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Tomball Book Tournament

February Tomball Book Tournament News:
We have organized our teams, and I had a coaching session this morning (February 2nd) for our students who were able to make it. I am so proud of all they have been doing!
Here is what we discussed:
  • All students need to keep their team members updated on what they are or have read. There have been many teams who had several members all reading the same books.
  • To practice saying the title exactly as it is written on the list I sent home (list found on the attachments below). For example, many students want to say only "Ivan" versus the book's entire title: The One and Only Ivan.
  • We practiced a few rounds of questions like what we will be doing for the school competition that will be held during your child's recess on Friday, February 23rd. Today however, I read the questions aloud, versus on our school competition they will be written.
  • I showed how the students can read the books online by reviewing the directions below. I stressed the importance of opening the ebook versus checking out the ebooks so all can have access.
Like I said, I am so proud of your students and their participation! I will hold another coaching session next Friday, and can meet with students during their recess or before school if they just ask. The two main goals I have shared with them in practicing are:
  1. Read as many books as they can as a team before February 23rd
  2. Practice saying and writing the books entire tile as it is on the list (spelling incorrectly counts the answer as incorrect)
Let me know if you have any questions! =)
November: The Tomball Book Tournament Has Begun!
Tomball Book Tournament
Students in 3rd and 4th grade have the opportunity to participate in the Tomball Book Tournament. Our Family Literacy Night was our kickoff night, and what a success we have had! I have over 140 interested students! I am so proud of how many of our students love reading!
Here are the details for those interested:
  1. Students in 3rd and 4th create a team of 3-6 students. I have encouraged 6 students per team. Interested students have taken home a permission slip and an information packet.
  2. Students may not begin until they have turned in their signed permission slip. Permission needs to be granted so that we know students can go to the tournament if their team advances to the district competition (on March 22nd, 2018). Also, due to a limited number of books, they will need help finding other places such as the public library to checkout or download the books to read. Permission slips are due Friday, December 22, 2017.
  3. Students split up the list of 31 books among their team and read the books (As of 2/2/18: There are now 30 books; Sea Turtle Scientist was taken off of the list because it was such a high leveled book)
  4. After reading a book, they tell their team all about it. There is a notebook for each team to put notes in.
  5. Because we have so many teams, our school will have at least two tournaments: the first one will be around the week of February 20th. The final DPES school tournament will be the following week (dates and times to come) in which we determine which team advances to the district competition. (As of 2/2/18: We will have 1 school competition that is a written tournament on Friday, February 23rd during your child's recess. This will help with many who may be nervous getting up in front of the school and due to our large number of teams participating)
Due to a limited number of books, I ordered most of the books in ebook format. To access the ebooks:
  • Click on the MackinVia button below.
  • Type "Decker" for the school name, and our school will appear. The username is their ID#, password is tisd+birthdate
  • In the search bar, type the name of the book they want to read (the list is below). Select the title, and read it by clicking "Open Now."