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#bookbrags is a new program I created to help get our kids excited about reading. It is a program ALL students at DPES can participate in! 
Here is how the program works:
  • All students do is share their favorite book. It can be a book from our library, from home, one they got as a gift, an ebook, any book!
  • They share the book's title, author, a brief summary (don't spoil the ending), and why it is their favorite
  • If the student shares in the library (I will pick 1-2 students a week), I will give the student a Spirit Stick and a raffle ticket. The Spirit Sticks are VERY popular, and the raffle tickets will be for our end of year Reading Celebration. I will be raffling off prizes such as signed books, posters, Schlitterbahn tickets, a tablet, and MORE!
(Spirit Sticks have been very popular at DPES!)
  • Students can earn more than 1 raffle ticket by sharing to other DPES staff members such as our principal Dr. Colson, our assistant principal Mrs. Ragan, our counselor Mrs. Luedde, their teachers, or anyone who works at DPES.
  • Students can earn a medal and/or trophy too for sharing their book in the most creative way. Creative ways could be: making a video, a poster (great for our shy students), a skit, etc. At the end of the year, I will show pictures of all who shared (I am giving every student an opportunity), and the class will vote on their favorite #bookbrags classmate to earn a medal. Medals will be presented to the winners at our end of year Reading Celebration. The staff will also vote on the students who created the most school-wide excitement about their book to earn a trophy at our end of year Reading Celebration.
It's that easy!
My goal is to get our DPES students and staff excited about reading.
If you have any questions, or want my help in sharing your child's creative way to share their book, just let me know!
(Pictures of our photo-approved students can be found under the "Photo Album" link and under "#bookbrags." Some may even be posted on Twitter too by searching #bookbrags)