Math questions to ask your child at home

  1. What were the main mathematical concepts or ideas that you learned today or that we discussed in class today? 
  2. What questions do you still have about ______ ? If you don’t have a question, write a similar problem and solve it instead. 
  3. Describe a mistake or misconception that you or a classmate had in class today. What did you learn from this mistake or misconception? 
  4. How did you or your group approach today’s problem or problem set? Was your approach successful? What did you learn from your approach? 
  5. Describe in detail how someone else in class approached a problem. How is their approach similar or different to the way you approached the problem? 
  6. What new vocabulary words or terms were introduced today? What do you believe each new word means? Give an example/picture of each word. 
  7. What was the big mathematical debate about in class today? What did you learn from the debate? 
  8. How is __________ similar or different to ___________? 
  9. What would happen if you changed ____________? 
  10. What were some of your strengths and weaknesses in this unit? What is your plan to improve in your areas of weakness?