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I started my journey teaching in 2006 at Decker Prairie Elementary after graduating with a degree in Academic Studies from Sam Houston University. I have taught both 2nd and 3rd grade and absolutely love teaching! This will be my 13th year!
A little bit about myself:
My husband and I live in Cypress with 5th grade son Aiden and our feisty Kindergarten daughter Brenna. We have several pets that include our cat Evie, our box turtle Slash, and our assorted fish. I enjoy researching my family's history in my spare time.

I think I have the best job in the world! I get to help students reach their fullest potential, learn new and exciting things, and have fun doing it! I believe that we are going to gave an amazing year!

Recent Posts

Unit 8 Review

This homework came home today. It is due Thursday. The copies of it are numbered wrong because it copied incorrectly. Sorry for the error. Please have students do a few problems a day. Save the dot plot questions until tomorrow evening as we didn't get to start them today.

Unit 3 Review

This is a review over Unit 3. Our test over Unit 3 is Friday. Please have your child work through these 10 problems. It is due on Thursday so we can go over them in class. 
Also, the whole or total can be on the bottom as well. The long strip is always your total or your whole not matter where its position.
Here is a great chart to explain strip diagrams. This is not a "new way" to solve math. It is just a way to represent, organize, and understand the parts and wholes of problems we are solving. 
I have had several of you wanting to know how your child is supposed to solve word problems. Here is a picture to help you see the steps they need to follow. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Week of October 23
We have begun our unit over subtraction. In this unit, we will represent subtraction in many ways such as base ten, strip diagrams, number lines, and equations. We we learn to solve 1 and 2 step addition and subtraction problems using a variety of strategies. We will solve problems based on estimation for both addition and subtraction. We will emphasize the relationship between addition and subtraction.
Below is an excellent website to help parents understand how their children are being taught and tested over our standards.
Please have your child continue to study addition and subtraction facts every night.

Important Information/Dates:
Red Ribbon Week:
Monday- Wear Red
Tuesday-Dress like a Tacky Tourist
Wednesday- Wear western attire 
Thursday-Wear a Hawaiian shirt 
Friday- Wear a destination t-shirt 
STEAM Night- Oct. 25th 5:30-7:30
1st 9 Weeks Awards Celebration- October 26th 9:50-10:35 Parents Welcome

It’s Homecoming Week!! 
DPES 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students are invited to participate in the Homecoming Parade THIS Wednesday, October 10th. The theme is “A Countdown to the Twenties” and Decker Prairie Elementary will be joining the fun with our 50’s themed float. Any students wishing to participate should complete and turn in the permission form (see link below) tomorrow
Come dressed in your favorite 50’s attire and meet us at Tomball Intermediate School at 6pm that evening.

Week of October 1
We have begun our addition unit this week and will take a small assessment over computation of addition and addition strategies in word problems on Friday. 
We have also begun our Fact Proficiency Assessments. Please have your child practice their addition and subtraction facts nightly. 
If you can avoid it, please try to refrain from taking your child out of school on Fridays. This is often when we typically assess students and it is hard to get them caught up. Sickness and emergencies are perfectly understandable. We just ask that you are mindful of your child's assessments when scheduling other engagements.
This Friday is early release day and students will be released at 12:50. Monday is a student holiday.

Tomorrow your child has an assessment over Unit 1. Please review any questions students got incorrect at home. If they would like to practice rounding, I showed them a fun game on my teacher page called Rounding Math Balloons. There are also many other games and sites under my Place Value tab that can be great practice.
Thank you so much for your support!

Unit 1 Test Review Homework (3)

Your child came home with this assignment to prepare them for the Unit 1 Math Assessment next Wednesday. It is NOT to be done all in one night. It is due Sept. 25. The rounding questions have not been taught yet, but will be by the end of this week. Please have your child work on a few of these questions a night. Encourage them to show their thinking and their work as these are the expectations that I have of them. They should also be bringing home their Math INBs so they can check their notes if they have questions.
Thank you for your support!

Don't forget to check Class Dojo to see your child in action here at Decker Prairie! We are doing math and having fun doing it! 
Announcement; Please have your child bring a sock (preferably one of your mismatched socks) so we can use them for dry erase marker eraser.

Week of Sept. 10

Students have been learning how to compose and decompose numbers to 999,999, represent numbers in various forms, the relationship between places, and combinations of dollars and coins. This week, we continue to build upon these concepts as well as compare and order numbers up to 6 digits.
Please have your child begin practicing their addition and subtraction facts at home. Timed Fact Fluencies begin soon!

Open House

Tomorrow 3rd grade is hosting an open house to discuss curriculum, expectations, and answer questions about 3rd grade. Open house begins at 6:00. Hope we can see you there!