Week of April 20th - 24th

Good day, Families! 
I hope this newsletter finds you and your families safe and healthy! Thanks for the continued support of your child on Google Classroom. I continue to enjoy seeing the hard work of my students. I loved the sidewalk chalk number 4-squares and reading all the fun and amazing inventions from your children! 
Tips for the week: 
  • This week, I am trying to redesign my google classroom so it looks more streamlined. Please make sure your child is reading the directions within the assignment. ​ 
  • Please continue encouraging students to read my comments and leave comments to me. Sometimes I ask questions in order to engage with my students, because I miss hearing them share out during carpet time! This is their time to "talk" to me! 
  • I return items for 3 reasons: 1) I NEED something else from them - I will leave a comment letting them know what I need. 2) I saw that they completed it and checked it off - I will leave a comment thanking them and maybe asking a question that they can answer for engagement. 3) I graded an assignment and returned it so that they can see their grade - Your student can see their grade on the upper right-hand side of the assignment, and you can see it in their list of assignments if you chose to get daily or weekly notifications. 
  • Although there is no actual due date, I recommend getting weekly assignments done within the week, so that assignments do not pile up and cause undue stress! 
  • Remember to sign your child up for a Google Meets "Virtual" meeting if they would like to say hi! Here is the link! 
Thank you,
Karen Stevens