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Gifted and Talented Identification Process

Parents: Please read through the entire page before determining if you wish to nominate your child for testing to qualify for Gifted and Talented services in Tomball ISD. Keep in mind that testing can be stressful for your child and expensive for the district.


Nomination Dates for Gifted and Talented Testing:

**Parents must submit a signed Letter for Permission to Test which is located at the end of this page**


Fall Testing Grades 1-4 (New to the District as of April 2016

September 8, 2017 is the deadline to nominate students for gifted and talented testing. Results will be reported to parents after the testing season is complete. (Please contact me if you missed this deadline by 1-2 weeks. I know that it has been a blustery start of the school year due to Hurricane Harvey.)


*Parents should be aware that a student testing during this window may not be tested again until the spring of the next year.


Kindergarten Screening

Kindergarten screening for Gifted & Talented services will be conducted automatically throughout the fall semester.  There is no action required on the part of Kindergarten parents.  The campus GT Specialists will evaluate student performance on various applicable tasks to screen for academic giftedness as set forth by TISD.


If your Kindergarten student meets the minimum criteria on the screening tasks, you will be notified in writing that he/she qualifies for further testing, and you will receive required forms to complete.  In that case, you will need to return the required forms to your campus GT Specialist in order for your child to continue in the evaluation process.  Those forms must be received by the deadline indicated on the letter. Eligible students who return the required forms by the deadline will continue with the testing process starting in January.  Some students may require more testing than others, and individual results will be sent home in writing as each student's testing battery is completed.  Results of the testing are available after February 24, 2018.


Spring Testing (Grades 1-4) Current TISD students

March 9, 2018 is the deadline to nominate students for gifted and talented testing

Parents or teacher or student may nominate a student for testing.

Results reported to parents after May 15, 2018


Testing/Survey Procedures:

The State of Texas mandates that school districts use several different means of accessing for gifted services. Tomball ISD uses two recognized ability tests and one recognized achievement tests along with teacher and parent surveys. Test scores from comparable testing instruments administered by other district may also be used.


In Tomball ISD, students must attain a 128+ on an ability test, 95% or above on any one subject on an achievement test. Teacher and parent input is also collected.  Parents can provide testing scores from previous districts or certified testing professionals. Those scores must be equivalent to the testing instruments we use within the district and they must be recent (within the past two years.)  Students cannot be tested using the same testing instrument within a year of the last administration.



Gifted: What does it really mean?


Parents are encouraged to visit the National Association for Gifted Children to explore the definitions of giftedness.


The Texas Association for Gifted and Talented has a great library of resources for parents on giftedness.


The Texas Education Agency is also a great resource.