Birthdays at DPES

On your child's birthday (or near it if its on the weekend), your child's special day will be mentioned during morning announcements.  They will come down after announcements to receive their birthday ribbon and pencil. Summer birthdays are celebrated in May. 
Birthday Treats for Students
Parents are welcome to bring a treat for their child's class at lunch the week of their birthday.  We ask that you following these procedures.
Check with your child's teacher if there are any food allergies.  It would be appreciated if treats were chosen that all students could eat or an alternate treat be brought for those with food allergies.
Cupcakes, cookies or ice cream purchased from the cafeteria only can be provided for the celebration.  District policy states that only store-bought items may be provided to students.  Food that is prepared at a restaurant or at a grocery store is guaranteed to be from a health department certified kitchen.
When you arrive in the cafeteria, your child can sit with you at the parent table as normal.  Please let a cafeteria monitor know you have treats so they can be distributed before the class is released.
Please have birthday treats for students such as flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, etc. delivered to your home and not school.  District policy states these items cannot be delivered to school.