Remote Learning - Week 2 (3/30)

Monday - ELA practice

Work Work - Read and spell words with a CCVC pattern (Ex: snap, clip)


Reading at Home - Read Aloud to your child in order to Compare Ideas Across Text/Genres. Choose a book at home or a Online Book from: (books can be clicked on and the website will read to your child.) To check for reading understanding; please feel free to ask your child the following questions about the story:

    • What happened in the story? 
    • Can you think of anything else?
    • Does this story remind you of anything? 
    • How do you think __(character)___ is feeling on page _(show page)_? How do you know?

Tuesday - Math Practice (Order and Compare Numbers to 20)

Use these two links to answer a total of 10 questions - 5 from each link (resets daily)     

Wednesday - Social Studies Practice (Week 9: Timelines - Chronological Order) 

(You will need to access Studies Weekly through your child's Clever page.) 

Thursday - Science Practice (Parts of an Animal/Animal Classification)

PebbleGO: Read Mammal Book:

Activity (optional): click on the “activity” tab on the bottom of the mammal book chosen - students can print or point and say to label animal body parts as directed on learning activity.

Friday - Writing Practice (Personal Narrative)

Write a story about your favorite thing you have done this week. 

[Daily - Independent Reading  Independent reading is highly encouraged to support growth in reading ability through ]

*On some of these online resources, there are printable resources, please note as these printable activities are great for additional practice they are not mandatory and are only to be used, if chosen to, in addition to learning taken away from online practice.*