Decker Prairie Student Material Pick-up

Student Material Pick-up
Decker Prairie Student Material Pick-Up
Pick-Up/Drop-Off dates, times, assigned classes and locations are attached and listed below
Please come with:
  • A sign with with your child's first and last name and homeroom teacher to place in your window and to be visible for our staff
  • Any library books not turned in (notices will be emailed on Monday, May 11th)
  • Materials that belong to the school or classroom (please place in a bag labeled where they go back to)
Please help us with the following guidelines:
  • Unlock your passenger door or trunk for staff to set belongings in and to minimize contact
  • Please limit your time conversing with the staff due to our possible long lines
  • Please do not allow your child to get out of the car
For safety purposes:
  • All of our staff will be wearing masks and practicing social distancing
  • No entry into the building will be given to non-TISD staff
DPES Student Pick-Up Schedule
       * A later date/time TBD
The map for Car Rider and Bus Loop Lines is attached and below
  • The Bus Loop Line is at the front of the school
  • The green car symbol is for the entry of each line, the red is for the exits
  • Nurse Lance will be stationed in the school's front parking lot (in front of the Bus Loop Line) for those needing to pick-up medicine
We are looking forward to waving at you at our upcoming student material pick-up. Missing our Cougars!