Field Trip Contest!

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A Field Trip Contest for Book Fans!
Wednesday, March 25th, at the George R. Brown Convention Center
*** Deadline for Entering the Contest: Friday, February 28th ***

Does your child enjoy reading? Would they like to meet some of their favorite authors and illustrators all in one
place? Would they like to get books they enjoy reading for free before they go on sale to the general public? If so,
have them enter my contest to attend the Texas Library Association’s annual conference with me.  A panel of judges and I will be selecting 7 DPES students in grades K-4th to meet me with their parent/guardian at the George R. Brown Convention Center on
Wednesday, March 25th from 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM.
If you and your child are interested in attending, here is what they do to enter:
  • Have them write a persuasive letter on why they would like to go to the "library show" (what I've been calling it for them). All grade levels (K-4) have been learning in class about what a persuasive looks and/or sounds like. If you have a younger child, they may submit a video recording instead of writing (directions below on how to submit a video).
  • If they submit a letter, make sure they have they have their first and last name on it. Also, have a parent/guardian sign and date the letter. By signing, you are agreeing:
        • That you (the parent/guardian) are able to provide transportation for your child to and from the convention center. Due to distance and how little my group is, I am not able to provide transportation. We may only have one parent/guardian attend per child. 
        • I will be taking attendance at 9:00 AM at the convention center. Therefore, you must arrive on time for your child to be counted present. I will be calling our school so your child is not marked absent. Details to come on where we will meet.
        • Lastly, I ask that you plan on staying with your child the entire time.
Additional Details:
  • Our library is paying for your child's ticket, and your ticket (parent/guardian) will be a donation from one of the convention's book vendors. 
  • We are only going to the Exhibit Hall portion of the convention. This will still be an eventful day for your child. They will be:
    • Meeting authors and illustrators. Here is a list of what authors/illustrators will be there (you may find some you like too!): Be sure to hover over the names to see if they are on the day we are going.
    • Stopping by book publishing booths to get copies of books they (or you) are interested in before they are published!
    • Helping add book titles to a list of what we should purchase for our school's library
    • Trying out brand new STEAM activities in the Innovation Lab, and helping determine if any should be purchased for our district/school
  • We will be eating lunch together as a group. They may either bring their lunch from home, or you may purchase items from the convention center.
  • Almost all books will be free. There are some authors that may charge a small fee for their newest books. Purchasing these books is completely optional
How to Submit a Persuasive Video:
  • Go to this site:
  • Click on the green + and enter your child's first and last name. Enter your email address for me to contact you to confirm you approve of the submission and to let you know I received the video.
  • Select "allow" for your camera and microphone on your device to be used.
  • Click on red camera to record. Click on the pause button to stop. You may pause and record until they are finished. Your child has a maximum of 3 minutes. Select "Next" to preview video, and "next" again when you are happy with it.
  • Have them take a selfie to add to the video's title page. Then, select "next" when are are finished.
  • Only have them put their first name at the end and title their video. That's it!
* The deadline for entering is by the end of the school day on Friday, February 28th *