Valentine hearts

Valentine Exchange - February 14th

This year we will do our annual Valentine exchange on Feb 14th. This exchange happens during the school day.


  • How many do I buy if we are bringing valentines? Aim for 25. This allows for a few "mistakes" or extras for any teachers, etc. your child may want to gift.
  • Valentines can be addressed by your child to “my friend”, from “(insert your child’s name)”.
  • Students will be given opportunities to fill bags throughout the day.
  • Students will also be provided a white paper bag to decorate at school, prior to the exchange to put their cards in.
  • As we have done in the past, this will be an exchange and snack designated at a time that works for each teacher.
  • The treat (snack and drink) will be provided in advance by our PTO.
  • Valentine bags and goodies will come home with the student that afternoon.
  • If you have any extra valentines that you would be willing to donate to those without, please send them to the office with your student labeled "donated". We always appreciate our generous parents' support and help.
  • Please try not to send items with peanut butter to avoid common allergies.
  • Family Assistance: Please contact [email protected] for valentine card support.