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Third Grade-Lidey's Family

Hi! Welcome to third grade. My name is Mrs. Lidey and I will be your student's Language Arts and Social Studies teacher this year. This is my thirteenth year at Decker Prairie Elementary. I have taught first grade for ten years, one year of second grade and one year teaching third grade. I love teaching and cannot imagine doing anything else. I graduated with honors from Sam Houston State University as an academics study major with a minor in early childhood education. I love teaching our future and look forward to working with all of my students and families this year. Working as a team allows us to change the world one imagination at a time! 

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February 19 - February 22
Reading: Using facts from non-fiction text to make assertions and using text evidence to support assertions
Writing: Expository writing- students will make a claim and support claim with topic sentences and details
Social Studies- Students will research a hero of choice and will use facts to create a poster

February 4 - February 8
Reading: Main Idea/ Supporting Details
Writing: Expository
Social Studies: Heroes

January 28 - February 1 
Reading: Main Idea/ Supporting Details (Informational Text)
Writing: I Chart - Writing long from I chart. Expository writing.
Social Studies: Heroes

January 22 - January 25
Reading: Non-Fiction Text Features (What good readers do when reading non-fiction text)
Writing: Expository Writing 
Social Studies: Heroes

January 14 - January 18
Reading: Introduction to Informational Text
Writing: Expository Writing(claim, topic sentences, details)
S.S.: Culture

Word Study:
1. horse     11.thorn
2.mark       12. forest 
3.storm      13. chore    14. restore
5. acorn     15. dark
6. artist      16. story 
7. March    17.  partner
8. north      18. fortune
9. barking  19. warm 
10. stork    20. buy
Reading: Poetry
Writing: Imagery/ Narratives
Social Studies: Culture

Word Study:
Word Study:
1. I'd              11.  hasn't
2. he's           12.  couldn't
3. haven't      13. he'd
4. doesn't      14. they're
5. let's            15. can't
6. there's       16.  isn't
7. wouldn't     17.  we're
8. what's        18. weren't
9. she's          19.  some
10. aren't       20.  women
Reading: Poetry
Writing:Personal Narrative
S.S.:branches of government/voting

Week of November 26 - November 30
Word Study:
Word Study:
1. hole       11. their
2.  whole   12.there
3. its          13. fur
4. it's         14. fir
5. hear      15. road
6. here      16.rode
7.  won      17. peace
8. one       18. piece
9. our        19.every
10.hour     20.sing
Reading: Fictional Text Review
Writing: Personal Narratives
S.S.: Branches of Government

November 12 -November 16
Word Study:
1. joy            11. boy
2. point         12.soil
3. voice        13. choice
4.  join         14. boil
5.  oil           15. come
6.  coin        16.are
7. noise       17. poison
8. spoil        18. destroy
9. toy           19. once
10. joint       20.
Reading: inferencing/text evidence/ themes across genres
Writing: Personal Narratives
Social Studies:  Three Branches of Government

This is an exciting year! You and your child have access to a new program called ReadyRosie through email or text.  It is packed with meaningful activities that you can do at home to support your child’s learning.  Through this program, you will discover activities and games by video, that you can play related to classroom learning.  You will be able to have more fun than every with your child through meaningful interactions. 


Please be on the lookout for a letter in your Wednesday folder that will ask you to complete the bottom with your name and address. By completing this form, you will be giving us permission to enter your address into the system so you may get the awesome emails from ReadyRosie, assigned by the teacher.  You will be unable to receive the emails until you return the completed form.


Thanks so much!

November 5 - November 9
Word Study:
1. talk       11. salt
2.cross     12.wall
3. awful    13. lawn
4. law       14. always
5.cloth      15. soft
6. cost      16.small
7.crawl     17. often
8. chalk    18.strawberry 
9.also       19. which
10. raw     20.order
Reading: inference with text evidence
Writing: Personal Narrative
S.S.: Government Roles

October 29 - November 2
Spelling Words:
1. clown        11.powder
2. round       12.blouse
3. bow          13. frown         14. pound
5. power       15. house
6. crown       16.found
7. thousand  17. mountain
8. crowd       18. coward
9.sound        19. hold
10. count      20.found
Reading: theme
Writing: visualization
S.S.: levels of government

Red Ribbon Week - October 22-26

This year's Red Ribbon Week theme is "Life's YOUR Journey, Travel Drug Free". This year's dress up dates are as follows: 
Monday - Red Ribbon Week Kick-off
Getting Ready for our journey...wear RED
Tuesday - Drugs and Bullying is Tacky
Dress like a tacky tourist
Wednesday - Give Drugs and Bullying the Boot
Visit the Old West...wear western attire
Thursday - Ride the Waves Drug and Bully Free
Aloha...wear a Hawaiian shirt
Friday - Drugs and Bullying Can Take a Hike
Hike to your favorite vacation spot...wear a destination t-shirt!

Word Study:
Word Study:
1.itch          11.knew
2.wreck      12.knock 
3.knee       13.match 
4.patch      14. wrong
5.wrap       15.know 
6.knot        16.catch      17. wrinkle
8.knife       18. knuckle
9.stretch    19. shall 
10.write     20.grow
Reading: plot, character changes, influence of events on future events, summary (fiction)
Writing: Visualization
S.S.: local, state, national government

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