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Important Dates:
2/14  Valentine's Day parties at 2:30!
2/15  Republic of Texas test
2/15  Math & Science Night! 5:30 - 7:00
Social Studies:
We will begin review the information we have learned in our Republic of Texas unit and take a quiz on Thursday.
We are studying the structure of essays and revising an essay we have previously written. We are focusing on a strong thesis, topic sentences, supporting details, and interesting conclusions.


Math and Science Night... Mark your calendars!

Come REACH FOR THE STARS at Decker Prairie's Family Math and Science Night on Thursday, February 15, 2018 from 5:30-7:00 pm.  We have some exciting activities planned for you!

  • Visit a Mobile Water Lab provided by Harris County Water Authority
  • Combine materials to make something that none of the materials can do themselves: make a kazoo, kaleidoscope, lava lamp, cootie catcher and more!
  • Take and record your pulse using a toothpick and a marshmallow
  • Estimate how many things are in a jar and win it
  • Work with tangrams, math facts and snowflakes
  • Be in a drawing for some really cool Math and Science games and kits
  • Maybe even, look at the stars with an Astronomer!

Need supper?  We are providing pre-orders from Chick-Fil-A.  Papa Johns may also be on campus.  Look for those to come home in a Wednesday's folder. More details to come soon!  We hope to see you there!


Important Dates:
1/22 Texas Revolution test
1/26 Spelling test 14
1/26 4th grade awards ceremony at 2:00 pm
Social Studies:
We will begin our new unit on the Republic of Texas on Tuesday.
We are studying different elements of poetry and creating our own poems.


Welcome back! I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas break. 
For this semester, Mrs. Wilt and I have switched up our subjects a bit. Your students will still have the same three teachers! We decided that it was better for the students to have a longer reading and writing block. In order for that to happen, reading and writing needed to be taught by two separate teachers. Mrs. Wilt will now be teaching reading and science. I will be teaching writing and social studies. We are very excited about this change! Please let us know if you have any questions.
In December, the students were studying the Texas Revolution in social studies. They have not taken their test yet, but they will be taking it next Thursday (01/18/2018) after having a few review days in class. I will be posting pictures of the notes in ClassDojo! 

Important Dates:
12/18 Campus spelling bee
12/19 Bilingual spelling bee
12/21 3/4 Polar Express Day. Students may wear pajamas!
12/22 Christmas parties at 12:00
12/22 Early release at 12:50, 1/2 day
12/25 - 1/9 Christmas break!
No spelling test this week!
In between building gingerbread houses, making ornaments, campus spelling bees, partying, and sing alongs, we will be reviewing context clues and identifying the meaning of unknown words. It's going to be a great week! 


Important Dates:
12/08 Spelling test
12/08 Jingle Bell Jog!
12/14 4th grade music program
12/18 Campus spelling bee
12/19 Bilingual spelling bee
12/21 3/4 Polar Express Day
12/22 Christmas parties, 1/2 day
We will finish planning for our first essay and start drafting!
We have started a new unit studying drama and scripts for a play.


Important Dates:
12/01  Spelling Test
12/04  Explorers test
12/14  4th grade program!
12/18  School spelling bee
We are trying new strategies to support a thesis in an essay.
We are looking at different ways to create a summary.