, lumpy, stunt, only, little, work, know

Reading - We will be using what we have learned about what good readers do (think about their reading, question, sound out words) to answer questions about our reading.  We will also be learning more comprehension strategies and practicing them. Please read at home every night with your child.
Writing - Students will be learning about the writing process and publishing their first piece this week.  
Math - We are starting place value.  Students will learn what makes up a number and how to make numbers different ways.  A fun way to practice place value at home is by using beans (as ones), cups (as tens), and bowls (as hundreds). Sit back to back, and both of you build a number. For example 1 bowl, 2 cups, and 4 beans = 124. Then, look at both numbers. Whoever has the biggest number wins the round. 
Science - We are learning how to measure matter - temperature, volume, and predict length. If you are using tools, such as thermometers, measuring cups, rulers, etc please allow your child to help your read the measurement. 
Social Studies - We are learning about creeds and pledges and why good citizens say these.