Online Learning for Your Child

I know many of you may of you are wanting to get your child ready for their online learning experience. Here are the steps to take to get them started:
  • Start at and click on "Remote Learning Resources."
  • Next, click "Parent/ Student Remote Learning Academic Resources."
  • Select "Week 1," and start with logging your child onto Clever. There are directions on how to log on to Clever for the first time with the "Get Help with Clever" link. Clever will will your child's "portal" to take them to everything, including their teacher's Google Classroom. Once they are logged in Clever, there is no more need for usernames and passwords.
  • Finally, go to Google Classroom when in Clever and they will see their teacher's virtual classroom.
Hope this helps!

Book Fair Late Event
Don't miss our Late Night on Thursday, February 27th between 5:00-6:00 PM.
The first 10 families that come and tell me, "We are WILD about reading!" get a free book (valued $10 or less). We look forward to seeing you!
Texas Reads kickoff
It is Texas Reads One Book time! Did your 2nd-4th grader bring home their book The Lemonade Crime this Monday (2/10)? It was so neat to go down the halls at dismissal and see our students already reading them! To find out more and how you can participate, go to
Battle of Books winners
Congratulations to all of our 3rd & 4th graders who participated in the Decker Prairie Battle of the Books competition yesterday (Monday, February 10th). I am so proud of each and every one of them! Here are top 3 winning teams. Our first place team will advance to the district's competition on Thursday, March 5th, 2020.
Watson books
Don't forget for Monday, February 10th:
  • Wear your Texas Reads One Book shirts
  • Battle of the Books competition
  • Author/illustrator David Biedrzycki's book orders are due

myON Login Outside of School

We now have myOn for our students to use at school or outside of school!
Here are the steps to find myON for your child to use at home:
  1. Go to or from this site, click "Library Links" and then the myON button
  2. Select at top right: "Log in as a student"
  3. Type in and select our school's name
  4. Select "Log in with Google"
  5. Enter your child's login:
  6. Their password is tisd+birthdate (example: tisdmmddyyyy)
  7. This will take you to Clever, which houses all of the sites that our school or district pays for that the students can access. Scroll down and click on "myON"
  8. I would bookmark or save at this point
I am sorry for all of the steps. But, our students so far have said it's worth it! Let me know if you are having any trouble.
* Note: We have noticed that with our students using myOn for the first time, myOn will give them a quiz to learn their reading level. This is not an exciting quiz for them, but it is important for them to do on their own. If not, myOn may recommend books to them that are not age appropriate. After your child misses 3 questions in a row, the quiz will stop, and they can begin reading. If you feel your child's level is not accurate, please let me know, and I can reset the quiz for them. *