Welcome to Kindergarten!
    I know many of you have questions about practices and procedures, so I've tried to list many of the odds and ends things here.
*Your child will need to bring their backpack, yellow folder and book pouch to school everyday.  This is to help ensure that they bring home school work, important notes, and a daily folder. We ask that the backpack does NOT have wheels. We keep the backpacks in cubbies during the day and the ones with wheels do not fit.
*All toys should be left at home.
*Every Wednesday I will be sending home a red Cougar folder. Please make sure to sign important papers inside and send it back on Thursday. We will be using this same folder all year long. Our school sends home a monthly "Cougar Tale" newsletter that lists important dates and upcoming events. This year it will be digital. It will be emailed to you as well as on the Decker Prairie School page.
*You can send cupcakes or cookies for your child's birthday. They have to be store bought. You can either send them up to the office or with your child that morning. The mini cupcakes work best. We will share them at lunch. (21 kids and 1 teacher)
* We do have a small snack break during the day. We ask that it be a small snack that your child can open. Nothing that has a dipping sauce or that is difficult to open and no drinks. Please drain any juice from snacks before they come to school.  We have a water fountain in the classroom that we use often. Anything with a peel should come peeled in a baggie. We are very limited on time, so we try to make this as fast and easy as possible!