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Welcome to 2nd Grade!!!

I am Melissa (Hrncirik) Moline and am thrilled to be your child's teacher this year. This will be my fourth year at DPES and my third year teaching 2nd Grade.  I absolutely L-O-V-E what I do and am excited to begin a new year with new students. 

While I know all official documentation says Hrncirik (Hern-Sir-Ick), my last name is now Moline.  (I got married the first week of August!)  I will happily respond to Mrs. Moline OR Ms. H since I know many have called me that for years.  
While I am not with my boys and girls at school, I am spending time with the other boys and girl in my life: Mr. Craig/Mr. Moline, our 6 year old, Lincoln and labradoodle puppy, Luna.  I love spending time with my family and am happy that Lincoln will be with me at Decker Prairie as a first grader. 
I am passionate about what I do and love nothing more than watching my students learn and experience new things.  It is going to be a fabulous year! 


Recent Posts

Week of May 29

Important Dates:
5/30 End of Year Party @2:30pm
5/31 Last Day of School/Early Release @12:50pm
Thank you for a great year!  Have a wonderful summer!

Week of May 21

Last week, we began our project based learning unit.  Our class decided to fundraise to help the endangered Polar Bears!  I am guiding them through the process to raise money, but they will be doing all the work.  So far, we have chosen to sell Gatorade, figured out how much it would cost, predicted how much we need to make, and started writing letters asking for donations.  Our class is in need of Gatorade Powder 51oz (Fruit Punch), Waters & 8oz Foam Cups if you would like to donate. We will be focusing on advertising our product this week.  
What we're learning this week
Reading: We will be reviewing story elements in fiction.
Writing: We will finish our persuasive letters.
No spelling test!
Science: We will be making habitats this week.  Please send 1 (or 2!) cardboard shoe box(es) to school with your student as soon as possible.  We will be using glue, so plastic boxes will not work.  
Math: We will be reviewing for our math benchmark on Wednesday.
No fact fluency!
Important Dates:
5/23 Math Benchmark
5/28 Memorial Day - No school
5/29 Gatorade Sale 
5/30 End of Year Party @2:30pm
5/31 Last Day of School/Early Release @12:50pm

Week of May 14

Reading: Media literacy.
Writing: Continuing persuasive text.
Spelling Lesson 31: giant, digit, gym, jam, badge, green, goose, games, gems, garden, jumps, gifts, frog
Sight words: far, eight, drink, draw
Science: Reviewing for science benchmark on Thursday.
Math: We will continue learning about financial literacy and introduce repeated addition (multiplication).
Important Dates:
5/14 STAAR Math - no visitors allowed in the building
5/15 STAAR Reading - no visitors allowed in the building
5/17 Science Benchmark
5/17 Library books due
5/17 Fact Fluency
5/18 Spelling Test 31
5/18 Rodeo Day - Committee members from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will be presenting the cowboy life to our 1st - 4th graders!

Week of May 7

Reading: Distinguishing between the topic and main idea, and finding facts that support the main idea.
Writing: Begin unit on persuasive text.
Spelling Lesson 30: city, sail, nice, cell, price, cent, call, kitten, cable, basket, face, police, cupcake
Sight words: hurt, hot, hold, full
Science: Life cycle of an insect and food chains.
Math: Financial literacy.
Important Dates:
5/10 Fact Fluency
5/10 Sonic Spirit Night 
5/11 Spelling Test 30
5/11 Moms and Muffins @ 7:30am
5/16 Library books due

Week of April 30

Reading: Analyzing chapter books - characters, plot, and setting.
Writing: Continue our unit on procedural text.  We will pick a skill that we want to teach someone else and write how to do it step by step.  
Spelling Lesson 29: lick, leak, snake, sleek, weak, croak, whack, brook, bank, smack, kick, rock, spoke
Sight words: much, going, laugh, keep
Social Studies: We will be identifying the characteristics of landforms. 
Science: We will be observing our butterflies in their chrysalises. 
Math: More than a whole fraction, solving problems, and finishing the unit with a test on Friday
Important Dates:
5/4 Spelling Test 29 & Fact Fluency
5/4 Math Test
5/11 Moms and Muffins @ 7:30am

Week of April 23


Reading: learn how to use the information in procedural text
Writing: begin procedural text unit
Spelling: chalk, fall, talk, calm, bald, salt, stall, stalk, small, all, call, palm, balk, pick, shall, only, myself
Science: continue learning about how the physical characteristics of animals help them survive
Math: fractions

Week of April 16

Reading: drawing conclusions about nonfiction text
Writing: revising and editing and publishingour writing
Spelling: haul, maul, gaunt, pauses, raw, paw, draw, claws, dawn, yawn, hawk, launch, haunt, today, ten, six, seven
Science: how the physical characteristics of animals help them survive
Math: solving 2-step addition and subtraction word problems
Important Dates:
4/20 Field Day! 10:15-11:45am
*If you didn't get a field day t-shirt (same as Jingle Bell Jog shirts), try to wear our team color - royal blue!

Week of April 9

Reading: We will be learning how to use text features to understand nonfiction text.
Writing: We will continue writing about what we've researched and start revising and editing.
Spelling: how, counts, cows, clown, found, town, loud, now, ouch, down, shout, brown, ground, hard, open, example, begin
Social Studies:  identifying the continents and oceans
Science: learning about how the physical characteristics of animals help them survive
Math: revisiting addition and subtraction word problems  -focusing on reading carefully to figure out which operation to use

Week of April 2

Reading:  composing and decomposing words using prefixes and suffixes
Writing: continue writing about our research
Spelling: enjoy, oil, joy, coins, foil, boil, join, toys, destroy, moist, broil, ploy, noise, close, something, seem, next
Science: basic needs of plants.
Math: properties of plane (2D) and solid (3D) shapes
Important Dates:
4/6 2nd Grade Awards Celebration 10:10-10:40am


Week of March 26

Reading: using context clues to figure out the meaning of unknown words
Writing: researching animals and writing FACTS about what we've learned
Spelling: books, shook, stood, wool, crook, hood, hoof, soot, brook, nook, hoods, foot, wood
Sight words: few, while, along, might
*As I prepare to be out (in about 5 weeks) I am simplifying things.  We will now have ONE spelling list each week.*
Math: plane (flat) and solid (3D) shapes
Social Studies: how people meet their basic needs and how it has changed over time
Science:  basic needs of plants
Important Dates:
3/30 Good Friday - No School!
4/6 2nd Grade Awards Celebration 10:10 am

Week of March 19
Reading: main idea and topic of nonfiction text
Writing: researching interesting animals and gathering facts about them
(One list) isn't, aren't, he's, what's, they've, I'm, that's, didn't, there's, you're, here's, can't, I've, we'll
Sight words: story, saw, left, don't
Math: geometry
Social Studies: how people meet their basic needs and how its changed over time
Science: basic needs of plants
Important Dates:
3.24 Party on the Prairie 1pm-6pm
3.30 Good Friday
Party on the Prairie
Make plans to attend the PTO's biggest fundraiser of the year March 24th. There will be carnival rides, games, prizes, live and silent auctions, a raffle, and food trucks. Spend the day with families, friends and staff members and raise funds for the PTO. 

Week of March 5

Reading: identifying story elements and retelling events in the correct sequence
Writing: editing and publishing
This is a review week so we will have ONE list:
burst, squirt, earth, spark, board, porch, peaches, thank, talking, canoe, fruit, pole, tight, piece, please, chain, sing, skill, brushes, next
Science: phases of the moon
Math: measuring objects using a broken ruler and finding area
Important Dates:
3/10-3/19 Spring Break
3/24 Party on the Prairie

Party on the Prairie

Make plans to attend the PTO's biggest fundraiser of the year on March 24th. There will be carnival rides, games, prizes, live and silent auctions, a raffle, and food trucks. Spend the day with families, friends and staff members and raise funds for the PTO.

Week of February 26 

Reading:  author's purpose, topic, main idea, and supporting details in nonfiction 
Writing:  revising, editing, and publishing 
Spelling:(one list) sure, lurch, purrs, hurt, cure, burst, pure, flour, churches, blurt, spur, sour, hour, light, thought, head, under
Math:  measuring, comparing, and estimating length in inches and centimeters
Science - identifying objects in the sky - at night and during the day
Important Dates:
2.26-3.2 Read Across America/Book Fair Week
3.1 Spring Picture Day (Individual and Class Pictures) 
3.24 Party on the Prairie - There will be carnival rides, games, prizes, live and silent auctions, a raffle, and food trucks. Spend the day with families, friends and staff members and raise funds for the PTO!

Party on the Prairie

Thank you in advance for supporting our 2018 - Party on the Prairie. 

Party on the Prairie is taking the place of our annual Fall Festival, as it was postponed due to Hurricane Harvey and will be held on Saturday, March 24. 

This is our biggest & largest PTO fundraiser and we NEED your help!  Proceeds from the previous Fall Festivals have gone to replace the marquee in the front lawn, provide chromebooks for our students & other various school needs.

Party on the Prairie will have games, food trucks, a Silent & Live Auction and will provide lasting memories for our students. 

Classroom Donations will be used for the game prizes.  Each class will have a designated donation item (each class will be collecting something different). 

Live Auction Donations will be incorporated into a class basket that will be auctioned off (each class will have a different basket). No items are too big or too small and all will be used.

The following items are requested for your class:


Our class basket theme is hunting and fishing.  All items must be new.  Please assign the price value to each item.  If you prefer, you may send a money donation and a classroom shopper will purchase the basket items.


Our class donation is bagged candy (not chocolate).  Your donations will help provide prizes for the games.

Week of February 19

Reading: continue retelling by choosing important events in the story
Writing: continue writing the first draft of our small moment stories and review parts of speech, including nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adjectives
Spelling: (We have ONE list this week)
dirt, first, bird, skirt, flirt, third, birth, swirl, chirp, squirt, thirst, smirk, firm, start, city, earth, eye
Social Studies: national symbolism
Math: review word problems and how to solve with a missing addend.
Important Dates:
2.23 Go Texan Day!
2.26-3.2 Read Across America/Book Fair Week
3.1 Spring Pictures