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This Week ....

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This week:

Social Studies: We will continue with community builders.
Math: We will begin our unit on telling time. Please give your child ample opportunities at home to practice and tell you the time reading an analog clock.
Reading: We will begin our work on retelling, or summarizing a story, using our own words and choosing the important information to retell, leaving the minor details out.
Writing: We will continue with writing a small moment story with a strong lead, a beginning, middle, and end, and a closing. Small moments are a challenge as they are just that, a small moment in time, such as "the time I rode the Rockin' Rollercoaster", instead of "when I went to Disneyworld." It's so hard not to tell everything!
Science: We will begin our study of the weather.
Important Dates:
2/14 - Valentine's Parties 2:30-3:30 Students may bring goody bags/treats for their friends. We will be making our Valentine bags in class!
2/15 - Math/Science Night: Don't miss it! It's so much fun, and the first 300 arrivals get Chik Fil a!
          Fact Fluency Assessment
          Spelling Test Unit 19: Please practice words with your child each evening or quickly in the            morning. I have noticed a drop in spelling and dictation grades. In second grade we are                  expected to start each sentence with a capital letter and end the sentence with appropriate            punctuation. We are also expected to be using the lines on the paper and only using                      capitals where they are prescribed. 
2/16 & 2/19 Student Holidays
Spelling this week: 

work, germ, herd, perch, clerk, term, world, worse, nerve, verse, earth, search, pearl, father, keep, tree, never

Wednesdays are library day! Please help your child remember to bring their books with them so that they can exchange them for new ones. They get so excited with their new little books!
Book bags should be returned every Monday so that I can replace the readers with new ones and be certain your child has books on the appropriate level to read.
Student homework is to log in to First in Math each evening for 10 minutes and practice their math facts. I can see that struggling with math facts is affecting grades. Please assure that your child is practicing each day. They are also responsible for reading for 20 minutes each evening. They can go on Raz-kids and read the books there, take a quick quiz and earn points. As in everything, practice is what makes us better at what we do. Your child's reading is very important, and their practice is essential to their success. Won't you please take the time to enjoy a story with them?
The weather is quite unpredictable! Please assure that your child has their coat with them when they come to school so that they can enjoy running and playing outside at recess. If it warms up we will make certain that they can take their coats off and leave them with us as they play.
Have a wonderful, warm week!




Valentines day disney valentine clipart 2       Week of February 5, 2018

Our schedule has been revised a bit for math this week. We will not be testing Tuesday and Wednesday, but Friday instead. Your child was given an extra copy of a worksheet with two step word problems to bring home and work on with you this weekend. It is representative of the work they will be expected to prove mastery of on Friday. This is very challenging work for our second graders! I have asked your child to cross out the word form of the numbers and replace them with the standard form before attempting the problem. They should make two columns to solve each problem in order to reduce the chances of becoming confused as to what they have done and what remains. Columns should be labeled "Step 1" and "Step 2". You should see your child underlining the question in each problem, and then circling the important information. We use red and blue crayons in class. They will need to analyze the problem in order to decide if they should be adding or subtracting throughout each step, and then circling the operation sign once they have decided. If they need a visual, please encourage them to draw a picture, use base ten drawings, etc. Those who return their sheets completed on Monday (with all work showing) will receive two Dojo points. Thank you in advance for working with your child.
This week:
Social Studies: We will continue with community builders.
Math: We will continue with two step, three digit +/-  word problems. We will assess on Friday.
Reading: We will continue our work of inferring and proving our inferences with textual evidence.
Writing: We will complete our sensory writing.
Science: We will begin our study of the water cycle.
Important Dates:
2/8 - Career Day
2/9 - Math Assessment, Spelling Test Unit 18, Math Fact Fluency Assessment, Spring Pictures
2/14 - Valentine's Parties 2:30-3:30
2/15 - Math/Science Night, Math Fact Fluency Assessment, Spelling Test Unit 19
2/16 & 2/19 Student Holidays
Spelling Unit 18:  r-controlled vowel  -ar, -are, and -air words
far, hair, parks, care, stair, dark, start, hard, charm, spark, scare, glare, chair, country, plant, last, school
Attendance: We are having an attendance challenge throughout the school! For each day that all of our class members are present we receive a heart on the library window. The winning classroom receives a prize at the end of the month!
Please remember the importance of daily practice for math fluency and reading. I check First in Math and RazKids on a regular basis to see your child's progress and to  assure that they have the correct level of literature assigned to them to help them grow as readers. They should be logged in to each program every evening for a minimum of 10 minutes. We track our growth on a chart with stickers each week. Every child that performs better on the current week's assessment than they did in the previous week gets to place a sticker on the graph chart. If they earn a 100 repeatedly, they still receive a sticker for keeping up their high performance levels! We have the same reward system in place for spelling tests.
Also - Class Dojo is going well! Please remember to check your child's points earned each day and celebrate with them their success in all they do!
"Fancy Words" are the term we are using to describe our growing vocabulary of "big kid" words. Your child will bring home a word each week that they have chosen. They will "fancy it up" by writing it in a fancy way of their choosing, looking up the definition with you and then writing what the word means as they understand it below their fancy handiwork. They will then cut this out, decorate it any way they wish, and bring it to school to share with the class. It will then find a prize place on our wall as a reminder that great readers and writers read and use strong words to help their audience create a visual in their minds. We show our readers our thoughts through our careful choice of words, not by telling them directly.
We also have a word of the week! Don't be surprised to hear your child using words such as ambiguous, loquacious, or incomprehensible! They love using these words as they learn them, so encouragement is the name of the game.
Have a fabulous week!




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February 1, 2018
Please don't forget that we have our spelling test and our math fact fluency tests tomorrow! Your child should be able to spell the -our, -oar, and -ar pattern words, including: roar, soar, board, boar, mourn, court, war, warp, wart, warn, your, swarm, four, pour, skateboard, quarter, food, between, own, below
Math facts will be mixed addition and subtraction. Has your child been using First in Math? They should be logging in every evening and working on those facts for 10 minutes to help them learn them. This area is one of their greatest struggles, as it affects their ability to solve computational problems.
RazKids is also available to your child for reading comprehension. Log ins were sent home previously. If you have found that yours has been misplaced, please contact me and I can replace it for you. Again, students should be logging in each night to read a story and take the comprehension quiz after. This will do nothing but make your child a much better reader in all areas!
I check First in Math and RazKids on a regular basis to see your child's progress and to  assure that they have the correct level of literature assigned to them to help them grow as readers.
Next week is our unit test in math. We will test over 3 digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, and for the most part the test is laid out in a two step word story format. Your child will have to be able to pick out the important information and and process it in the correct order in order to arrive at he correct answer. I will be sending a review sheet home tomorrow for the weekend. Students who complete it and return it on Monday will all receive 2 Dojo points.
I am working hard at using Dojo! The kids love to hear the positive ding in the class or on my phone, so I can't not use it! I will also send you messages directly from Dojo if I need to make you aware of a specific behavior or a WOW moment. Thank you for you patience as I incorporate it in our day.



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Family Math and Science Night - February 15


Come REACH FOR THE STARS at Decker Prairie's Family Math and Science Night on Thursday, February 15, 2018 from 5:30-7:00 pm.  We have some exciting activities planned for you!​

  • Visit a Mobile Water Lab provided by Harris County Water Authority
  • Combine materials to make something that none of the materials can do themselves: make a kazoo, kaleidoscope, lava lamp, cootie catcher and more!
  • Take and record your pulse using a toothpick and a marshmallow
  • Estimate how many things are in a jar and win it
  • Work with tangrams, math facts and snowflakes
  • Be in a drawing for some really cool Math and Science games and kits
  • Maybe even, look at the stars with an Astronomer!

Need supper?  We are providing pre-orders from Chik-Fil-A.  Papa Johns may also be on campus.  Look for those to come home in a Wednesday's folder. More details to come soon!  We hope to see you there!




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Week of January 29


Reading - We are inferring character's feelings, traits, and motivations.  We will also be inferring about author's purpose in fiction books.
Writing - We will write a poem with sensory details.
Math - We are analyzing and solving two step 3 digit addition and subtraction problems.  
Science - We will be reviewing reading data in charts.
Social Studies - We will be identifying people and events that shaped our community.
Spelling:  roar, soar, board, boar, mourn, court, war, warp, wart, warn, your, swarm, four, our, farm, hard, part. 



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Classroom News 1/22


What we're learning this week
Reading: We are analyzing character feeling and traits in fiction literature.
Writing: We will publish our fiction stories and start poetry.
Spelling Lesson 16: more, shore, chore, for, north, porch, pork, fort, storm, poor, door, floor, score
Sight Words: cord, story, before, work
We will also be working on capitalization and ending punctuation.
Social Studies: We will complete our timeline unit - past, present, and future.
Math: We will add and subtract 2 three digit numbers with regrouping.  This is a hard concept to master, especially when regrouping twice is necessary, or subtracting across zeros. Please practice with your child. Their success is directly related to their practice, showing their work, and checking their work with the inverse operation. We will also be writing and solving word problems.  
*Please practice math facts at home, including doubles to 20 and +/- 10. 
Science: We will finish our natural and man made resource unit and complete an assessment at the end of the week for a major grade.
Please remember that your child should be reading for 20 minutes every evening, whether it be a real book, Razkids, or Epic. Practice each day is essential to their learning and growth as an independent reader.  Your child should also be practicing math facts for 10 minute each evening.  First in Math is so much fun for them, and an enticing way to practice those facts! Concentrated, focused, and consistent practice is vital their success in gaining the automaticity needed at this level.
Important Dates:
1/25 Natural Resources Test
1/26 Spelling Test 16 & Fact Fluency
1/26 2nd Grade Awards @8:50 in the cafeteria 



We are having a contest to see which second grade class can have the BEST ATTENDANCE! Please make sure your child attends school everyday unless he/she is sick. Even if you wake up late, it's better to be late than not come at all! If your child is absent from school please remember to send a doctor's note on his/her return. We have 2 days to get these turned in.





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Week of December 11



Important Dates:

12/15: Jingle Bell Run (during Specials 9:50-10:50) Don't forget to get those pledges! All funds will help to pay for a new track for the children to run on more comfortably. Our class color is lime green. I have the t-shirts that were ordered here in the classroom. If you did not order one, it would be great if you could dress your child in a lime green shirt that day.

12/15: Spelling Test and Science Test

12/21 Polar Express Day
12/22 Class Christmas Party, Early Release 12:50


What we are doing this week:

Science: We are learning about fresh/salt water and rocks!

Social Studies: We are learning about cultures and traditions. Please talk to your child at home about your culture and some of the traditions you do as a family! We will be traveling to different second grade classrooms to experience Christmas Traditions Around the World 

Math: We are learning about graphs! Some graphs we will discuss are bar graphs and pictographs. Some important words include, but are not limited to: title, label, symbol, key, pictograph, tally mark, data, graph, bar graph, bar, chart.

Please continue to allow your child to use First in Math at home to practice Math Skills! 

Reading: We are continuing to read about Folktales, especially Fables. This week we will compare and contrast similar fables, such as City Mouse, Country Mouse to City Cat, Country Cat. 

Writing: We have begun writing our very own fables. We have chosen our characters, setting, problem, solution, and moral. Now we are on to the next step in planning - sketch, sketch, sketch.

Spelling: Week 14: Digraphs ch, wh

Regular list: chop, each, when, chin, what, lunch, why, speech, while, which, peaches, white, branch, than, water, first, been​


Please remember that your child should be reading for 20 minutes every evening, and practicing math facts for 10. First in Math is so much fun for them, and an enticing way to practice those facts!



Image result for holiday clip artWeek of December 4

This week we will learn:

Language Arts: In writing, we will start our unit on writing short fiction stories. 


Reading: We will talk about story elements in folktales, learn about finding the moral in the story, and compare/contrast stories.


Spelling: Lesson 13    (digraphs sh, ph, and th) shine, rush, shop, cashes, short, phone, graph, teeth, those, than, phase, thank, booth


Sight Words: number, way, could, people


Social Studies: We will begin our study of cultures and traditions.


Math: We will review solving two-digit multi step word problems (add/add, add/subtract, subtract/add, subtract/subtract).  Our test is on Thursday. Word problems in general are complicated to learn, but two step problems are even more challenging. Please work with your child to help them find what the question is asking, find the important information, cross out the extra information, decide on which operation to use, and which strategy to use. You can make up your own problems for them. They love it when you use their names, their family members' names, and their friends' names.

Addition and subtraction with regrouping are still on our menu! Again, this is a HARD skill for your little one! Please practice nightly to master this difficult skill. 

Try these websites with your kids to practice and understand the concept better:  Mr. Demaio!   Brainpop


Science: We will learn about energy and light. Our test is on Friday.


Important Dates:

12/7 Math Test

12/8 Spelling Test 13 & Fact Fluency

12/8 Science Test

12/8 PTO Jingle Bell Jog


Speak Up Survey

Tomball ISD is participating in the Speak Up national research project. Speak Up is a survey designed to help students, parents, educators, and community members share their ideas directly with schools and national policymakers. The brief online survey is open to students, educators, parents, and community members through January 19, 2018. Click the link below to take the survey.



Week of November13, 2017

This week in... 

Science: We are investigating how objects move and how magnets work. Vocabulary for this week: motion, position, trace, force, slide, spin, roll, push, pull, magnet, magnetic, attract, repel, compass

Motion Games:

Magnetic Games:

Math: We will add and subtract 2-digit numbers with regrouping. Again, this is a HARD skill for your little one! Please practice nightly to master this difficult skill. 

Try these websites with your kids to practice and understand the concept better:  Mr. Demaio!   Brainpop



Reading: We are continuing to work on Expository Non-fiction and main idea and details. Please use the text features (Table of Contents, Glossary, Index, Titles, Photographs, Captions, Diagrams, Labels, Subheadings, Bold Text, etc) to find the Topic, Main Idea, and Supporting Details of an Expository Non-fiction Book.  A good place to find some extra titles is in Raz Kids or at the Library! Also,  please come to Literacy Night tomorrow and visit our Book Fair!

Main idea help:


Writing: We are continuing to write expository texts to give main ideas and details about someone they know well. We will learn strategies to revise and edit. 

Spelling: Long u: oe, oo, o

 1. soon 2. smooth 3. who 4. boo 5. mood 6. bloom 7. shoe 8. do 9. you 10. goof 11. moon 12. canoe 13. zoom 14. set 15. put 16. end 17. does


Important Dates:

Tues 11/14: Literacy Night

Friday 11/17: Science and Spelling Test

BOOK FAIR 11/13-11/17

THANKSGIVING BREAK next week: 11/20-11/24

Week of November 6, 2017



This week in....


Social Studies: We are learning about wants vs. needs and goods vs. services in our community. Some vocabulary associated with this unit includes: work, income, trade, allowance, earning, spending, saving, goods, services, producers, consumers, natural resources, finished product, US Free enterprise system, economy, economics, global economy. I will be adding it to Spelling/Vocabulary City for your child to play games and practice.


Math: We are beginning addition with regrouping. This is a hard skill for our children. You can use straws for tens and beans for ones to model trading ones for tens. Click here for a short instructional video  

Click here for a learning song with modeling    Please take time to practice with your child at home. 


Reading: We are continuing to read Expository Non-fiction books to find main idea and details. We will use our text features (Table of Contents, Index, glossary, bold/underlined words, headings, pictures, captions) to help us find the topic and main idea, as well as to find pertinent information on our topics.


Writing:  We are continuing with expository writing. We have learned how to state a claim and support that claim with evidence. We will continue to build on this skill, as it will support us as we move deeper into our writing curriculum with procedural text, opinion writing, and research.


Spelling: Long u using u-e, ue, ui, ew


blue, flew, fruit, cruise, knew, chew, mute, cube, due, rule, chute, suit, glue, line, one, what, were


Don't forget to send in library books on Wednesday morning! We will miss next week's checkout with the Book Fair in full swing. We are all becoming such great readers - they just cannot wait to get new books in their little hands!



We are working hard to support our community with a food drive. Please send non-perishable items with your child to school so that we may donate them to the TEAM food pantry and help families in need. We will be collecting non-perishable items through Thursday of next week.


The PBX event is tomorrow at 9:00! We will all enjoy this demonstration and have a lot to share with you upon returning home.


Important Dates: 

Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017   Election Day    Thursday, Nov. 9, 5:00 PM  8:00 PM  Sonic Night   Sonic - Pinehurst

Thursday, Nov. 9: 2nd Grade Program @ 6:30  Students should arrive at 6:15 wearing red, white, and blue. I can't wait to see them perform!

Friday, Nov. 10: Spelling Test

Monday, Nov. 13 - Friday, Nov. 17    Book Fair Week

Monday, Nov. 13 - Classroom Spelling Bees begin this week

Tuesday, Nov. 14 - 5:30-7:00 pm  Family Literacy Night 

Saturday, Nov. 18 - Tomball Holiday Parade    Ropers will perform!

Monday, Nov. 24-Friday, Nov. 28   Thanksgiving Break


November 2, 2017

Hello Families,
With all of the excitement this week I thought a couple of reminders might be helpful to you. 
November 3  *Picture retakes - please remember to send the original picture packet back with your child.
                      *Math Assessment over addition and subtraction without regrouping. I have sent home their corrected review sheets for                              them to use as study guides this evening. Here are links to instructional videos that you may find helpful to review as well:
                      *Spelling test  - Long O, and sentence dictation. They are getting much better at this!
                      *We will take the science test on Monday over combining matter. 
Some of our kiddos are really getting busy on First in Math! I'm so excited to see their growth and their excitement as well when they tell me how much time they have spent on it and how fast they are. Thank you for allowing the time for them to use this valuable program.
Spelling City is also a huge help for practicing spelling patterns!

Week of October 30

What we're learning this week
Language Arts: 
In reading, we will start our nonfiction unit. We will learn all about text features such as the index,heading, subheading, photographs, maps, bold print, captions, etc., in order to understand more of what we are reading and to be able to locate specific information within a  text. In writing, we will begin our unit on expository text. We will be learning how to state a claim and support it with evidence. 
Spelling Lesson 9  Long O: 

Lesson 9: Long o: o-e, oe, ow, oa       

  1. low 2. drove 3. road 4. cold 5. doe 6. pole 
  2. hold 8. soak 9. choke 10. below 11. grown 12. hoe 
  3. coat 14. help 15. through 16. much 17. before
Challenge list: 

globe, whole, those, compose, coach, cloak, groan, approach, 

follow, tomorrow, yellow, below, oboe 


Social Studies: We will continue learning about positions and responsibilities of public officials, the services our government provides, and how these services are funded. We had fun using Skittles candies as our "income" and seeing where/how money is spent, including paying taxes!
Math: We will continue to add 2 digit numbers, using algorithms, models, word problems, and open number lines. This week we will begin regrouping as well.
Science: We will be reviewing properties of solids, liquids, and gases as well as evaluating and combining matter to create other things.
Important Dates:
10/30 Math Benchmark
11/3   Math Test
11/3   Picture retakes
11/7   BMX Presentation
We will have library on Tuesday this week. Please help your child remember to bring in those books! You will be seeing nonfiction books coming home much more frequently.
I am sending home a login for Storybird in your child's Wednesday folder this week. This is a wonderful way for your child to write stories with illustrations in place. They choose the illustrations they want to write about! You can see a quick example here:
First in Math is ready! Your child can login with dpes, and use their 8 digit birthdate for their password. (mmddyyyy)  I would love for them to spend at least 10 minutes each evening in the VIF's to support their fact fluency.
Are you using Spelling City with your child? It has wonderful games for them to practice spelling patterns and their words for each week. their spelling words have previously been loaded for the semester for you. I have also added their sight words and math vocabulary. I will be adding the remaining content vocabulary for each subject to assure that your child has ample opportunity to review the words that are used in class.
Please remember to send in your child's book bag each Monday with their reading and math logs. I would like for them to be able to read them for the entire week.

Week of October 23


What we're learning this week
Language Arts: In writing, we will continue our unit on friendly letter writing.  As an extension activity, parents are encouraged to write their child a friendly letter that includes the date, greeting (dear ___), body, closing (love, sincerely, etc.), and signature. 
In reading, we will discuss and identify character feelings.  We will also learn how to retell the important events of a story.
*Please make sure student is reading for 15-20 minutes each night to improve reading stamina!
Spelling Lesson 8 (long i): pie, try, mile, dye, fry, nice, sky, lye, fine, tight, tie, twine, spice
Sight Words: think, say, great, where
Social Studies: We will learn about positions and responsibilities of public officials
Math: We will continue to add 2 digit numbers, using algorithms, models, word problems, and open number lines.
Science: We will be reviewing properties of solids, liquids, and gases.
Important Dates:
10/23-10/27 Red Ribbon Week
10/27 Spelling Test 8 & Fact Fluency Quiz
10/27 2nd Grade Nine Weeks Awards Celebration from 10:10-10:40
10/30 Math Benchmark
11/3   Math Test
Red Ribbon Week
Monday: Wear red
Tuesday: Dress like a movie star
Wednesday: Wear mismatched clothes
Thursday: Wear camo
Friday: Wear your favorite boots
*We are starting to use our Chrome books in class more and more, and many things we do require sound.  In an effort to keep our classroom at a manageable volume, students may bring their own headphones/earbuds to keep at school. 

Week of October 16


What we're learning this week
Language Arts: In writing, we are starting our unit on friendly letter writing.  In reading, we will continue talking about story elements, character traits, and character feelings.
*I will start to assess students on the 2nd nine weeks sight words this week!
Spelling List 7 (long e): sea, weak, chief, beef, hear, piece, please, seem, grieve, seen, teach, leave, shield
Sight Words: name, good, sentence, man
Challenge/Red List: beach, dream, feast, gleam, squeak, breeze, freeze, screech, squeeze, achieve, believe, yield, brief
Social Studies: We will be creating maps this week, using a compass rose, map key, and symbols.
Math: We will continue comparing numbers with greater than (<) and less than (>), and putting a list of numbers in order from least to greatest and greatest to least.  Our Place Value with Comparison Test is on Tuesday!  Then we will start to add and subtract using place value and mental math.
Science: We will continue talking about solids, liquids, and gases.  Our test is on Wednesday.
Important Dates:
10/17 Math Test
10/18 Science Test
10/20 Spelling Test 7
10/20 Dads and Donuts!
October 11, 2017
Hello Parents,
I have added conference dates and times for next week. If you have not been able to come in to date, please go to  and sign up for a time and date that are most convenient for you. I look forward to meeting with you! 

Week of 10/9



Science: We will manipulate matter to change physical properties. Test will be next week. At home, please show students different matter and the properties and how the matter will be useful to us. For example, a brick is a good building material, because it is strong, hard, and able to be stacked


Social Studies: We will continue to work with maps. Please review the terms map, map key, symbols, compass rose, cardinal directions, north, south, west, east. We will also discuss the similarities and differences of rural, suburban, and urban areas. 


Math: We are ordering numbers to 1,000. We will use the terms greater than, less than, and equal to. We will also continue to build numbers using Base-10 Blocks. Our math test will be next Tuesday. Please use my place value game links on my website.


Reading: We will focus on finding similarities and differences of characters, settings, and plots of stories from the same author to understand a story. Please read nightly with your child. Please begin practice the 2nd 9-weeks sight words.


Writing: We will write, edit, and revise small moment stories about your life. Please point out strong beginnings, middles, and ends of stories that you read with your child.  


Language: We will continue to work with synonyms. 


Spelling: Our spelling words follow the long a: a-e, ai, ay rule. 


Regular list: 1. safe 2. day 3. rain 4. say 5. play 6. ate 7. stay 8. save 9. may     10. paint 11. plain 12. tray 13. chain 14. after . 15. thing .16. our . 17. just


Challenge List: 1. grade 2. chase 3. scrape 4. skate 5. escape 6. estimate 7. explain 8. complain 9. obtain 10. remain 11. Friday 12. Monday            13. always    14. after 15. thing 16. our 17. just

Important Dates:
10/13 Spelling Test 6

Online Reading Resources


During fall conferences, many of you have asked about online reading resources available at home.  We hope to have some activated soon, but in the meantime, our Librarian Mrs. Watson, has some great resources linked on her website.  
Students can use Capstone, Bookflix, and Tumble.  These do not require login or purchase.  Also, you can use the conversion chart to look up books on level for your student.  

Week of October 2


Just a reminder that Friday is early release at 12:50 and Monday, October 9th is a student holiday.  
Reading:  We are learning how to infer when reading - activating our schema and finding the evidence.  We will also infer about characters later in the week.  
Writing:  Students are writing about something that happened to them.  We are focusing on adding details and making our stories interesting to the reader. 
Math:  We will be working on putting numbers in order and locating them on a number line.  We will review on Thursday for a test (study guide will be sent home) for a major grade test on Friday.
Science:  We are learning that matter can be solid or liquid and how we can physically change matter.  
Social Studies:  We are learning about the different types of maps and how we use them for information.  
Spelling List 1:  wink, sing, sink, king, long, sung, hang, blank, wind, junk, think, bring, stung, back, give, most, very
Spelling List 2:  sprung, flung, belong, prong, strong, shrink, yank, debunk, spunk, blink, rethink, skunk, chunk, back, give, most, very

September 28

Today was a great day for writing! Friends that have not been interested in writing found their interest point today and wrote, wrote, wrote. I can hardly wait to see what they put on their paper!
In math we began working on math riddles. This is a very hard concept for them, as it requires deeper thinking and reasoning skills rather than simple calculations. I have attached a worksheet that is a step by step activity, and it requires them to add their own clues at the end in order to exact different numbers. I asked them to complete the worksheet tonight (Help is welcome and encouraged!) and return it tomorrow to earn another ticket.
Also, each week in your child's Wednesday folder you find his/her graded work. I want them to be proud of what they have accomplished, but I want you as a parent to see their work. I've asked your children to go through their folders with you and to choose their favorite work, what they are the most proud of, and place it back in their folder. When they return their folders on Thursday morning we will take that assignment out and place it on our "Brag Board" for the week so that everyone can share in their success. I will return the work to you when the next piece goes up the following week.

September 26

Hello Parents,
Today your child received leveled readers to bring home for the week. You will find two books in their bag that are on their independent reading level. This means that your child can read these books with no assistance. You will notice as he/she reads them that they will become faster readers, reading in larger groups of words instead of word by word. You will also note that they will attend to punctuation, and read with expression. I tell them to "read like a storyteller" reads. If your child is not doing this, please coach them by modeling how they should sound as you share a book. (i.e. you read a page and they read a page.) these books should be returned on Monday in their bag, and I will replace them for the week. 
I have uploaded the reading log and the math facts logs for you to print as needed. these will be turned in every Monday as well.
Tomorrow is our science assessment over matter and measurement of matter. You can view this Brainpop video with your child for a refresher and do some of the games and activities offered as well.
We will also be completing a math assessment over place value, where your child will not only compose numbers with base ten blocks, but will also relate that number in expanded form, word form, standard form, and be able to compose it in different ways. For example, 125 can be composed of 1-100, 2 tens, and 5 ones or 1-100, 1 ten, and 15 ones.  They will use numbers up to and including 1,000.
Sheppard Software has some games that will reinforce their skills:
We have started talking about small moment stories, and we are so excited to write our ideas down in our Idea files! I cannot wait to see what they write about next! We are working very hard on using complete sentences both in our writing and in our everyday language, as well as remembering to use capital letters at the beginning of every sentence and proper nouns, and using proper punctuation at the end of each sentence.
We are also learning to make predictions before and during our reading, as well as checking to confirm if our prediction is correct or not through the use of evidence found in the text. They are loving it, and love to see if they make the correct predictions, so we are learning to ask questions as we read and pay attention to all of the little details.
Thank you so much for all you do to partner with me and the school in your child's education!

Week of September 25

We are off to a great start in our learning! Parents you will find that our vocabulary is growing immensely, as we are using not only more advanced language in our daily lives, but also within the content of our curriculum. I will be adding a vocabulary page to our website for you to refer to as you study with your child to assure that they know the words and that they completely understand the meaning of the word. You may choose to create flashcards for them, make matching games, quiz them while you are cooking dinner, or even on the way home from activities. It is imperative that they know these words, as they are the words that will appear on their assessments.
I would love to post pictures and videos from the classroom for you to get a peek into what we do throughout the day. However, in order for me to do that, you must have checked on your registration that I can take photos of your child. Please check your registration on-line to be certain your choice is selected appropriately, and send me an email if you had to change it.
We are working hard at upholding our Great Expectations. Part of that is using higher level vocabulary and speaking in complete sentences as we address others, as well as looking them in the eye when speaking. We practice this consistently in class, and encourage you to hold the same expectations at home in order to support them. Our greatest challenges lie in showing respect to others, controlling our talking, following instructions when they are given, and completing our work in a timely fashion. These will be the highest priority on Class Dojo. I generally give students 2-3 warnings before noting a specific behavior. I am working hard at getting faster in using the system so that I can reward all of those positive points as I note them. Your children are the most helpful, caring children I have had the pleasure to teach. Thank you for being patient, and thank you to those parents who have contacted me in order to clarify a behavior. 
This week will be busy! We will learn in:
Language Arts: 
In Language Arts we will learn about making predictions using information in the text. We will also learn about questioning as we read in order to assure comprehension, as well as learning to self monitor for understanding. Finally, we will use textual evidence to prove our understanding of the text. Beginning of year reading level assessments have been completed, and I will be assessing sight words just before the end of the grading period. Their pre-test was sent home previously for you to see and practice with them on the words they did not know.  I will also be sending home book bags with books on your child's reading level to practice reading fluency and comprehension. These books will come home on Monday and need to be returned the following Monday.
I am also changing the days for their at-home reading logs and math fact practice logs. It will be easier for you if I simply make them all due on the same day, and send home new ones the same day. You will receive books, a reading log, and a math fact log on Monday. You will return the items from the previous week to me on Monday as well.
In writing we will learn about ways to write small moment stories. We will practice brainstorming ideas, planning visually and orally, planning through talking with our partners, and stretching out a story across several pages in order to use details that help our reader picture the events in their minds.
In grammar we will learn about verbs, and that they are action words. We will compare nouns and verbs and how they relate to one another.
In spelling we will study the 'floss rule'. The list is on my spelling/ page. Based on your child's score on the pre-test Monday, I will send a copy of the challenge list home. 
In math we will continue our study of place value. We have been working on ones, tens, and hundreds places and will now incorporate the thousands place. We know that there are four ways to write a number - standard, word, pictorial, and expanded forms. Your child is required to be able to write numbers in each way, as well as use place value blocks to compose numbers in different ways through exchanging ones, tens, and hundreds. (i.e.  We can compose 100 by using 1-100 block, 10-10's, 100 - 1's, 9-10's and 10 -1's, etc.) We will have a performance based assessment Wednesday for your child to show mastery of this concept. We will then work on comparing number values.
We have been working on properties of matter and science tools, as well as what they are used for. We will be reviewing for an assessment this Wednesday. Your child should know what we use to measure volume, length, and mass with, as well as how to use those tools. Grouping by properties and establishing properties items are grouped by will also appear on the assessment.
Social Studies:
We will complete our unit on citizenship and be able to model the characteristics of a good citizen in the classroom and school community. We will also prove our knowledge of the Pledge of Allegiance and the Pledge to the Texas Flag through recitation and written form.
Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or something awesome to share! Have a wonderful week!
Important Dates:
Math Assessment: 9/27
Science Assessment: 9/27
Spelling Assessment: 9/29
Choir Practice 
Date: 9/25/2017, 4 PM  5 PM 
Location: Music Room 2 
Roper Practice 
Date: 9/27/2017, 8 AM  8:30 AM 
Location: Gym 
Chess Club Applications Due 
Date: 9/28/2017 
Roper Practice 
Date: 9/28/2017, 8 AM  8:30 AM 
Location: Gym 
Parent Orientation for Grades 3 and 4
Date: 9/28/2017, 6 PM  7:30 PM 

Week of September 18


Language Arts: In writing, we will continue to work on stories about ourselves with a beginning, middle, and end. We are learning to add details and to remember to capitalize beginnings of sentences and use punctuation at the end. In grammar we are learning more about nouns, such as plural and singular, and what different spellings might come for irregularly spelled plurals. In reading, we will continue to work on reading for longer periods of time without stopping as well as asking ourselves questions to keep us engaged.  We will also talk about making connections to what we read to help our understanding. 
Spelling words (short vowels): clap, spot, end, skin, ponds, drum, plan, men, must, flat, kept, twin, brushes, only, little, work, know
                Challenge list: grant, habit, stand, crept, empty, lemon, print, sixty, comic, frost, dusty, lumpy, stunt, only, little, work, know
Please remember that we have three dictation sentences with the test, in which they are graded on spelling, capitalization, and punctuation at the end of the sentence. The words that make up the sentences are words they are already familiar with, being sight words from kindergarten, first, and second grade. Dictation will count as a separate grade from the spelling test, and the sentences are not given out in advance. An example from this past week: We see the frog jump up and down.
Social Studies: We will be learning about the Pledge of Allegiance and writing our class creed.
Math: We will begin our unit on place value. 
Science: We are studying matter and will learn how to find temperature, volume, and the measurement of objects.
Important Dates:
9/19 - Watch D.O.G. Kickoff from 6-7 PM
9/21 - Parent Orientation (PreK-2nd) from 6-7:30 PM
9/22 - Fall Portraits
9/22 - Spelling Test 2

Week of September 11


We had a great week last week and we are finally settling into our daily schedule.  
Sight word assessments for the beginning of the nine weeks were completed last week and a copy will be sent home in Wednesday folders so you and your student know which ones to study.  This week, we will start spelling tests.  If your student misses 0 or 1 on the Spelling pretest on Monday, he or she will be given a challenge list for the week.  Reading level assessment for the beginning of the year will be this week also, and this is a major grade.  
In Language Arts, we are learning about thinking about our reading, reading long and strong, and the best books to read. We are also writing about things that have happened to us, we will learn about how to make our story better, and how to publish it.  
In Math, we have been working on our facts to 20 using review strategies, and we will have a major grade assessment on Friday.  A study guide will be sent home Thursday for review. Have your child log in to "First in Math" daily to help them acquire the automaticity they need in order to be successful. Make up short story problems for them to solve using addition or subtraction. Ask them to explain to you how they did the problem, what their strategy was, what they were thinking as they did the problem. 
In Science, we have completed the safety unit and will begin classifying and measuring matter.  In Social Studies, we will determine what characteristics and actions make good citizens.

DPES is looking for volunteers for our Parents as Coaches program!  Parents as Coaches are weekly parent volunteers that work with small groups of students in a Kindergarten or First Grade classroom for thirty minute increments.  A language arts or math activity/game will be provided for the parent to play with the students.   We believe that our community and parents play a significant role in our students’ success.  All volunteers will need to submit and pass the district background check on the TISD webpage.  If you are interested in volunteering for the Parents as Coaches program, please contact Mrs. Hudson at  or complete the application form at


DPES está buscando voluntarios para nuestro programa “Padres como mentores”. Los padres como mentores son padres voluntarios que trabajan semanalmente por treinta minutos con grupos pequeños de estudiantes de una clase. Una actividad o juego de artes del lenguaje o matemáticas será proporcionado para que los padres trabajen con los estudiantes. Creemos que nuestra comunidad y los padres juegan un papel importante en el éxito de nuestros estudiantes. Todos los voluntarios tendrán que presentar y pasar la verificación de antecedentes penales del distrito en la página de internet de Tomball ISD. Si usted está interesado en ser voluntario para el programa “Padres como mentores”, por favor póngase en contacto con Mrs. Hudson en el correo electrónico, llene la forma o el formulario de solicitud en