I started my journey teaching in 2006 at Decker Prairie Elementary after graduating with a degree in Academic Studies from Sam Houston University. I have taught both 2nd and 3rd grade and absolutely love teaching! This will be my 13th year!
A little bit about myself:
My husband and I live in Cypress with 6th grade son Aiden and our feisty 1st grade daughter Brenna. We have several pets that include our dog Kinley, our cat Evie, our box turtle Slash, and our assorted fish. I enjoy researching my family's history in my spare time.

I think I have the best job in the world! I get to help students reach their fullest potential, learn new and exciting things, and have fun doing it! I believe that we are going to gave an amazing year!


Week of Nov. 18

We are working in our Multiplication and Division unit. We are learning to represent and solve multiplication and division situations through equal groups, arrays, and strip diagrams. Please keep practicing those multiplication and division facts!
We are learning about force and motion. We are observing how pushes, pulls, gravity, friction, and magnetism affect motion. 

Word Problem Strategies

Here is a video of myself doing a word problem using the strategies and work that is expected. The video is much longer than it normally should take a student because I wanted to explain the steps. A word problem should take no longer than 4-5 minutes. If you have any questions, please let me know! I will be more than happy to answer them! Sorry that the video is a bit shaky and there are a few slip ups with my words. Recording myself on video is a whole lot harder than teaching it to a class of students! :)

We are representing and solving 1 and 2 step addition and subtraction word problems. 
*Many students are still having difficulty regrouping when is comes to subtraction, especially over zeroes. Regrouping is another word for "borrowing".
This is the same way you learned to solve problems like 405-239=, except using a different word for borrowing.  You may want to work on a few problems with your child at home. *
**Your child should have come home with homework tonight. There are 10 questions and it is due on Friday. These are the types of questions that your child is expected to be able to solve. It is absolutely fine for your child to receive help on this at home. **
We are studying different form of energy. This week, we are delving into thermal and light energy.

Week of September 30

We have been learning how to represent and solve addition and subtraction problems up to 999 with base ten, number lines, strip diagrams, and equations. We have also learned to use our rounding through estimation to come up with reasonable answers to our problems. 
This Friday, we will have an assessment over those things and estimation for addition and subtraction with NO regrouping.
Next week, we begin using all of those strategies WITH regrouping.
We have been learning about buoyancy and how mass, volume, and how dense an object is can effect how buoyant it is. We are also learning about mixtures and how we can separate them.
I sent out an email for parents to sign up for Fall Conferences. Please make sure to check you email and make sure it didn't go to your spam folder. If you still haven't received it, please let me know so I can resend it to you. 
Kids Heart Challenge is coming up next week, so be on the look out for things going home in Wednesday folders. 
Next Friday, October 11, is Early Release Day. After school is dedicated to Parent Conferences. 

Week of Sept. 16

Picture Day is Friday. Please make sure to send in your picture money!
Don't forget class t-shirt money! 
This week, we are rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, and ten thousand.
Our Math Review is in class on Thursday.
Unit 1 Assessment over place value forms, place value relationship, comparing and ordering numbers, rounding, and money is on Friday. 
We are finishing our unit over properties and characteristics of Matter. 
Our review is in class on Wednesday, 
The Unit 1 Matter Assessment is on Thursday.

Wow! It is the 2nd week of school! Both classes are settling in nicely and working hard.
Please be on the lookout for a few papers and/or emails about classroom communication.
My primary communications will be:
**1. Email
2. Remind
3. Edlio (teacher page)
**Please note that my main form of communication with parents is email.
 I use Class Dojo for sharing pictures only.
Week of August 26
In math,  we are learning to compose and decompose numbers up to 100,000. Ask your child about the different ways they can compose and decompose numbers! Students should be able to discuss standard form, word form, pictorial models using base ten, expanded form, and expanded notation.
Students will start coming home with their math notebook called their Math INB. Take a look inside to see what we are learning! These notebooks MUST come back every day!
Please start working with your child on addition and subtraction facts each week. If you need ideas on how your child can practice them, please let me know!
Multiplication and division facts will soon follow during the 2nd 9 weeks.
Your child came home with a Science Safety Contract. Please sign and return this as it is mandatory for the district. Students must have a signed contract to participate in science labs.
We have discussed Science Safety and collaborated with student groups on ways to prevent unsafe practices.
Soon, students will learn to keep a weather journal  and track the weather. They will do this all year to analyze patterns within weather.
Next, we will start our properties of matter unit. 

I have a few more announcements for tomorrow. 
1. Please have students wear their class t-shirt (orange one).
2. Tomorrow is the last day to bring in shopping/walmart sacks. Please make sure they are counted before students get to class.
3. The permission form for our 3rd grade field trip went home in Wednesday folders. Please make sure to send it back ASAP.
4. A letter also went home in Wednesday folders for you to write a letter of encouragement for your child since this is the first time they will be taking the STAAR test. Please send it back in the envelope sealed ASAP.
Mrs. Heniff

Dear Parents,
Field Day is Friday! The kids should have a blast! There are a few things that students need to have an amazing day.

1.      Bring a sack lunch, hat, beach towel, tennis shoes (NO SANDALS), clothing that can get wet, extra set of clothes, possibly another set of shoes and socks, a plastic bag for wet clothes, and plenty of good sportsmanship!  School dress codes still in effect!

2.      Label everything with your first and last name.

3.    Students should put on sunscreen BEFORE coming to school. We will not be applying sunscreen to students.

Here is to a great Field Day!


Mrs. Heniff

Unit 8 Review

This homework came home today. It is due Thursday. The copies of it are numbered wrong because it copied incorrectly. Sorry for the error. Please have students do a few problems a day. Save the dot plot questions until tomorrow evening as we didn't get to start them today.
Also, the whole or total can be on the bottom as well. The long strip is always your total or your whole not matter where its position.
Here is a great chart to explain strip diagrams. This is not a "new way" to solve math. It is just a way to represent, organize, and understand the parts and wholes of problems we are solving. 
I have had several of you wanting to know how your child is supposed to solve word problems. Here is a picture to help you see the steps they need to follow. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.