#bookbrags is a program I created to help get our kids excited about reading. It is a program ALL students and staff at DPES can participate in (face-to-face or virtual)! 
Here is how the program works:
  • All participants do is share their favorite book. It can be a book from our library, from home, one they got as a gift, an ebook... any book!
  • They share the book's title, author, a brief summary (don't spoil the ending), and their favorite part or why it is their favorite book
  • Each student will receive one brag tag a month. The brag tags are VERY popular!
(Brag tags are very popular at DPES, and were re-named "brag tags" vs. Spirit Sticks by one of our students!)
  • Students can #bookbrag to any DPES staff member such as our principal, assistant principal, counselor, Specials teachers, etc. They can also create a #bookbrags video on a site called Flipgrid by signing in with their school Google account. The link to the Flipgrid site is below.
It's that easy!
My goal is to get our DPES students excited about reading.
If you have any questions, or want my help in sharing your child's #bookbrags, just let me know!
Click "Log in with Google" below to create a #bookbrags Flipgrid video...