DPES Summer 2020 Digital Resources

GREAT NEWS!  We have online instruction through 2 programs to keep learning going while engaging students throughout the summer!
Many of our students are already on and are reporting progress and growth through enjoyable, engaging activities!  Great job everyone!
To ensure that your student is set up for success, we are encouraging all students, if they have not already, to login, and place into lessons through Lexia and Freckle.  Both of these learning platforms, while not replacing the teacher, are a great resource to not only maintain skills learned this year but they also promote new learning. 
After your child takes the placement, they are leveled into "just right" instruction in Reading-Language Arts through Lexia and Math through Freckle.  Please note, the initial placement assessment may ask some challenging questions to see just how far it can go.  Please do not help your student, so that the program can place them accordingly. 
Questions or need help?  Teachers are able to help you get your student logged in through May 29th.  
Need help after that?  Please contact: Mandy Watson at mandywatson@tomballisd.net
These platforms will be used next year and ensuring that students are familiar with them now, will help them long-term.