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Week of February 12

We have a busy week!  Valentine's Parties are Wednesday at 2:30.  Students will decorate a bag in class, so please do not send a box.  Thursday is the 100th day of school and Math and Science Night from 5:30-7:00.  Friday is a student holiday, and so is Monday, February 19th.  
Reading:  We are learning how to retell a story to increase comprehension.
Writing:  We will be completing the ending of our first personal narrative.  
Math:  We will be learning how to distinguish am and pm, and tell time to the minute.
Social Studies:  We will describe how weather patterns influence settlement patterns.  
Science:  We will be discussing the seasons and analyzing weather patterns. 
Spelling (Test on Thursday):  work, germ, herd, perch, clerk, term, world, worse, nerve, verse, earth, search, pearl, father, story, another, never 

Valentine's Day Party

Below are the students in our class so you can address Valentine's Day Cards for the party next week.  You are welcome to have your student just sign his or her name and leave the "to" blank to speed up distribution.
I will be providing bags and students will be decorating them in class next week.  Please do not send boxes as we do not have the room to store them.  

Week of February 5

Spring pictures have been postponed.  Once we have a new date, I will send out information.  Don't forget Math and Science Night is next Thursday.  
Reading:  We are diving deep into our schema to make connections to better infer about the texts we read.  
Writing:  We have begun a new unit and will be writing small moment experiences about ourselves. 
Math:  We are finishing up 3 digit addition and subtraction and two step word problems with a major grade assessment on Friday.  Please work with your student on math facts - the weekly Fact Check grades have dropped quite a bit.  
Science:  We are learning about the water cycle.
Social Studies:  We will learn about community helpers and how they help us during disaster events.  
Spelling:  far, hair, parks, care, stair, dark, start, hard, charm, scare, spark, glare, chair, cart, part, air, are

2 Step Word Problems

We have been working on analyzing word problems this week and I gave the students an assignment yesterday to see how well they did on their own. This was practice and to evaluate what I needed to teach, but I wanted to send it home for you to review with your student. It is not homework and not a grade, however, I wanted to share with you the level of comprehension and problem solving that we are working toward. We will be assessing 2 step word problems late next week and many of these problems are similar to what the students will be reading by themselves and expected to solve on the test. For more practice, you can Google second grade 2 step mixed word problems.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  

Week of January 29

Please let me know if you would like to conference about your student's progress so far this year.  I am available before or after school by appointment.  
Reading - We are inferring character's feelings, traits, and motivations.  We will also be inferring about author's purpose in fiction books.
Writing - We will write a poem with sensory details.
Math - We are analyzing and solving two step 3 digit addition and subtraction problems.  
Science - We will be reviewing reading data in charts.
Social Studies - We will be identifying people and events that shaped our community.
Spelling:  roar, soar, board, boar, mourn, court, war, warp, wart, warn, your, swarm, four, our, farm, hard, part. 

Family Math and Science Night - February 15

Come REACH FOR THE STARS at Decker Prairie's Family Math and Science Night on Thursday, February 15, 2018 from 5:30-7:00 pm.  We have some exciting activities planned for you!​

  • Visit a Mobile Water Lab provided by Harris County Water Authority
  • Combine materials to make something that none of the materials can do themselves: make a kazoo, kaleidoscope, lava lamp, cootie catcher and more!
  • Take and record your pulse using a toothpick and a marshmallow
  • Estimate how many things are in a jar and win it
  • Work with tangrams, math facts and snowflakes
  • Be in a drawing for some really cool Math and Science games and kits
  • Maybe even, look at the stars with an Astronomer!

Need supper?  We are providing pre-orders from Chik-Fil-A.  Papa Johns may also be on campus.  Look for those to come home in a Wednesday's folder. More details to come soon!  We hope to see you there!

Week of January 22

We will have awards on Friday, January 26 at 8:50 in the cafeteria.  All families are invited.  
Reading:  We are analyzing character feeling and traits in fiction literature.
Writing:  We will revise, edit, and publish our fiction story.
Math:  We will add and subtract 2 three digit number with regrouping.  We will write and solve word problems.  
Science:  We will finish our natural and man made resource unit and complete an assessment at the end of the week for a major grade.
Social Studies:  We will complete our timeline unit - past, present, and future. 
Spelling: more, shore, chore, for, north, porch, pork, fort, storm, poor, door, floor, score, cord, story, before, work

Week of January 15

Happy 2018!  We have had a great first week back from our break, and looking forward to a great second half of second grade.  Monday is a student holiday.  
Great news!  Raz-Kids is now available for our class for reading books online.  Students will need to read, listen, and answer questions about books in their library.  Login to Raz-Kids, teacher: mthomas184, user: first name, password:  lunch number.  Happy reading!
Reading:  We will use our inference skills to analyze poems
Writing:  We will publish our fiction story.
Math:  We will add and subtract 3 digit numbers, including regrouping.
Social Studies:  We will identify and classify items as from the past or present.
Science:  We will identify ways to conserve our natural resources.
Spelling:  more, shore, chore, for, north, porch, pork, fort, storm, poor, door, floor, score, cord, story, before, work

Week of December 18

We have almost made it to the holiday break!  Grades are submitted for this nine weeks on Friday.  
Reading:  We will complete the fable unit with a major grade assessment on Tuesday.  We will be reading holiday stories and doing activities for the stories.  
Writing:  We will complete the writing sample for this nine weeks, writing more fiction stories, working on handwriting, and of course, a letter to Santa. No spelling this week
Math:  We will finish our data project for a major grade and practice reading graphs.
Science:  We will finish our salt water and fresh water unit with a major grade assessment on Tuesday.
Social Studies:  We continue to explore holidays.  
Thursday is Polar Express movie day.  Your student can wear pajamas that day, but please ensure that the outfit is accessible for the restroom, comfortable (they will not be able to change), and recess proof (wear tennis shoes).  Blankets, toys, pillows and stuffed animals are not allowed. 
Friday is the class party.  If you haven't sent in your donation for the party, please do so by Thursday.  The party starts at 11:30 and parents are invited to come and check their student out when the party is over.  

Week of December 11

The Jingle Bell Jog is Friday from 9:50-10:50 wear purple! 
Reading:  We will be comparing folktales this week and completing a Venn Diagram for two fables at the end of the week for a daily grade.
Writing:  We are writing an original fable. 
Math:  We will be reading, creating, and answering questions about bar graphs and pictographs.
Science:  We will start a new unit on rocks and water that will end early next week with an assessment.  
Social Studies:  We will be sharing family traditions and learning about different cultures.  At the end of the week, students will travel around the word to experience different holidays.
Spelling:  chop, each, when, chin, what, lunch, why, speech, while, which, peaches, white, branch, bunch, chart, much, change


Congratulations to you!  Our class had the best attendance in second grade for November!  As a reward, you student has received a coupon for a free Slush Monkey from Stripes AND a free kids buffet at Cici's Pizza!  Check their back pack for it on Friday.  Great job!  The kids are so excited - we received a very tall trophy to keep for the month.  
Also, we had a "fire drill" today right after announcements, and subsequently since we were already outside, we were able to play in the remaining snow before it melted.  Have a great weekend!

Jingle Bell Run is Postposed until December 15

Due to the weather, the PTO has decided to postpone the Jingle Bell Run one week.  It will be held on Friday, December 15th.  

Week of December 4

I hope to see you at the Jingle Bell Jog on Friday from 9:50-10:50.  Our class color is purple - so students should wear purple on Friday and come ready to run!
Reading:  We have started our folktale unit.  We discussed how the play Beauty and Beast is a fairytale, and will begin using our comprehension strategies to understand morals in fables.
Writing:  We are writing our own fictional stories - complete with characters, settings and a plot of our choosing.  
Math:  We are finishing up our 2 digit addition and subtraction unit with solving word problems and reviewing on Wednesday for a major grade assessment on Thursday and Friday.
Science:  We are starting our unit on energy - light, sound, and heat that will end on Monday with a test.  Students will also take a district benchmark assessment on Thursday for a daily grade.  
Social Studies:  We are wrapping up our economy unit.  
Spelling:  shine, rush, shop, cashes, short, phone, graph, teeth, those, than, phase, thank, booth, with, mother, think, them

Week of November 27

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We are only 4 weeks from the end of the second nine weeks, so please make sure you are checking your student's grades online so you know their progress.  
We have a field trip to Lone Star College on Friday.  We will be back before lunch, so there is no need for sack lunches to be sent.  We will be continuing lessons the rest of the day.  
Reading:  We are finishing non fiction text features and identifying the main idea, topic, and details.  We will have a major grade assessment on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  We will begin folktales after non fiction is complete.
Writing:  We will be editing our works about something or someone we know and publishing it for a major grade on Friday.  
Math:  We are checking our subtraction with regrouping by adding, using number lines, and we will begin two step word problems at the end of the week.
Science:  We are finishing up motion and magnets and will have a major grade assessment on Tuesday.  
Social Studies:  We are acting as producers and consumers, using goods and services to create and sell a product to other classes.

waked, looking, planted, asked, jumping, filled, talking, needed, spelling, played, poked, ended, mixed, don't, it's, going, being