This Week - Reminders

Reading: We will learn about nonfiction informational texts. We will learn how to find the central idea. 

Writing: We will start our unit on procedural text.

Math: We will continue to read and visualize word problems with 2-digit addition and subtraction WITH regrouping. 

Vocabulary:  open number line, closed number line, unknown, addition, sum, subtraction, difference, two-digit, algorithm, reasonable, regroup, strip diagram, part/part/whole model

Science: We will continue learning about the weather and seasons. 

Vocabulary:  weather, weather forecast, wind, rain, hail, clouds, thunderstorm, sleet, snow,  humidity, temperature, wind conditions, precipitation, cloud coverage, cloudy, partly cloudy, sunny, thermometer, rain gauge, anemometer, Autumn, Spring, Winter, Summer, data, record, measure

Social Studies: We will identify and explain the significance of state (TX) and nation (USA) symbols, landmarks, and government buildings.

Vocabulary: state, national, symbol, landmark, heritage, customs, celebrations, freedom, monument, patriotic, cultural

Important Dates

2/13  Valentines Exchange

2/14-2/17 Student Holiday

2/20  Class and Spring Pictures - order form for class picture in Wednesday folders, today (2-12)