We had fun writing about all of the things we are thankful for this Thanksgiving.  I really tried to express how we should all be thankful no matter how "much" we have.  We have many things to be thankful for and I hope the students share their "Thankful Things" with you.  Have a wonderful holiday.

We are working hard on regrouping with addition and subtraction.  I sent home an extra practice page today, Thursday, and would love for them to practice at home.  We learned about Veteran's day, our country, and are continuing our study on energy.
This week we have begun poetry and the kids are getting excited about it.  I have included a video of one of the student reading the poem that we tied into our social studies unit.  I hope you enjoy watching it.  I recorded several other students and am having trouble loading them on here.  Hopefully, I can figure it out soon and add it!
P.S.  Tomorrow, is the last day for students to purchase books from the book fair.  Thank you so much for supporting our school.
Crystal Short

This week we are working on addition and subtraction with regrouping.  Remember, the online textbook information was sent home earlier so that you can have your child practice.
We have taken a few pop quizzes in science to prepare for the test we had today.  We will begin focusing on forms of energy.
In socials studies, we are continuing to learn about U.S. landmarks, symbols, and will create an awesome White  House Project on Thursday and Friday.
We are  continuing to learn writing skills to prepare the students to become awesome authors.  (using vivid words, writing strong and long, making a picture in the reader's head)  In reading, we are practicing being able to retell stories using appropriate time order words, including first, next, then, last, etc..

Report cards are going home Wednesday, October 28th.  Please sign the envelope and return it.  You may keep the whole report card. 
We are learning all kinds of stuff!  Today the students were trying to build a bridge by combing materials.  It was fun!  I will post some pictures for you.
In reading, we are comparing different versions of fairytales.  For writing, the students are learning how to write a small moment story that has enough details so the reader can picture the story.  In math, we are learning different strategies for adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers.  We are finishing up our matter unit in science.  In social studies, we are learning about U.S. landmarks and symbols.  They students will be making a project tomorrow to show what they know!
I recently sent home information on how the students can have access to Raz-kids at home.  It is a great resource, so please have your child participate.  I attached the login information for First in Math to their report cards.  The kids are excited about using First in Math again.
Many of you I have already conferenced with and look forward to meeting with the rest of you soon.