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I love teaching!
I attended Harleton High School which is in a small rural town in East Texas.
I received my bachelors degree in education from Stephen F. Austin State
University in Nacogdoches, Texas. I am certified to teach all subjects Pre-K
through eighth and ESL Pre-K though 12th. I also have my certification in a
reading program for struggling students which is Reading Recovery.

I will be starting my 33rd year of teaching. I first taught in Aldine ISD for 25 years and the last seven in Tomball. I have worked with students in grades K-5th, ESL, Inclusion students, Gifted and Talented and Reading Recovery.,

I am the mother of two young men, Jonathan and Scott. Jonathan served in
the United States Navy and now lives in Houston where he works for a doctor and he will be attending college in the fall. Scott  graduated from Texas State University and is searching for a job in Public Relations.   I also have a dog in my family and her name is Daisy. 


Recent Posts

Mitchell's New's

Tomorrow is out Library reward day for all books turned in on time.  Please if your child still has a library book send it tomorrow so they may participate in the fun day Mrs. Watson has planned.
May 25th  Reading Rally at 2:30
May 28th NO SCHOOL
May 30th End of Year Party  Please make sure you have sent in the preregistration page so that your badge is ran for you ahead of time.  
Ma y 31st  Last Day of School and it is half day. 
Release will begin at 12:50 p.m.
Parents please allow me to take this time to say how  blessed I am to have taught your child this year.  You have some amazing children and they have been a blessing to me in so many ways.  I can never say thank you enough for all the gifts, cards, encouragement and support you have given me this year.  So before I sit hear and cry,
Thank you for everything!!!! 
Joy Mitchell 

Mitchell' s News for 5-14-18

Week of May 14th- May 18th

 Please check around your house for Guided Reading Books.  These are the books that came home each week in a bag for your child to practice reading.  Some books are missing and as just a reminder if it is your child who is missing the book it will cost $5.00 per book.  



Important Dates

STAR TESTING Monday and Tuesday- No Visitors allowed

Books Due Thursday may 17th If students turn their library books in on this day (or before) then they will get to choose a fun station to play during library time.

Friday- Rodeo Day (more details to come)


Spelling- Inflectional Endings (-ing)doing, going, acting, bending, planting, camping, helping, walking, mother, before

Reading-Students will be participating in Readers Theater. Students will practice reading fluently and with expression.

Writing-Students will present their Media Literacy Project.

Science-Students will compare ways that young animals resemble their parents.Students will observe and record life cycles of animals such as chicken, frog or fish.

Social Studies-Students will continue to learn about landforms and bodies of water. Students must be familiar with what the following landforms and bodies of water look like:

Mountain, hill, canyon, valley, river, ocean, pond and lake.

Math-Students will review for our Math Benchmark. Students will be testing over EVERYTHING they have learned this school year. The Math Benchmark is a district test and we will not see it until Monday after school. We will give the Math Benchmark on Tuesday. 

Mitchell's News April 30-May4th

Important Dates
May 11th Muffins for Mom
Spelling words this week. 
bugs, cubes, homes, shops after, bones, gates, chips, flops, where
Reading:  Students are learning about character traits and are analyzing why characters act or respond in situations the way they do.
Writing:  Students are learning about media literacy through internet, commercials, games, newspapers, music, ads etc.   Students will be also creating an ad,  billboard, or commercial that has a slogan, jingle or icon to go with a product of their choice.  
Math: Students are learning about money and financial literacy and being responsible with their money.  
Students need to be able to identify the front and back of coins and tell the value of each coin.
Students will be adding various coins in group to determine the amount.
Science: Students are learning about the food chains and how animals are interdependent on each other for survival.
Social Studies:  Students are learning about maps and landforms.
This week we are focusing on cardinal directions, and how to use a map with the directions to locate items on the map.

Mitchell News 4-24-27-18

Week of April 23rd- April 27th

 Library this week is Thursday due to Birthday book club on Friday.  Please send all books in on Wednesday or Thursday.

Important Dates: 
Math Test- Wednesday
*2D Shapes
*3D Shapes
*Fractions-Halves and Fourths
Science Test- Friday
-External Characteristics of different animals (mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and Fish)
-Behaviors of the above types of animals
-Habitat of different animals (why would they live where they live)
Here is what we will be learning this week! :)
tub, tube, cut, cute, hug, huge, cub, cube, just, us
Students will describe characters in a story and the reasons for their actions and feelings.
Students will write small moment stories and add dialogue and sensory words to their writing. 
We will review external characteristics of animals and their habitats.
Social Studies: 
Students will create and use simple maps such as maps of the home, classroom, school, and community.
Students will locate the community, Texas, and the United States on maps and globes.
We will review 2D and 3D shapes and fractions. 
We will explore coins and their value. 

Mitchell's Field Day News

Tomorrow is field day so please wear a pink shirt or if you have a pink field day shirt that you ordered please wear that.  If you like your child may bring a change of clothes for after the field day to change in to.  I believe activities with water are going to be involved.  Also please put sunscreen on before your child comes to school.. They may bring a hat and water bottle as well.
Also after the field day we are going to have a fun relaxing day so students may bring a blanket or board game to play in the afternoon.
Our Field Day time is 10:15 -11:45 then lunch at 11:45-12:15. Lunch is a sack lunch in the cafeteria so if your child does not wish to have that you may want to provide a lunch from home.  If you would like to donate some water or snacks for the afternoon that is appreciated too.

Mitchell's News April 16th - 20th, 2018

Week of April 16th- April 20th


Important Dates:
Friday- Field Day (We still need Volunteers) 10:15-11:45 Lunch 11:45-12:15
hop, hope, glob, globe, not, note, cod, code, our, now
Students will describe the plot (problem and solution) and retell a story's beginning, middle, and end with attention to the sequence of events. 
Students will write small moment stories.
Students will sort and classify living and nonliving things based upon whether or not they have basic needs and produce offspring.
Students will investigate how the external characteristics of an animal are related to where it lives, how it moves, and what it eats.

Social Studies:
Students will locate places using the four cardinal directions. 
Students will describe the location of self and objects relative to other locations in the classroom and school.
Students will create and use simple maps such as maps of the home, classroom, school, and community.
Students will locate the community, Texas, and the United States on maps and globes. 
Students will identify examples and non-examples of halves.
Students will partition 2D shapes into 2 and 4 fair shares or equal parts and describe the parts using words (halves and fourths). 
Students will classify and sory regular and irregular 2D shapes.
Students will distinguish between attributes that define a 2D and a 3D figure and attributes that do not define the shape. 
Students will create 2D shapes from other 2D shapes. 
Students will identify 2D shapes and describe their attributes. 
Students will identify 3D solids and describe their attributes

DPES Flyer for Field Day 18

Parents here is information for the shirts if you want to order them.  Our team color is pink and it is nice if everyone has one so we can keep our class together and show team support.  
April 20th is the day of our Field Day.
Also Awards are tomorrow April 6th at 8:50

News about Music Program

Dear First Grade Families,
 On Thursday, April 12 you are cordially invited to attend your child’s grade level music program.  During the show titled “Spring is Here” the children will sing songs celebrating the arrival of spring.  Your child may dress as a small forest animal (i.e. squirrel, bunny, bird, etc. – painted faces are okay) OR flowers (i.e. wildflowers) OR in bright spring colors.
 Send your child to the gym at 6:15 for warm-up; the performance will start promptly at 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria.  We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, April 12 at 6:15 p.m. for the show. 
Thank you,
Mrs. Mathes and Ms. Ricks
DPES Music Teachers, K-4

News from Ms. Mitchell

Library is tomorrow April 4th due to Awards being on Friday at 8:50.
Also Field Day is April 20th at 10:15-11:45

Mitchell's News

Week of April 2nd-April 6th

 Please have your child bring in one or two 3-D objects that we can use to classify and determine the faces, edges and vertices

Important Dates: 
Friday April 6th- 1st Grade Awards Ceremony at 8:50
Friday- Science Test- Plants Needs and Plant Parts (and their jobs)
April 12th Music program at 6:30 P.M
April 20th Field Day more info to come. 
Here is what we will be learning:
Spelling: short a and long a words
can, cane, man, mane, tap, tape, cap, cape, day, away
Students will describe a story's plot and retell the important events using transition words.
Students will use craft move to write a small moment story. (strong beginning, strong endings, dialogue, feeling words, etc.)
Students will identify and compare the parts of a plant. 
Social Studies:
Students will identify contributions of historical figures, such as Stephen F. Austin and Jose Antonio Navarro and how they have influenced Texas. 
Students will identify 3D solids (cylinder, cube, cone, sphere, rectangular prism, and triagular prism) and describes their attributes using formal geometric language. (edges, faces, vertices) 

April Cougar Tales

Happy Easter and please see the April Cougar Tales attached.  There are some important dates to know.
April 6th  Third Nine Weeks Award Ceremony @ 8:50
April 12th  First Grade Music Program.

Mitchell's News for March 26-29th

Thursday March 29th is the Easter Egg Hunt at 1:45.  It last only about 20 minutes so if you are planning to attend please send the early registration form so the front office can get your pass ready ahead of time.
April 6th is the Awards ceremony for the 3rd nine weeks. It begins for First grade at 8:50.
No school March 30th.
Reading - Students will describe and use the story elements and  plot of a fiction story and retell the events with attention to the sequence of events and using words to make it clear when the events happened in the story.



Long Vowel Review Week  

rope, cute, flute, here, like, gate, made, bike, these, and home​


Students will describe the plot of a fiction story and retell the events with attention to the sequence of events.


Students are writing their own small moments and including great beginnings, dialogue, details and an ending instead of just writing "THE END"

Social Studies: Students will recite and explain the meaning of the Texas pledge.

Students will identify anthems and mottoes of Texas.

Students will identify state symbols and their importance and meanings

Students will identify contributions of the historical figure Sam Houston who has influenced the state of Texas.

Science: Students will identify and compare the parts of plants.

Math:Students will identify 2D shapes based on their attributes. (focusing on regular and irregular hexagons) 

Students will create 2D figures, including circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, rhombuses, and hexagons.

Students will compose 2D shapes by joining other shapes.

Students will investigate the shapes and where they see them in real life around them.