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3rd Grade Class!

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A little bit about me...

This is my 28th year in education. I'm beginning my 4th year at Decker Prairie and I absolutely love the people & the community we have here!  Before Tomball, I taught for 16 years in Magnolia ISD and 8 years in Aldine ISD. I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1991 and from Lamar University in 2013 where I received my Master's degree in Educational Administration.

At home I live with my husband and our 2 dogs.  I am a huge football fan and root for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Houston Texans every week during football season.  My favorite things begin with the letter s: Starbucks, Steelers & School! I am looking forward to a fantastic year of learning with you!


Recent Posts

Notes from Natural Resources unit

Natural Resources

A natural resource is anything you take from the environment and use.

Examples of natural resources:

Fruits & veggies


Trees (wood)


*Coal *nonrenewable


Animals-endangered species

Air, wind



*Copper, gold, minerals, gemstones

Resources are divided into 2 groups: renewable & nonrenewable


Soil is made up of weathered rock & plant and animal remains. Earthworms are helpful to our soil by breaking down leaves and other plant material.

Rocks are an important part of soil because they contain minerals that plants and animals need to live.


Weathering is breaking down rock into smaller pieces.  It’s like crushing lifesavers in your mouth. The lifesaver breaks into smaller pieces as you chew and grind with your teeth.

Water, ice, and plant roots help break down, or weather, rock.  

Science test on Friday, February 22nd

Review our notes on natural resources and conserving energy.  

No School Friday, February 15th and Monday, February 18th

Enjoy your 4-day weekend!

What are we doing this week?

Week of February 11th:
Writing: We are writing our introductory paragraph from our I-charts.  We are also practicing the proper end punctuation marks: periods, question marks, and exclamation marks
Science: We observed various soil samples last week.  This week we will learn more about soils and weathering.  Our test will be next week.  

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14th is Valentine's Day.  Please send your decorated box to school by Thursday.  Reminder: Only homeroom parents will be allowed at the parties.  Thank you for your understanding!

What are we doing this week?

The week of February 4th:
Writing- Writing off our I-charts; irregular verbs 
Science- Soil and natural resources

Science test on Friday!

Our test on volcanoes, earthquakes, and landslides will be on Friday, February 1st.  Remember to take your science INB home to review your notes. 

What are we doing this week?

The week of January 28th
Science- Our test on rapid changes will be Thursday or Friday.  Please study your INB in your Earth section.
Writing- We are still working on our I-charts to organize our thoughts for writing.

What are we doing this week?

January 9th-11th
Writing- We will begin informational writing. 
Science- We will explore rapid changes to the Earth's surface, such as volcanoes, earthquakes, and landslides.  

What are we doing this week?

Week of December 17th
No spelling words this week!
Pajama Day on Thursday, the 20th
Christmas party & Early Dismissal on Friday the 21st

What are we doing this week?

Week of December 3rd-7th
Word Study
This week's words are homophones, words that sound the same but have different meanings.  Only 2 words don't fall into this category.