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Sitwat Mubashar » Welcome to 1st grade!

Welcome to 1st grade!

I am so excited to be teaching 1st grade this year! I have a Masters degree in Elementary Education,certification in ESL and background in teaching Gifted and Talented Education. My diverse teaching experiences comprise of 12 years in primary grades. I really enjoy teaching and love to see children grow and progress. 
I am married to my wonderful husband and we are parents to a 17 year old young man. I love to cook, read and travel.  

Recent Posts:

Week of Feb. 19-22

Reading and Writing

We have been working on how to examine a topic and generate questions about that topic. For the rest of the week, we will be  working on our animal of choice and research and write a paper to share what we have learned.

We will review our books that we got from the library, and use Pebble go website

to demonstrate how to take notes on a graphic organizer and then collect information on their topics. We will discuss animal characteristics, habitat, what it eats and fun facts about the animal they chose to do their research.

We will use correct grammar, punctuation, and capital letters at the beginning of sentence. 


Math:Students will take a test on representing numbers in multiple ways and order and compare numbers to 120. 

Students will skip count by 10's, 5’s and 2’s to determine the total number of objects up to 120 in a set. 


Social Studies:The students will read and locate places on a map


Science:Discuss different bodies of water: lake, stream, ocean, river, pond and talk about the differences in bodies of water


Class picture on Thursday. 



The DPES 4th grade students will be taking the STAAR Writing Field Test on February 12th. Since this must be given in a secure environment, no visitors will be allowed on campus this day to visit or have lunch with their child. We will return to a regular schedule on February 13th. Thank you for your cooperation.

Week of Feb.11-14


Reading:Students will research a topic of choice (non-fiction), and think of questions about the topic. It is now time to begin gathering our information on what we want to share and where we can find more information 


Writing:Collect information on a given topic.  Organize their information into categories and write about a topic.  Use correct grammar, punctuation, and capital letters.


Math:The students will be able to represent numbers using objects, pictures, expanded and standard from up to 120 in more than one way. 


Social Studies:The students will identify the 4 cardinal directions in a compass rose and determine where classroom objects are in relation to their desk.


Science:Students will learn about rocks, soil, water.


Valentine’s Day partyon Thursday. Only the home room parents will be able to attend.


No schoolon Feb. 15thand 18th.






Week of Feb 4th-8th

Reading:The goal of this week is to review skills for reading nonfiction texts such as:

Why readers choose nonfiction texts to read?

Using the title, cover picture and illustrations to predict what the text is about? 

Writing:Collect information on a given topic.  Organize their information into categories and write about a topic.  Use correct grammar, punctuation, and capital letters.

Math:The students will be able to order numbers from least to greatest and greatest to least.

Social Studies:TheStudents will explain why do we use maps.

Why do we need maps?

How do we use maps in our lives?

Science:Explain ways to reduce, reuse and recycle natural resources including: rocks, soil, water, plants.

Thursday, Feb 7th is "Career Day". Students will attend presentation by different professionals.


Week of Jan.28th-Feb 1st:

Reading:The students will state the main idea, heard or read in non- fiction text. The students will use details to support the main idea.

Writing:To write informational piece from a given topic to communicate ideas and information. We are also practicing on writing complete sentences, using capitalization and punctuation.

Math:We are going to represent numbers to 120 all the different ways, using standard form, objects, and expanded form. We will also generate numbers using base ten blocks. 

Social Studies:We will explore and describe some Texas landmarks.

Science: The students will learn about soil, rocks and water and how these natural resources come from the earth.



January 22nd-25th

Reading: Students will identify important facts, or details in a non- fiction text, heard or read.

Writing: Students will write an expository text based off a topic they have read about.

Math: Students will use objects, pictures, expanded and standard forms to represent numbers up to 120(place value).

Social Studies: Students will identify the contributions of major figures like  Stephen F. Austin and Jose Antonio Navarro to Texas.

Science: Students will review patterns of day and night.



January 14th-18th

Reading: We are learning about non- fiction books. Students will use text features to locate specific information in text. We will learn about: table of contents, heading, photograph, caption, and diagrams with labels.

Writing: Students will learn to write informational text  about a given topic .                

Math: We will finish our data and graphing unit and begin unit on Place Value up to 130.

Social Studies: Students will identify Texas symbols: flag, flower, bird, anthem and motto.

Science: Students will learn to analyze how the Sun appears to move across the sky. 


Dairy farm Presentation: Monday, Jan 14th

No school: January 21st




Dec. 17th-21st

Here is an overview of our week ahead:

Reading: Students will respond to different holiday themed books.

Writing: We will practice writing a letter and learn about different parts of forming a letter.

Math: We will learn about interpreting data using the bar and picture graph

Science: We are learning about seasons.

Social Studies: We are learning about holidays around the world.


Polar Express Day: Thursday,Dec. 20th, we will watch Polar Express movie. Hot cocoa and cookies will be served. Students can wear pj’s but must bring their tennis shoes, if they choose to wear slippers.


Class Party: Our party is at 11:30 on Friday, Dec 21st. Students will have pizza for lunch. It’s also an early release day.