Week of March 2

*If your child has not brought pictures for the timeline project, please send them ASAP.  They will have to draw pictures, if they are not available for tomorrow.


Reading: We will be comparing different types of nonfiction text. 

*Please make sure your child reads for at least 15 minutes each night!

Writing: We will begin writing another how-to.

Math: We will start learning about 3D shapes and their attributes. 

*Please continue working on addition and subtraction facts up to 20!

Vocabulary: two-dimensional, plane figures, attributes, side(s), vertex/vertices, polygons, compose, decompose, triangle, quadrilateral, rectangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon, do-decagon, solid figure, sphere, triangular prism, cube, rectangular prism, cylinder, face, edge, base. 

Science: We will continue learning about objects in the sky.  Test on 3/5

Vocabulary: sun, moon, stars, constellations, rotate, revolve, axis, solar system, Earth, day, night, pattern, appear, sunrise, sunset, horizon, telescope, position, sky, full moon, new moon, quarter moon, moon phase

Social Studies: We will begin working on our timeline project. 

Vocabulary: timeline, order, events, past, present, future, historical, chronology, cause, effect, flight, passenger, inventions, steamboat

Important Dates

3/5  Dessert with Dear Ones and Parent/Student Workshop 5:45-6:45 pm

3/6  Vocabulary Parade - Students can come to school dressed as a vocabulary word!  Each costume or poster will need to clearly display the word your child is modeling. 

3/6  End of 3rd Nine Weeks

3/7-3/16  Spring Break