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Welcome to First Grade!! My name is Caitlin Shiyou. I was born and raised all the way from Tupelo, Mississippi (birth place of Elvis Presley :)). I graduated from Mississippi State University in 2012 with a degree in Elementary Education. I am a HUGE Mississippi State and Cowboys fan! I met my husband in college and got married in June of 2014. I have a little boy who is two years old! I am very blessed. I am so excited to be teaching 1st grade for my third year. Your children impact my life each and every day! Let's have an outstanding year :).
I look forward to getting to know you over the coming year! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!
Mary "Caitlin" Shiyou
281-357-3134 ext. 3047 (Preferred Communication Method)


Recent Posts

Class News! :)

Week of Feb. 12th - 16th

Important Dates:
  • Science Test- Rocks, Soil, and Water Thursday
  • Valentines Day Party 02/14 (please bring in valentine boxes asap)
  • Math and Science Night 02/15 from 5:30-7:00
  • No School Friday 02-16 OR Monday 02-19
We will review skills for reading nonfiction texts such as:
  • text features
  • main idea and details 
Researching! The students will write a nonfiction book about an animal. This will be a major grade. 
Social Studies:
We will describe ways that families meet basic human needs.
We will identify examples of goods and services in the home, school, and community. 
We will gather evidence of how rocks, soil, and water help to make useful products.
We will tell time to the hour and half hour using analog and digital clocks.

Class News! :)



Important Dates:

  • February 8th: Career Day 
  • Math Test- Friday
  • Social Studies Test- Friday
  • February 14th: Valentine's Parties @ 2:30-3:30 
  • February 15th: Math & Science Night! 5:30-7:00
What We're Learning
Reading: We are continuing our unit on nonfiction books. Students will be learning how to identify important facts or details in a text. 
Writing: We are starting our Research unit. Students will choose an animal on their own and write an All About book. This is a practice week, next week students will write another All About Book for a Major Grade. 
Math: Students will continue to learn about comparing numbers using symbols <,>,=. Students will take a Math Test over Place Value and comparing numbers on Friday. 
Science: We are starting a unit on Rocks, Soil and Water. This unit has a lot of fun outside activities!
Social Studies: We are finishing our unit on Technology and Inventors. Students have learned about Garrett Morgan, Alexander Graham Bell, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, George Washing Carver and Henry Ford. We will review this week and take a Social Studies test on Technology and inventors on Friday. 

Class News! :)

Week of Jan. 29th - Feb. 2nd

Students will use text features to learn more information in a non-fiction text. (photographs, captions, labels, and table of contents)
Students will restate the main idea in a non-fiction text. 
Students will identify important information and find details in a non-fiction text. 
Students will practice researching and writing about a topic of interest to write a non-fiction book. 
Students will identify what earth's natural resources are and how they are used.
Students will explain the physical properties of objects such as rocks, soil, and water. 
Social Studies: 
Students will identify the inventors Benjamin Franklin and George Washington Carver. 
Students will be able to represent numbers using objects and standard form for numbers up to 100 in more than one way. 
Students will be able to represent the comparison of two numbers to 100 using the symbols <,>, or =.

Class News! :)

Week of Jan. 22nd-26th


Important Information:
Awards Ceremony Friday at 10:10
Spelling Test Friday
What will we be learning this week...?
Readers will stop and think about new information they learn from their reading.
Readers notice text features of nonfiction and understand that they signal importance.
Readers can look to the pictures to get more facts. PICTURES + CAPTIONS
Writers will write an All About book on a well known topic. 
Social Studies:
Students will identify the historical figure Garrett Morgan and explain his main invention. 
Students will observe and record changes in the appearance of objects in the sky such as clouds, the Moon, and stars, including the Sun. 
The students will be able to represent numbers using objects, pictures, expanded and standard from.

Class News! :)

Week of December 11th-15th


Important Information:
Students will be expected to write a How-To paper (for a major grade) using transition words.
How to draw a smiley Face
First, you need a pencil and paper.
Next, draw a circle on your paper, with your pencil.
Then, draw two dots for the eyes in the circle.
Last, draw a smile at the bottom of your circle.
Our Jingle Bell Run is this Friday! Our class color is PURPLE!
Students will understand how to glean and use information in procedural texts and documents.
Students will follow written multi-step directions with picture cues to assist with understanding. 
Students will write procedural texts to communicate ideas and information to specific audiences for specific purposes.
Social Studies:
Students will describe the origins of customs, holidays, and celebrations. 
Students will describe and explain the importance of various beliefs, customs, language, and traditions of families and communities.
Students will identify characteristics of the seasons of the year and day and night.
Students will draw conclusions and generate and answer questions using information from picture and bar-type graphs.
Students will use data to create picture and bar-type graphs.
Students will collect, sort, and organize data in up to three categories using models/representations such as tally marks or T-charts.

Class News! :)

Week of December 4th-8th


Important News:
Spelling Test- Friday

sled, dress, shed, check, shell, mend, vest, bend, like, look

Social Studies Test- Thursday and Friday
*This test will cover the following:
past, present, future
Science Test- Friday
*This test will cover the following:
Position of objects
Positional words
location of objects 
Math Test- Friday
*The math test will cover the following:
-addition and subtraction word problems (students will be expected to write a number sentence to match)
-missing addend (part) word problems (students will be expected to write a number sentence to match)
-3 addend word problems 
-make ten 8+6= and students will be expected to write the new equation 10+4= 14
-subtracting on a number line 
-writing a subtraction word problem 
Students will follow written multi-step directions with picture cues to assist with understanding.
Students will generate and write How to Stories using the writing process.
Social Studies:
Students will complete their timeline project. 
Students will take the Past, Present, and Future Test.
Students will review the way objects move and the location of objects.
Students will predict and describe how a magnet can be used to push or pull an object.
Students will represent word problems involving addition and subtraction of whole numbers using pictures and number sentences. 
Students will decompose a number to make ten to add.
Students will solve addition and subtraction word problems by drawing pictures and using ten frames. 

sled       dress

shed      check

shell       mend

vest      bend

like       look

Call to Excellence


Our class is performing the Call to Excellence on Monday morning.  We are so excited.  This is when we meet on Monday’s in the cafeteria and gym to do morning announcements.  I have given your child a part to practice.  These parts should be coming home in their daily folders.  I would really appreciate if you would have them practice by reading them to you at home.  We have also been practicing at school every day.  On Monday, December 4th, we will start at 8:30.  We start earlier on Monday mornings.  If your child rides the bus, this is out of your control when they arrive.  If they are car riders in the morning, please try your best to have them here by 8:20.  This will give me time to line them up and give them their parts.  If a child is not here on time, they will miss this opportunity.  Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for all you do!  I really appreciate you all.


Mrs. Shiyou

Class News! :)

Week of November 27th-December 1st


I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving break!! 
When we come back we will get straight back to business :)
Here is what we will learning when we get back:
Reading Workshop:
Readers will participate in reader's theater.  They will practice reading with fluency. 
Writers Workshop:

Writers explore real world writing in the form of friendly letters.

Writers use letter writing to communicate by using a structured format. (Date, greeting, closing)

Writers use letter writing to communicate by using a structured format.(chronological sequence in body of letter.)

Writers revise and edit their writing for an audience.

Writers share their letters with their intended audience.


Student will practice subtraction word problems with given picture and practice writing number sentence.

Students will practice subtraction word problems with given picture and practice writing number sentence.

Students will write a subtraction word problem to match a given subtraction number sentence. 

Students will solve a addition, subtraction and missing addend problem when given a word problem and write matching number sentence and/or draw a picture. 


Students will identify and explore motion in their bodies.

Students will explore and record motion in various common toys/objects.

Students will investigate how an object's location can be changed by a push or pull.

Social Studies:

Students will create a timeline of themselves with pictures or drawings using past, present, and future. 

Students will create a timeline using past, present and future for a Major Grade. 


I have Raz-Kids up and running in our classroom.  It is also available at home if you have a computer or a tablet.  Go to  and click "kids login".  Teacher's name is cshiyou.  They will then be able to click on their name.  The password is your child's lunch number.  
Thank you! :)
Mrs. Shiyou

Field Trip!!

Our field trip is TOMORROW! We are so very excited. If you are able, have your child wear a Decker Prairie or red shirt.  If you are packing a lunch, please put it in a labeled zip-lock bag so it does not get wet from the ice in our cooler.  Also, send a bottle of water labeled with your child's name. We leave school at 9:00 am.  Thank you so much!!! 
Mrs. Shiyou

Field Trip :)

Hi Parents,
On Wednesday we have our field trip to Dewberry Farm and we are so excited! Here is some important information regarding the field trip:
  • If you are volunteering for the field trip please make sure that you have filled out the volunteer form on the Tomball ISD website. If you did not fill out the form, you are still welcomed to come but will not have a group of students. 
  • If you are bringing any of your other children, you will have to pay for their entrance fee as well as yours.
  • We are leaving the school at 9:00 on Wednesday morning. You are welcome to follow the bus or meet us at Dewberry Farm. Your child has to ride the bus to and from Dewberry Farm. If you want to check your child out after the field trip, you need to come back to the school to check them out. 
  • Even though there are concession stands at the Farm, please do not purchase any items for your child or other students. Thank you for understanding. :)
  • Please send a labeled bottle of water with your child's name on it. It will be hot!
Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope to see some of you on Wednesday.​

Class News! :)

Week of November 13th-17th


Important News:
Calendar Quiz- Friday
Students will be expected to fill out a calendar when given directions. They are expected to label the month, days of the week, etc. 
Heat and Light Energy Test- Tuesday
Math Test- Addition and Subtraction Strategies- Friday
Spelling Test- Friday 
Reading Workshop:
Students will describe a character and the reasons for their actions and feelings.
Students will retell a story's beginning, middle, and end.
Writers Workshop:
Students will edit drafts for grammar, punctuation, and spelling using a rubric. 
Students will practice adding punctuation in the corrected places.
Students will practice writing with capitals letters in the correct places.
Ex. beginning a sentence, name, I 
Social Studies:
Students will discuss how we record time on a calendar. 
Students will be expected to know how to read a calendar. Ex. the location of the month and the days of the week.
Students will describe the change in location of an object such as closer to, nearer to, and farther from.
Students will demonstrate and record the ways that objects can move such as in a straight line, zig-zag, up and down, back and forth, round and round, and fast and slow.
Students will decompose an addend in an equation such as 7+10 and make a new 3 addend equation 7+5+5. 
Students will understand that both sides of the equal sign must equal for the equation to be true. (Addition and subtraction) EX:10-5 = 5-0 and 1+3 = 2+2

bland     plant

sled      blend

blot      flop

club      blob

did        one


Class News! :)

November 6th- November 10th


Here is what we will be learning this week:

Readers Workshop:

Students will explain the function of recurring phrases (e.g., "Once upon a time" or "They lived happily ever after") in traditional folk and fairy tales.

Students will retell important events in a fairy tale, in sequential order.

Students will describe the characters in a story and the reasons for their actions and feelings.

Students will describe the plot (problem and solution) and retell a story's beginning, middle, and end with attention to the sequence of events.

Students will choose fairy tales and fables and discuss the differences between the two.

Students will discuss the characters, setting, problem and solution in a fairytale/fable.

Students will discuss the differences between good vs evil characters.

Students will discuss the lesson/moral that is taught in a fairy tale/fable.

Writers Workshop:

Writers will look to other authors to get strategies for writing great beginning leads in their own writing.

Writers will write an ending to their writing that shows resolution.

Math Workshop:

Students will apply basic fact strategies to add and subtract within 20.


Count Back strategy 12-3 (start at 12 and count back 3 using a number line)

Think Addition and count on (12-8=? Think of it at 8+_?__=12

Fact Families (2+3=5, 3+2=5, 5-3=2, 5-3=2)

Make Ten (9+3=? Think of it as 10+2=)

Students will apply properties of operations to add and subtract two or three numbers.

Social Studies:

Students will distinguish between past and present.


Students will identify and discuss how light energy is important to our everyday lives.


crab, grab, brand, brag, drill, trap, drip, drop, from, how


Reminders: Our field trip is next Tuesday, November 15th!  Please send permission forms if you have not done so.