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I love teaching!
I attended Harleton High School which is in a small rural town in East Texas.
I received my bachelors degree in education from Stephen F. Austin State
University in Nacogdoches, Texas. I am certified to teach all subjects Pre-K
through eighth and ESL Pre-K though 12th. I also have my certification in a
reading program for struggling students which is Reading Recovery.

I will be starting my 33rd year of teaching. I first taught in Aldine ISD for 25 years and the last seven in Tomball. I have worked with students in grades K-5th, ESL, Inclusion students, Gifted and Talented and Reading Recovery.,

I am the mother of two young men, Jonathan and Scott. Jonathan served in
the United States Navy and now lives in Houston where he works for a doctor and he will be attending college in the fall. Scott  graduated from Texas State University and is searching for a job in Public Relations.   I also have a dog in my family and her name is Daisy. 


Recent Posts

Mitchell News February 12-15, 2018

Important  Dates to know:
February 14th  Valentines Party at 2:30
February 15th  Spelling and Science Test
February 16th  Student Holiday
February 19th  Student Holiday
This week is busy so please remember that valentine boxes are due in by the 14th and each child also needs to bring 21 valentines signed with your child's name on the back.  There is not time during the day to do this so please do it at home.  A letter was sent two weeks ago with instructions on how to complete them.
Reading:  Main idea, details and inference are our focus.
Writing :  Research and writing complete sentences using capitalization of the first word of a sentence and punctuation at the end.  
Spelling -  short week so please study the words every night.  We have started something new and it is taken as a daily writing grade each week.  It is sentence dictation using spelling words and words the children should know, and are from our word wall.  It is to help with writing complete sentences and using capitalization for the first word and using periods or a question mark at the end of a sentence.
Math - Telling time to the hour and half hour using a digital and analog clock.
Science - Test on Thursday over natural resources/ rocks/soil and water
Social Studies:  Test on Wednesday over inventors and inventions.  Study guide attached and sent home Tuesday.
Please if you have any questions feel free to call or email.
Thank you,
Ms. Mitchell

Mitchell News February 5-9, 2018

February 9th  Spelling and Math test
February 14th  Valentines Party beginning at 2:30
February 15th  Math and Science Night  5:30 - 7:00
February 16th Students Holiday
February 19th Student Holiday
Reading - Main idea and details
Math - recognizing and writing 2 and 3 digit numbers in standard, expanded and using base ten blocks to represent the numbers as well .  
Ordering the numbers from least to greatest and greatest to least.
Comparing numbers using the <, > and = sign.
Science - Natural resources water, soil and rocks
Social Studies.- Inventors and inventions.
Spelling words for this week are 
bite, kite, time, like, line, mine, wide, hide into and will

Mitchell News January 8, 2018

Welcome back to a brand new year and lots of learning!
School resumes on January 10th.
Important Dates:
Jan 10th School Resumes
Jan 15th School Holiday
Spelling words for Next week January 16-19th are as follows:
came, make, name, wake, gate, gave, late, save, made, and fade
Reading : We begin our study on Non-fiction information text.  Students love this unit because they are learning about real animals, sports and other things they are interested in learning more about.  This is also our focus for  writing.  We will be learning and reading about a topic and then writing about what we learned in an orderly form.  We will be learning how to ask questions about our topic that guide our reading and writing.
We will also be learning about the different text features such as label, table of contents, heading, pictures, index, glossary, graphs, and captions.
Math: Review graphs and take a quiz this first few days back.  This test was supposed to be given the week before we left but because of the number of students absent that week , I am giving it this first week back.  Kids did very well on this information before the break and I feel confident about this test.
We will also begin our unit on place value and expanding it to understand number from 0-120.  Students will need to be able to write the number is standard form , expanded form, and create the number with base ten blocks.
Science:  Unit of students is seasons and objects in the sky and how they move and change though out the day.
Social Studies:  Unit of Study is technology and how it helps and has changed over the years and inventors and their inventions.
Happy Learning!!

Mitchell News December 21, 2017

Tomorrow is party day.  Party begins at 11:30
 You  may also take your child after the party if you attend the party as well.
Early release is at 12:50.

Mitchell News December 18-22.

There is a lot of sickness going around please be careful and if your child is running a fever please stay at home.  They need to be free of a fever for 24 hours before returning to school.
Now the fun is here for this week.
Thursday is Polar Express Day -  Wear your pj's.
Friday is the holiday party beginning at 11:30. Please join us for a day of fun and then students may go home after the party.  
Friday is also an early release day.

Week of December 4-8th

 Dec: 8 Jingle Bell Jog  Wear PINK  our time in 2:25 P.M.

December 21st  Polar Express Day  Wear PJ's to school.

December  22nd  Early Release and Christmas Party .  Party will start at 11:30.

Important News:
Spelling Test- Friday

sled, dress, shed, check, shell, mend, vest, bend, like, look

Social Studies Test- Thursday and Friday
*This test will cover the following:
past, present, future
Science Test- Friday
*This test will cover the following:
Position of objects
Positional words
location of objects 
Math Test- Friday
*The math test will cover the following:
-addition and subtraction word problems (students will be expected to write a number sentence to match)
-missing addend (part) word problems (students will be expected to write a number sentence to match)
-3 addend word problems 
-make ten 8+6= and students will be expected to write the new equation 10+4= 14
-subtracting on a number line 
-writing a subtraction word problem 
Students will follow written multi-step directions with picture cues to assist with understanding.
Students will write a letter  and put ideas in correct and logical sequence and use right parts of a letter.
Students will generate and write How to Stories using the writing process.
Social Studies:
Students will complete their timeline project. 
Students will take the Past, Present, and Future Test.
Students will review the way objects move and the location of objects.
Students will predict and describe how a magnet can be used to push or pull an object.
Students will represent word problems involving addition and subtraction of whole numbers using pictures and number sentences. 
Students will decompose a number to make ten to add.
Students will solve addition and subtraction word problems by drawing pictures and using ten frames. 

sled       dress

shed      check

shell       mend

vest      bend

like       look

News from the Mitchell's Monkeys Room 201

Due to the abundance of testing I have decided it is best for our kids to move the Social Studies Test to next Tuesday December 12th.  We are also going to be working on a personal time line and I would like for the kids to bring 4 to five pictures that represent things they have done in their 6 to 7 years.  One does need to be a baby picture, others maybe of sports activities, birthday, or any trip or things they want to show on their timeline.  Pictures and timeline will be returned by January.
Library Books Due TOMORROW
Also the Jingle Bell Jog has moved to next Friday December 15th. 

Reminders for Friday

Library Books are due and check out is tomorrow.
Spelling test is tomorrow as well.  
If your child has missed any work they will be making up any spelling test on Monday and I will be sending a list home so they can study over the weekend.

Mitchell's News November 27-Dec 1-17

Week of November 27th-December 1st


I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving break!! 
When we come back we will get straight back to business :)
Here is what we will learning when we get back:
Reading Workshop:
Readers make a personal connection to the meaning or lesson taught in a fairy tale or folktale.
Readers make predictions about what will happen in fairy tale/ folk tales based on what they know about the story structure of traditional literature.
Readers notice the common story elements that are shared by fairy tales/ folktales.
Readers compare original versions of fairy tales/ folktales with different versions.
Writers Workshop:

Writers explore real world writing in the form of friendly letters.

Writers use letter writing to communicate by using a structured format. (Date, greeting, closing)

Writers use letter writing to communicate by using a structured format.(chronological sequence in body of letter.)

Writers revise and edit their writing for an audience.

Writers share their letters with their intended audience.


Student will practice subtraction word problems with given picture and practice writing number sentence.

Students will practice subtraction word problems with given picture and practice writing number sentence.

Students will write a subtraction word problem to match a given subtraction number sentence. 

Students will solve a addition, subtraction and missing addend problem when given a word problem and write matching number sentence and/or draw a picture. 


Students will identify and explore motion in their bodies.

Students will explore and record motion in various common toys/objects.

Students will investigate how an object's location can be changed by a push or pull.

Social Studies:

Students will create a timeline of themselves with pictures or drawings using past, present, and future. 

Students will create a timeline using past, present and future for a Major Grade. 

Mitchell's News 11-26-17

Parents tomorrow is our big day for leading the Call to Excellence for our school.  Please go over your child's part that came home with them when they left for the break.  Also if your child could be there by 8:20 in the morning that would be great and give us time to be ready to go on stage.  Students who ride a bus will be there on time and will join us.
Thanks again for your help and support.
Ms. Mitchell

Mitchell's Cougar News November 17th

I wish for all of you a blessed and restful holiday.  School resumes on November 27th.  
November 27th is our time to participate in our weekly Call to Excellence.  Your child has brought home today their part and I ask that you please read over it with them before the Monday they return.  Also if at all possible please have them at school by 8:20 so we are all ready to present to the school on stage.  
Thank you for your understanding.
Ms. Mitchell

Mitchell's News November 13-17, 2017

Field Trip Wednesday, November 15th.  Please have your child wear a Decker Prairie Spirit shirt or a red shirt.  Also please dress your child with closed toe shoes for that day so that nothing happens.  Don'at forget their lunch if they are bringing it with them. Students must also ride the bus to the farm and return to school on the bus when the day is done.
Also there is a concession stand at Dewberry Farm, we will not be purchasing anything there for students or classes in general.  
Spelling words:  bland, sled, blot, club, plant, blend, flop, blob, did and one
Important Dates
November 14th  Family Literacy Night  5:30-7:00
                   15th  Field Trip
                   18th Thanksgiving Break
                    27th School Resumes

Week of November 13th-17th


Important News:
Calendar Quiz- Friday
Students will be expected to fill out a calendar when given directions. They are expected to label the month, days of the week, etc. 
Heat and Light Energy Test- Tuesday
Math Test- Addition and Subtraction Strategies- Friday
Spelling Test- Friday 
Reading Workshop:
Students will describe a character and the reasons for their actions and feelings.
Students will retell a story's beginning, middle, and end.
Writers Workshop:
Students will edit drafts for grammar, punctuation, and spelling using a rubric. 
Students will practice adding punctuation in the corrected places.
Students will practice writing with capitals letters in the correct places.
Ex. beginning a sentence, name, I 
Social Studies:
Students will discuss how we record time on a calendar. 
Students will be expected to know how to read a calendar. Ex. the location of the month and the days of the week.
Students will describe the change in location of an object such as closer to, nearer to, and farther from.
Students will demonstrate and record the ways that objects can move such as in a straight line, zig-zag, up and down, back and forth, round and round, and fast and slow.
Students will decompose an addend in an equation such as 7+10 and make a new 3 addend equation 7+5+5. 
Students will understand that both sides of the equal sign must equal for the equation to be true. (Addition and subtraction) EX:10-5 = 5-0 and 1+3 = 2+2