Week of Sept. 21st - 25th

Hello Cougars and Welcome to our 2nd week of School!  

Reminders:  Please send your child with a beach towel, snacks, and water bottle for each day.  We will be taking snack breaks outside for longer mask breaks.  We will be taking numerous mask breaks during the day and students do have a place to go in the classroom to take a break when they need too. Please remember, that students are required to keep face masks on during the school day when they are NOT able to socially distance by 6 feet. In the classroom, there is only enough room to space students out by 3 feet when they are at their desks. Therefore, I allow students to go towards the perimeter of the room as they please in order to have a “mask break”. I try my best to create time for the whole class to spread out and take a break as well.  
In addition, please send your child with headphones.  We are using Schoology on our Chromebooks and headphones are necessary.  If you are unable to provide your child with headphones, I do have some headphones for students to share.  


Our Week:


Students will be learning a about internal and external character traits.  These are traits that you can see and use to describe what a character looks like. Internal: These are traits that describe the way a character acts. EX: alert, ambitious, bossy, lazy, jealous, smart, lucky, etc.  We are currently using the book Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkesm, and Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell.   Students will discuss what Chrysanthemum's and Molly Lou internal and external traits.  

Please read with your child 20 minutes a night. 


Students will be writing about Small Moments.  Small Moments are when students write important stories from their lives.  Students are finishing their first draft for their small moments.  They will be writing their middle, end, correcting capitalization, and punctuation.  

What parents can do to help is: Talk to your child about what they are writing about and have them tell you about their story. The beginning, middle and end.  Talk about what a capital letter is and what punctuation. 

Practice writing letters, numbers, and singing their alphabet song.  Ask them the sounds of letters, what a constant is, what are vowels?  Go over High Frequency words daily!


Students will be learning about representing numbers in a different way using a ten frame, using a number line, compare and order whole numbers, and generate a number that is greater or less than a given number. 

How parents can help:  Parents can use a clothes and clothes pins and can have students put numbers in order, skip count by 2, 3, 5, and 10's.  Numbers can be created with index cards and marker.  Students can create the cards to practice writing numbers.  Students can review math facts (Fact Fluency)  0 through 12. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Social Studies:

Students will be learning about Good Citizenship! We will be discussing what are the characteristic of a Good Citizen, truthfulness, responsibilities, making good choices, justice, equality, the Texas and United States Pledge and we will be taking our Unit 1 test on Thursday on Good Citizenship.  


Students will be classify matter by physical properties including temperature, texture, flexibility, size, mass, shape, and color. 



Karen Stevens, M.Ed, 2nd Grade Teacher


Hi and Welcome to my Web page!  My name is Karen Stevens and I teach 2nd grade at Decker Prairie Elementary!  Go Cougars!!!  I am excited about the 2020 - 2021 School year!  This is my 3rd year here at DPES; however, my 10th year teaching.  I have taught Kindergarten, 4th Grade, and 2nd Grade.  I also was an Instructional Paraprofessional before receiving my teaching degree at the University of Houston Downtown.  Due to my passion for learning, I earned my Masters Degree at Texas A&M in College Station.  Whoop! Whoop!  In addition, I am a mom of 3 amazing boys and I have been married for over 20 years to my husband Scott. Our family would not be complete without our Boston Terrier Jake!  I love anything Boston Terrior.   I have lived in the Tomball/ Magnolia Area since 1998, and before that, I was in the Air Force at Kirtland Air Force in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Once again, I would like to share my joy and enthusiasm for being your child's teacher and excited to watch them grow and learn!  If you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime.  Let Level Up this year!!