Week of March 16th - 20th

These sites are just for fun!  They are not assigned to the students. 

Dear Parents, 

To help with the passing of time.  I entered each of my students in Khan Academy which is free to all.  They can practice 2nd grade skills anytime.  I hope this will help you and your child while we are awaiting more information regarding school.


Please play with the website and make sure to access 2nd grade.  There is no right or wrong way to play with Khan academy.  Just have fun!!!

A fun read aloud for your child and it is free also:   https://www.storylineonline.net/

Please continue to have them read, read, read!!!  You can order books online and pick them up a the public library if you have a library account as well as online books.

For accessing Google Classroom: I hope you can access this.  Let me know if you can't.  I have many websites on my google classroom for students to practice and have fun.


More free websites I have seen on social media but I have never tried them:

 Science: National Geographic:  kids.nationalgeographic.com

                Mystery Doug:  mystrydoug.com

Reading:  Squiggle Park:  www.squigglepark.com

Social Studies:  History for kids www.historyforkids.net

The students have many websites through their clever account.  They can access through their school google account.