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About Me!
I've been teaching for 4 years. This is my first year teaching in Tomball and I am so happy to be here! 
If you need to contact me during my conference time (Tuesday-Friday 2:30-3:15), feel free to call the school at (281) 357-3134 x3045. If you would like to contact me at different times throughout the day, email me at If you have not received a link to sign up for our Class Dojo, please email me if you would like to utilize the Class Dojo app as a means of quick, easy communication. 
We are going to have lots of fun in first grade this year! 
Mrs. Tuggle

Recent Posts

February 4-8

Reading & Writing - We will learn read nonfiction texts and write about main idea and details.
Math - We will compare numbers using the symbols for greater than, less than, and equal to (>, <, =).
Science - We will learn about the importance of natural resources.
Social Studies - We will learn about maps and cardinal directions - North, East, South, and West.

January 22-25

Reading - We will continue to learn about these nonfiction text features and how they help us become better readers: Title, Table of Contents, Photographs
Writing - We will write about the main idea and details of a nonfiction text.
Math - We will learn about place value in numbers up to 120. 
Science - We will take a test about the objects in the sky.
Social Studies - We will learn about historical figures in the state of Texas. (Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, etc.)
Please continue to read with your child each night! Other ideas to work on at home are to practice counting to 120 and then count backward, as well as asking your child to find ten more and/or ten less than any given number between 1 and 120.

January 9th-11th

Happy New Year! This is what we are working on this week:
Reading - Comparing fiction and nonfiction texts
Writing - Writing about the things we learn about from nonfiction texts.
Math- Graphing & data
Science - Objects in the sky 
Social Studies - Learning all about Texas

December 3-7

Reading-We will continue reading all types of poetry.   
Writing-We will write poems using sensory words.  
Math-We will solve word problems to 20 and use strategies to help us.   
Social Studies-We will describe and explain beliefs, customs and traditions.(family)
Science-We will explore weather.

November 26-30

Reading - We will read and respond to poetry.
Math - We will continue creating and solving word problems with numbers within 20.
Science - We will learn about magnets and movement (vocabulary words include: push, pull, attract, repel)
Social Studies -  We will discuss family traditions and customs.

This is an exciting year! You and your child have access to a new program called ReadyRosie through email or text.  It is packed with meaningful activities that you can do at home to support your child’s learning.  Through this program, you will discover activities and games by video, that you can play related to classroom learning.  You will be able to have more fun than every with your child through meaningful interactions. 


Please be on the lookout for a letter in your Wednesday folder that will ask you to complete the bottom with your name and address. By completing this form, you will be giving us permission to enter your address into the system so you may get the awesome emails from ReadyRosie, assigned by the teacher.  You will be unable to receive the emails until you return the completed form.


Thanks so much!

November 5th-9th

Reading - We will retell the stories that we read, focusing on using transition words like: First, Next, and Last.
Writing - We will write small moment stories.
Math - We will continue using math strategies such doubles (8+8=16) and  doubles plus one (8+9=17) to help us solve problems within 20. Our math assessment will be taken on Friday.
Science - We will learn about motion and magnets.
Social Studies - We will continue to learn about how timelines are used.

October 29-November 2

Reading-We will retell the stories we read, paying special attention to the characters, setting, problem and solution.
Writing-We will write a small moment story, making sure to put capital letters in the correct places and use proper punctuation! 
Math-We will continue to solve problems within 20 and take the Math CBA on Tuesday/Wednesday.  
Social Studies-We will understand how timelines are used. 
Science-We will explore light energy.
Halloween is Wednesday, but please do not wear costumes to school!
Picture re-takes will be on Friday, November 2nd.

October 9-12

Reading: We will make connections to stories that we read and practice making predictions. Questions to discuss with your child: Does this story remind you of anything in your life? What do you think will happen next?
We will also practice reading and spelling words with the short u pattern: mug, run, tub, etc.
Math: We will learn about place value to 30.
Science: We will explore the importance of sound energy: observing high pitch, low pitch, and vibrations.
Social Studies: We will learn about fairness and equality, patriotism and the importance of public officials (mayor, governor, president) as well as the importance of voting.

October 1-5

Important things to remember:
Early Release on Friday, October 5th. Dismissal is at 12:50.
Student Holiday on Monday, October 8th.
Reading: We will continue to talk about the characters, setting, problem, and solution in stories. This week we will really focus on character's feelings and the reason behind their feelings.
Math: We will learn about place value: tens and ones.
Science: We will continue exploring mass, making predictions about which items we think will be heavier and which will be lighter, ending the week with an assessment covering the topics of measurement and mass.
Social Studies: We will learn about fairness and equality, patriotism and the importance of public officials (mayor, governor, president) as well as the importance of voting.

September 24-28

Reading - We will retell the stories we read - paying close attention to the setting, characters and plot.  
Writing - We will write a personal narrative, focusing on using capital letters at the beginning, spaces between each word, and punctuation at the end of each sentence.
Math - We will solve addition and subtraction word problems and review for our unit test.  (Test on Friday) 
Social Studies - We will discuss what makes a good citizen and how to be one at home, in school and in our community.
Science - We will classify objects based on measurement.