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Birthday Book Club


* Update 11/1/18: Online donations are now the only payment option. Checks may no longer be accepted after the previous deadline mentioned below of 10/24/18. I apologize for the inconvenience *


The Decker Prairie Library offers every family the opportunity to participate in the Birthday Book Club program. The purpose of the program is to honor your child’s birthday by donating a book to the Decker Prairie Library that will in turn, become part of the collection.


This year we will begin our Birthday Book Club at the end of October. We will invite those whose birthdays fall within the months we are celebrating. Summer birthdays, don’t worry we have planned for you as well!


Membership to the Birthday Book Club is an $11.00 minimum donation.

Donations may be made in one of two ways: Check made to DPES, or online at (directions on website).

Sorry, cash donations may not be accepted this year.

Registration is due by Wednesday, October 24, 2018 to participate in the October event



At the party we will:

  • Eat lunch together: sack lunch brought from home or a lunch purchased from the cafeteria.
  • Students will select their birthday books, and Mrs. Watson will place birthday book plates in student book choices
  • Enjoy a birthday treat of popcorn and a Spirit Stick to keep for remembering the occasion
  • Students take home selected book and bring it back to show classmates our library’s new book



2018-19 Party Dates:

  • October 26th for August/September/October birthdays
  • January 18th for November/December/January birthdays
  • March 29th for February/March/April birthdays
  • April 29th for May/June/July birthdays



(Reminder invitations will be sent the week of the celebration. Parents are welcome to join in the fun; just bring your lunch!)


Forms to sign up can be downloaded below.

If you have any further questions about our Birthday Book Club, please do not hesitate to ask.