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Wednesday, May 23

Wednesday folders went home today.  Although I said to keep them, I will need them back tomorrow to send home again next Wednesday.  Sorry for the confusion.  
Also, if you haven't already sent a shoe box sized box to school, please do so tomorrow as we will begin constructing our habitat tomorrow.  
Thanks so much for your support.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  

Week of May 21

We made it to the last Monday of the year.  Just a reminder that next Monday is a holiday for Memorial Day.  
Please make sure backpacks are unloaded each day.  I will be sending home resources each day with your student.  These are books we have used in the classroom, but still have plenty of life. I would encourage your student to practice with these books this summer so they don't get the summer "slide" especially in the areas where they struggled.  Today I sent home writing resources and binder.  Please keep Wednesday folders when they come home.  
Reading:  We continue to practice reading chapter books and discussing plot structure.  
Writing:  We are completing our persuasive letter to get donations for our fundraiser.  
Math:  We are reviewing for a district math benchmark on Wednesday.  Students will be bringing home a review sheet on Monday and Tuesday to practice any problems they struggled with.  
Science:  We will be planning and making our habitat to include a food chain.  If you have not sent in your box, please do so by Wednesday.  
Social Studies:  We will be making 3-D landforms.  
Project based learning unit:  Students will video their commercial for kindergarten and first grade classes tomorrow.  They made a list of props they will need to bring tomorrow - please ask them about this so they are prepared.  We will be doing media for our fundraiser and assigning jobs.  

Rodeo Day

Tomorrow is Rodeo Day (Friday, May 18).  Representatives from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will put on presentations all day.  If you student would like to get in the spirit, she or he may dress in rodeo attire tomorrow.   

Week of May 14

Grades are being finalized, so please check your student's grades online this week.  
We will be making habitats next week, so please send a cardboard shoe box sized to school with your student by the end of the week.  We will be using glue, so plastic boxes will not work.  
Last week we began our project based learning unit.  Our class decided to fundraise to help the endangered sea turtles.  I am guiding them through the process to raise money, but they will be doing all the work.  So far we have picked a product, shopped at different stores for the lowest price, and predicted how much we need to make.  We will be developing price and advertising strategies next.  
Reading:  We will be studying media literacy and learning how to persuade people to buy our product.  
Writing:  We will be writing persuasive letters to the grocery stores to get the items needed for our fundraiser donated.  
Math:  We are using repeated addition and repeated subtraction to solve problems and apply it to our fundraiser.  
Science:  We will be reviewing for the district benchmark (daily grade) on Thursday and Friday.  
Spelling (LAST WEEK!):  giant, gym, digit, jam, badge, green, goose, gems, gentle, garden, jumps, gifts, frogs, gather, magic, gate, good

Week of May 7

Friday is Muffins and Moms at 7:30 am.  Please complete and return the pink sheet from last Wednesday Folder to make reservations.  
I will be sending home your students writing folders on Wednesday.  This folder has stories they did not pick to publish and pieces that were graded to be used to guide instruction (not a grade).  Sit with your student and enjoy the progress they have made this year and encourage them to finish some of the stories during the summer.  
Reading:  We will be finishing up our main idea and topic unit with an assessment on Friday.  We have started practicing how to be a good chapter book reader.  
Writing:  We will be writing letters this week.  
Math:  We will identifying, counting, and writing collections of coins.  
Science:  We let the butterflies free today - and so we will end our life cycle unit.  We will begin our food chain and habitat unit.  
Social Studies:  Students will be reviewing landforms.
Spelling:  city, sail, nice, cell, price, cent, call, kitten, cable, basket, face, police, cupcake, court, princess, cabbage, could.  

Week of April 30

This week starts the last month of school.  We will be doing our end of year testing over the next couple of weeks.  Please encourage your student to do their best on these tests as they will be passed on to the next grade.  If you would like to meet for an end of year conference to discuss this year's progress and resources to use during the summer, please email me.  
Reading:  We will be finishing up our non fiction unit with a comprehension assessment.  We will then start diving into how to read chapter books - analyzing characters, plot, and setting.
Writing:  We will be writing another procedural text about something we can do by ourselves.  
Math:  We will be naming fractions that are more than a whole, solving problems, and finishing the unit with a test on Friday.  
Science:  We are observing our butterflies in their chrysalises.  
Social Studies:  We will be identifying the characteristics of landforms.  
Spelling:  lick, leak, snake, sleek, weak, croak, whack, brook, bank, smack, kick, rock, spoke, brake, sneak, flick, mistake.  

Week of April 23

Saturday is the Fine Arts Festival at Tomball High School.  
Reading:  We are learning to follow directions and about the text features used in procedural texts.  
Writing:  We are writing directions to do or make something.  
Math:  We are learning how to write and compare fractions.
Science:  We are learning about how animals survive.  
Spelling:  chalk, fall, talk, calm, bald, salt, stall, small, all, call, palm, balk, almost, always, mall, hall, animal

Week of April 16

Field Day is Friday and volunteers are needed!  You and work the kinder or the older grades shift, and then be with your student during their events.  Second grade is scheduled for 10:15-11:45.  
Reading:  We will be completing a project with our animal facts.  
Writing:  We will be publishing our animal research books.  
Math:  We will be practicing 2 step word problems and 3 digit addition and subtraction.
Social Studies:  We are identifying the 4 Regions of Texas and their characteristics.
Science:  We are learning about animal needs.  
Spelling:  haul, maul, gaunt, pauses, raw, paw, draw, claws, dawn, yawn, hawk, launch, haunt, saw, because, sauce, lawn

Weekend Update

Parents - 
Our class will be leading the Call to Excellence for the school on Monday.  I sent home a script for each student on Friday.  If your student doesn't feel very confident, please practice with them before Monday.  
Also, I have opened up the Reading Room and incentives on Raz-Kids.  If your student has time, have them log on.  We have been using books from Raz-Kids for our lessons and their are some great non fiction books.  Login information can be found on the Links page of my website.
And lastly, don't forget First in Math!  We were held the highest points during the beginning of the year, but can't seem to catch up with the other classes now.  Your student can play at home by logging on to
Thanks for all your support.  

Week of April 9

Picture money or pictures were due Friday.  If you haven't turned them in, please do so as soon as possible.  
Volunteers are needed for Field Day on Friday, April 20th.  Field Day Shirts are on sale until April 11th for $7.40 each at  Each Teacher has their own color. Be sure to order the correct color and size as this is a custom order and there are no refunds or exchanges.
Reading:  We are learning about text features and how the help us locate information in non fiction books. 
Writing:  We will be revising and editing our animal research paragraphs, and adding text features to the pages.  
Math:  We will revisit two step problem solving including adding and subtracting three digit numbers.  
Social Studies:  We are learning the continents and oceans of the world.  
Spelling:  how, counts, cows, clown, found, town, loud, now, ouch, down, shout, brown, ground, about, owl, follow, grow.  

Week of April 2

Please sign up for our class Dojo to see your child's story each day.  A lot of great points being earned!
Reading:  Using prefixes and suffixes to figure out what a word means.
Writing:  Writing paragraphs using a graphic organizer we have completed with facts.  
Math:  Completing our geometry unit with a major grade assessment on Thursday.  
Science:  Learning about the parts of the plant and their purpose. Our experiments continue.  We will have a major grade assessment early next week.  
Spelling:  enjoy, oil, joy, coins, foil, boil, join, toys, choice, moist, broil, employ, noise, boy, pint, spoil, soy.  

Class Dojo has begun!

As of Wednesday, March 27th, I have begun using Class Dojo.  This is a way for you to get immediate feedback about your child's behavior, use as a two way communication vehicle, and also determine criteria for conduct during the nine weeks.  
I am sending home an invitation with instructions to sign up to have access to your child's account.  Please take a few minutes to sign up.  
The criteria for conduct will be:  
0-4 Needs Work Marks - Excellent
5-7 Needs Work Marks - Satisfactory
8-9 Needs Work Marks - Needs Improvement
10 or more Needs Work Marks - Unsatisfactory
This is the same conduct criteria for other second grade teachers using Dojo.  As always, please contact me with any questions.  

Week of March 26

Thanks to everyone who supported the Party on the Prairie - whether you donated, worked, attended, or bought something.  We appreciate your support.  Just a reminder that Friday is a student holiday.  
Reading:  We will be using context clues to find the meaning of words.  
Writing:  We will begin researching our animal of choice.  
Math:  We will begin learning about and identifying the attributes of solid figures.  
Social Studies:  We will be learning about how technology changed our clothing, food, and shelter.  
Science:  We will continue our plant experiments.  
Spelling test on Thursday:  books, shook, stood, wool, crook, hood, hoof, soot, brook, nook, goods, foot, wood, food, school, too, took


The Decker Prairie Elementary Party on the Prairie is on SATURDAY (not Sunday as I put on the green sheet).  It is a great time and an important fundraiser for our school.  You can help by coming and playing the games, eating, or even bidding on auction items.  
If you have any questions, please let me know.  Thanks in advance for your support.  

Week of March 20

From what the students have said, they enjoyed their time last week away from school.  
Please put the Party on the Prairie on your things to do this Saturday!  It is the PTO's most important fundraiser for our school.  There are games, auctions, and of course, food.  Support your student's school by coming to enjoy or working at this important event!
Reading:  We will be reading non fiction texts and identifying the topic and main idea.  
Writing:  We will begin to write facts about animals. 
Math:  We are starting our geometry unit.  
Social Studies:  We are learning who technology has changed our food, clothing, and shelter.  
Science:  We will be learning about plants and begin several investigations.  
Spelling (contractions review):  isn't, aren't, he's, what's, they've, I'm, that's, didn't, there's, you're, here's, can't, I've, we'll, y'all, it's, don't, doesn't.  Test on Friday.