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Week of 2/19/18

We are currently in our measurement unit.  We have covered customary and metric length, mass and capacity.  We will spend this week covering time and area and perimeter.  
Students are also working on their Dream House Projects.  Their project will be completed at school and is due on March 2nd.  
Remember there is no school on Monday!

Friday's Math Test is Moved to Monday, 2/5/18!

As most of you are aware, ELA is giving a benchmark on Thursday and Friday.  The Math team did not realize this when we scheduled our unit test.  We do not believe it is in the best interest of our students to have them testing all day.  We will be moving the math test, which will also give our students more time to prepare!  

This Week in Math 1/29/18

This week in math we are continuing to work on comparing fractions.  Textbook pages that were posted last week still apply for this week.  We have focused on the following learning points:
  • If fractions have the same denominators, we can compare their numerators.
  • If fractions have the same numerators, we can compare their denominators, with the understanding that the larger the denominator, the smaller the fraction.
  • If their numerators and denominators are different, we need to use multiplication to create two equivalent fractions with like denominators and then compare. 
Students have a math test on Friday, 2/2/18.  The test will cover the following concepts:
  • Adding/subtracting fraction with like denominators
  • Comparing fractions.
  • Expanded notation for whole numbers and decimals 
  • Comparing/ordering decimals
  • Identifying decimal/fraction equivalents
  • Adding/subtracting whole numbers and decimals
The last 4 bullet points are review concepts that are related to fractions from the 1st 9 weeks.  We have made students aware that they will be seeing those concepts on their Friday test, and they need to make sure they study those pages in their INBs.  Textbook pages from Topic 1 and 2 in Volume 1 are also good for review.  

Math and Science Night... Mark your calendars!


Come REACH FOR THE STARS at Decker Prairie's Family Math and Science Night on Thursday, February 15, 2018 from 5:30-7:00 pm.  We have some exciting activities planned for you!

  • Visit a Mobile Water Lab provided by Harris County Water Authority
  • Combine materials to make something that none of the materials can do themselves: make a kazoo, kaleidoscope, lava lamp, cootie catcher and more!
  • Take and record your pulse using a toothpick and a marshmallow
  • Estimate how many things are in a jar and win it
  • Work with tangrams, math facts and snowflakes
  • Be in a drawing for some really cool Math and Science games and kits
  • Maybe even, look at the stars with an Astronomer!

Need supper?  We are providing pre-orders from Chick-Fil-A.  Papa Johns may also be on campus.  Look for those to come home in a Wednesday's folder. More details to come soon!  We hope to see you there!

Week of 1/22/18

What a crazy start to our New Year!  Our first week back we focused on review of what we were covering when we left for break.  When we came back last week after all the crazy weather we worked on adding/subtracting fractions as well as decomposing fractions.  This week we are continuing with that and adding comparing fractions.  We will continue with comparing fractions through the end of next week.  Pages in the text book that correlate are:  507-522; 529-592.  
4th Grade Awards Assembly for the second 9 weeks is this Friday from 2:00 - 2:30.
Our Family Math and Science Night is coming on February 15th.  Save the date!

This Week in Math 12/11/17

We are working on function tables and algebraic patterns in class this week.  Pages that go along with what we are learning in class are 473-506, and these are found in volume 2.  We will be testing on this material December 19th.  Function tables are review for students, as we covered these during our addition and subtraction unit.  Area and perimeter will also be on this test and has been covered throughout addition and multiplication units.  
Students are getting so excited for all the upcoming holiday activities.  Next week will be a very busy week.  Here is the schedule:
12/18 Spelling Bee and Math Vocabulary Quiz
12/19 Bilingual Spelling Bee and Unit 3 Math Test
12/20 Gingerbread House Building: If you were planning on donating but haven't, it's not too late!  Just send it with your student!  
12/21 Pajama Day and Movie Day
12/22 Class Parties and Early Release - parents are welcome to sign out their students at the end of the party without affecting attendance!

This Week in Math 12/4/17

Can you believe it is December already?!  Time is really flying, but I think I feel that way every year now.
I moved our multiplication/division unit test from last Friday to Wednesday of this week.  I just felt like our students needed some extra practice time.  This week we are focusing on getting ready for that!  We will be working on patterns and algebraic expressions towards the end of the week but I will post textbook pages next week, as students will not be ready for any at home practice on those concepts.  
We are also going to be building gingerbread houses the week before Christmas break and need lots of donations for that to happen!  All kinds of candy is much appreciated!  We need graham crackers and icing as well.  Things like:   
Nerds    Dots    Hot Tamales     Skittles    Gum Drops    Peppermints (red and green)   Pretzel Sticks   Marshmallows (mini)   M&Ms   Mike and Ikes    Sprees   Sweet tarts    Licorice    Candy Canes    Cupcake Sprinkles 
Colorful Cereals 
Anything related to any of those is great!  You can start sending it in anytime!  Thank you in advance!

This Week in Math, 11/27/17

Welcome Back!
This week in math we will be continuing to practice long division with a focus on interpreting remainders.  Text book pages are 385 - 398.  
We will have a test over multiplication and division on Friday this week.  Good review pages are pg. 361 - 362 and 401 -402. Also, look for students to be bringing home their INBs on Wednesday and Thursday and studying their review quizzes.  
New vocabulary is posted as well.  The test won't be until right before break because I want students to have plenty of time hearing and using all the words.  

This Week in Math, 11/13

Family Literacy Night is Tuesday, Nov. 14th!  
Hope to see you there!
Hi Parents!  Please check grades online for an updated average.  As you all know, our grade book program was down for a little over a week and lots of grades were entered over the weekend!
It's happened!  We have started long division.  Students have just started and we will be practicing a lot this week.  Text book pages are: 385-390, 407-449.  But those come with a warning!  Students are not going to be familiar with the way the book demonstrates this.  Please do not follow the standard algorithm (the way you learned).  Focus on the word problems and watch the division video, (featuring Mrs. Wilt), I have posted to learn and understand how we do it in class.  The way we learn it in class focuses on the concept of what is happening when you divide vs. steps that don't really make sense.  It is the concept and problem solving that are most important!  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
This week is Book Fair week and no school next week!  

This week in Math, Nov. 6, 2017

Wednesday Folders will come home Thursday this week!
Our online grade book has been having technical difficulties, 
but is back up and running!  Progress reports will come home in 
Wednesday folders, but on Thursday this week.  Thank you!
We are heading into division!  We will begin with basic division facts and fact families but quickly move into long division.  Look for a video showing how we calculate partial quotients coming later this week.  (Again, this is a video designed for parents not students.  Students are more than welcome to view it, I just might take short cuts that they normally would not see in class.)
Pages that correspond to classroom instruction: 363-372, 403-424. 
Also, please take some time to take our Speak Up Survey.  I have reposted the link so you can access it easily.  
Upcoming Dates
11/06 - 11/10 Food Drive
11/07 Election day
11/09 Wednesday folders come home. 
11/10 Spelling, Fact Fluency and vocabulary quiz!
11/13 - 11/17 Book Fair Week!
11/20 - 11/24 Thanksgiving week, no school