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All about Mrs. Hanna:

My name is Brenda Hanna. My husband and I have been together for almost eleven years and finally tied the knot June 2016. We have two fur babies at home. We have an eight year old boxer named, Cope Hanna as well as a five year old beagle named, Billy Hanna.
We also have a new addition to our family. Our son, Case Bailey Hanna was born December 21, 2016.
He is the sweetest and happiest baby! 
I am a graduate from Sam Houston State University. This is my third year at Tomball ISD and am very excited to be teaching your First Graders. I am truly passionate about teaching and helping each of my students meet their fullest potential. We are going to have a lot of fun and learn more than imaginable this school year. It is going to be a great school year!! 
Remind 101
*To get updates from me via text message, please follow the directions below:
Send the message kg4bbb to phone number 81010 
Conference Times
Any day before school: 7:40-8:10
Wednesday & Friday: 2:25-3:25
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after school: 4:00-5:00


Recent Posts

Summer Reading Challenge

Scholastic is offering a Summer reading challege. Please view the attached links for a Welcome Parent letter to explain the challenge and the link to view the reading log to go along with the summer challenge. 
I will be sending home students login information today. If your child is not here at school, I will email you their login information.
Thank you and have a great summer! 

Last Week of School

In a blink of an eye, your child is now a second grader. This school year has flow by! We have learned a lot of information this year! Please look in your students bag that was given to them last week. This bag had TONS of information to help you and your child practice reading and math this summer. 
As for this week...
Please allow your child to bring a blanket and/or pillow tomorrow (Wednesday) with their favorite book from home. Please be sure that their blanket and/or pillow can fit in their backpacks. 
We will have our END OF YEAR PARTY TOMORROW (Wednesday) AT 2:30. We will have the party outside. You may take your child home after the party. You will need to sign them out with me and get a yellow exit card. 
If you have not prepaid your party money, please send $5 to help cover the cost of the party. 
We will send home report cards tomorrow. 
Thursday is our last day. It is a half day. Dismissal is at 12:50.
Thank you for a WONDERFUL year! It has been a blessing o have your child in my class this year! :)

Week of May 21st - 25th

Important Dates:
*No Spelling Test This Week
*Please return ALL books to your teacher and or Library. 
*Books cost $5 to replace (unless it is a library book, then it varies) 
* NO SCHOOL Monday, May 28th
*End of the Year Class Parties- May 30th 2:30-3:30 
*Last Day of School EARLY RELEASE 12:50
Students will monitor their comprehension and practice reading grade level text with fluency. 
Students will practice writing small moment stories. 
Students will observe and record the life cycle of a butterfly.
Social Studies: 
Students will identify and describe the physical characteristics of landforms.
Students will review first grade material. 

Week of May 14th- May 18th

Important Dates

STAR TESTING Monday and Tuesday- No Visitors allowed

Books Due Wednesday 16th If students turn their library books in on this day (or before) then they will get to choose a fun station to play during library time.

Friday- Rodeo Day 


Spelling- Inflectional Endings (-ing)

doing, going, acting, bending, planting, camping, helping, walking, mother, before


Students will be participating in Readers Theater. Students will practice reading fluently and with expression.


Students will present their Media Literacy Project.


Students will compare ways that young animals resemble their parents.

Students will observe and record life cycles of animals such as chicken, frog or fish.

Social Studies-

Students will continue to learn about landforms and bodies of water. Students must be familiar with what the following landforms and bodies of water look like:

Mountain, hill, canyon, valley, river, ocean, pond and lake.


Students will review for our Math Benchmark. Students will be testing over EVERYTHING they have learned this school year. The Math Benchmark is a district test and we will not see it until Monday after school. We will give the Math Benchmark on Tuesday. ​

Money Assessment

Good morning parents,

Our unit test on money is coming up this Friday. Please be practicing with your student for a few minutes each day. They must be able to:

1) identify coins (front and back)

2) know the value of each coin

3) count a collection of coins (all pennies, all dimes, all nickels, dimes and pennies, nickels and pennies, dimes, nickels and pennies, dime and nickels)

Thank you for your support at home! Have a great week. -Mrs. Hanna

Week of May 7th - 11th

Important Dates:
Call to Excellence- May 7th (Please have your students practice their script so they are prepared) 
Sonic night- May 10th 
Mom and Muffins- May 11th at 7:30
Science Test- May 11th
Math Test- May 11th
Spelling Test May 11th
Spelling: Inflectional Endings -es
trashes, foxes, benches, mixes, gases, buses, lunches, dishes, could, been
Students will describe the characters in a story and the reasons for their actions and feelings. (focusing on character traits...who is the character on the INSIDE)
Students will begin their last Major Grade. 
Students will create a form of Media Literacy. (billboard, magazine cover, cereal box, etc.) 
Students will create their project and present it to the class. 
Social Studies: 
Students will identify and describe the physical characteristics of landforms. 
(mountains, hills, canyons, valleys, plains, island, peninsula, and desert.
Students will continue learning about interdependence in food chains. (everything rely's on each other, if one part of the food chain dies off, others will as well) 
Students will skip count by fives and tens to determine the value of a collection of pennies, nickles, and/or dimes.
Students will count a mixture of coins. 
Please practice with your student. They must identify coins (front and back), know the value of coins, and count a collection of coins. (all pennies, all dimes, all nickels, dimes and pennies, nickels and pennies, dimes, nickels and pennies, dime and nickels)

Week of April 30th

Important Dates:
May 7th- Our Class will host the Call to Excellence. Your child will bring home their script that they will be reading. Please practice with your student each night. 
bugs, bones, cubes, gates, homes, chips, shops, flops, after, where
Students will describe characters in a story and the reasons for their actions and feelings.
Students will discuss the different forms of media literacy. 
Students will use media literacy (newspaper, commercials, etc) to persuade others. 
Students will analyze and record examples of interdependence (food chains) found in various situations such as terrariums and aquariums or pet and caregiver.
Students will gather evidence of interdependence (food chains) among living organisms such as energy transfer through food chains and animals using plants for shelter.
Social Studies:
Students will identify and describe the physical characteristics of place such as land forms, natural resources and bodies of water.
Students will identify examples of and uses for natural resources in the community, state, and nation. 
Students will identify U.S. coins including pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, by name & value.
Students will write a number with the cent symbol to describe the value of a coin. 

Do you have extra plastic bags????

I know you have numerous plastic bags from the grocery store or shopping! Now is your time to get rid of them. HEB is offering a monetary reward for the class who brings in the most bags. We have until Monday to gather them.
This is their challenge for Earth Day which was this past Sunday. 

Week of April 23rd- April 27th

Important Dates: 
Math Test- Wednesday
*2D Shapes
*3D Shapes
*Fractions-Halves and Fourths
Science Test- Friday
-External Characteristics of different animals (mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and Fish)
-Behaviors of the above types of animals
-Habitat of different animals (why would they live where they live)
Here is what we will be learning this week! :)
tub, tube, cut, cute, hug, huge, cub, cube, just, us
Students will describe characters in a story and the reasons for their actions and feelings.
Students will write small moment stories and add dialogue and sensory words to their writing. 
We will review external characteristics of animals and their habitats.
Social Studies: 
Students will create and use simple maps such as maps of the home, classroom, school, and community.
Students will locate the community, Texas, and the United States on maps and globes.
We will review 2D and 3D shapes and fractions. 
We will explore coins and their value. 

Important Field Day Information

Hello Parents! 


We are so excited that this Friday is FIELD DAY! 

Our Class color is Lime Green. Please send your child in a lime green shirt so we can be sure to stay together! :)

Also, here are some responsibilities for your kiddo:

  1. Bring a sack lunch, hat, sunscreen, beach towel, tennis shoes, and clothing that can get wet, extra set of clothes and plenty of good sportsmanship!  School dress codes still in effect!
  2. Label everything with your first and last name.
  3. Listen to the rules so you know what to do, follow the rules so you get to play and exhibit good sportsmanship every chance you get!
  4. Leave each station as you found it, neatly organized and ready for the next group to enjoy.


We will also be having a FUN filled day in the classroom. Students are encouraged to bring G rated movies and/games to play throughout the afternoon. 


Thank you! 

Mrs. Hanna

Week of April 16th- April 20th

Important Dates:
Friday- Field Day (We still need Volunteers) 10:15-11:45 Lunch 11:45-12:15
hop, hope, glob, globe, not, note, cod, code, our, now
Students will describe the plot (problem and solution) and retell a story's beginning, middle, and end with attention to the sequence of events. 
Students will write small moment stories.
Students will sort and classify living and nonliving things based upon whether or not they have basic needs and produce offspring.
Students will investigate how the external characteristics of an animal are related to where it lives, how it moves, and what it eats.

Social Studies:
Students will locate places using the four cardinal directions. 
Students will describe the location of self and objects relative to other locations in the classroom and school.
Students will create and use simple maps such as maps of the home, classroom, school, and community.
Students will locate the community, Texas, and the United States on maps and globes. 
Students will identify examples and non-examples of halves.
Students will partition 2D shapes into 2 and 4 fair shares or equal parts and describe the parts using words (halves and fourths). 
Students will classify and sory regular and irregular 2D shapes.
Students will distinguish between attributes that define a 2D and a 3D figure and attributes that do not define the shape. 
Students will create 2D shapes from other 2D shapes. 
Students will identify 2D shapes and describe their attributes. 
Students will identify 3D solids and describe their attributes.