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Kimberly Kras » Welcome to Second Grade!

Welcome to Second Grade!

Dear Family,


                I am so excited to announce that I have officially become your child’s Second Grade teacher!! We have had a wonderful start of the year, and I have enjoyed beginning to get to know your child. I started at Decker Prairie last January as a Reading Instructional Paraprofessional, and during this time, I completed my exams to become certified in the state of Texas. I am so happy to continue my career here on the prairie. I cannot wait to share my experiences here in Texas.


                I graduated from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee, and I taught second grade for six years. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to move to Texas with my husband (Mr. Kras), our toddler (Shawn), and two dogs (Sable and Artex). We enjoy reading books, watching movies, and basically anything outdoors!


                My goal is to help your child achieve success through fun, rigorous and relevant classroom experiences! I believe working together as a team will help your child be successful! Please do not hesitate to contact me at or 281-357-3141.


                This is going to be an amazing year! Let’s reach for the stars!


                                                                                                                                                Your New Teacher,

                                                                                                                                                Kim Kras



Recent Posts

Week of May 29

Important Dates: 
5/30 End of Year Party at 2:30 (If you plan to join us, please make sure you filled out and turned in that Green paper to reserve your spot and not have to stand in a long line!)
5/31 Last Day/Early Release at 12:50
Please look in your child's backpack for their Summer Slide Surprise Bag! It contains fun things that will keep your child motivated and learning all summer! Inside you will find items, such as:
-addition/subtraction flashcards
-a library program from Lone Star College (with fun events like art time, magic shows, a petting zoo, nonfiction fun such as casltes and soldiers, etc.) You might even see me there!! 
-a login (if they forget how) to (which is doing a fun summer compeititon. If your child reads 10 books a week, their name will be put into a drawing for fun prizes!!!)
-a little present from Mrs. Kras!! (hint: memories for you and your child!)
**Please help your child avoid the summer slide by encouraging your child to complete First in Math, Raz Kids, Myon, Pebblego, and Spelling City a little bit EVERY DAY! I will be checking my account to see who is staying involved!!! If you need help with their username/password or have any other questions, please don't hesitate to message me! 

Week of May 21

Important Dates: 
5/21 Please make sure you have sent Library Books and the End of the Year party reservation sheet (green) with your child today. Please look for your child's Math Benchmark Review today and tomorrow. PLEASE, practice these skills the next couple of nights! 
5/23 MATH BENCHMARK (please make sure your child has a good nights sleep and a healthy breakfast!)
5/25 Reading Rally 
5/28 Memorial Day Holiday (No School)
5/29 Save the Sea Turtles Snow Cone Stand
5/30 End of Year Parties (2:30)
5/31 Last Day of School/Early Release (12:50)
Important Messages:
We will be starting our Habitat/Landform shoebox project on Thursday. If you have a shoebox, please send it with your child before Thursday. If you have an extra one or two, please consider donating to someone who doesn't have any. I will also try to round up a few. You can also send supplies, such as playdoh, sand, twigs, leaves, rocks, plastic toy animals, etc that you have around the house! Thank you! 
Our Save the Sea Turtles project is well on the  way. I want to commend our children for working so hard together on this project. We are learning a lot about Sea Turtles and what we can do as second graders in Tomball, TX, to help them. Thank you to the parents who have contributed to our Snow Cone Stand. We have all the product and machines (please remember to send the machines Tuesday morning after Memorial Day!) that we will need for this activity. We hope to raise a lot of money to donate to the World Wildlife Federation to do our part to help the Sea Turtles. 
What we are doing this week:
Science and Social Studies: We will be researching habitats and what is included within them, such as landforms, animals, food chains, shelters, and other needs. We will begin creating them on Thursday. Please remember to send shoeboxes, if you have not already. Your child can also round up some sand, twigs, leaves, rocks, plastic toy animals, and other materials around the house to add to his/her project! 
Math: We will be reviewing skills learned this year for our MATH BENCHMARK on Wednesday, May 23. Please make sure your child practices these skills at home Monday and Tuesday night and has a good nights sleep and breakfast Wednesday morning! 
Reading: We will complete our study of media literacy by creating our own commericals for our Save the Sea Turtles project.
Writing: We are completing our persuasive writing study by writing letters, making posters, and creating commercial scripts meant to persuade others to purchase our Snow Cones to help us donate to the World Wildlife Federation.

Shoe Boxes

Dear Family! Please send a shoe box to school with your child this week for our habitat/land form project next week. If you have more than 1 shoe box, please consider sending extras just in case other students don't have any. 
Mrs. Kras

May 14

Important Dates:
5/14 STAAR Math - no visitors allowed in the building
5/15 STAAR Reading - no visitors allowed in the building
5/17 Science Benchmark
5/17 Library books due
5/18 Spelling Test 31 & Fact Fluency
5/18 Rodeo Day - Committee members from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will be presenting the cowboy life to our 1st - 4th graders!


What we're learning this week:
ScienceWe will be reviewing skills for our science benchmark on Thursday. Some broad ideas that you can discuss at home include, measuring tools (such as ruler, thermometer, rain guage), measurement in cm, in, ml, degrees C and F, temperature (in Celsius) and what you might wear, animal characteristics, life cycle, and food chain.
Math: We will continue learning about financial literacy and introduce repeated addition (multiplication).
Reading: We will be learning about media literacy.
WritingWe will continue writing persuasive text.
Spelling: Week 31: hard/soft g
Regular list: giant, digit, gym, jam, badge, green, goose, games, gems, garden, jumps, gifts, frog
Sight words: far, eight, drink, draw
Challenge list: challenge, dangerous, garage, disguise, disgusting, guess, orange, grateful, gerbil, generally, geyser, cowgirl, goblet
Homework this week:
Read 15-20 minutes
Practice math facts (addition and subtraction up to 20)
Study spelling words
Sign and return Wednesday folders!

Week of May 7

Important Dates:
5/10 Sonic Spirit Night
5/11 Spelling Test 30 & Fact Fluency
5/11 Moms and Muffins @ 7:30am
5/17 Library books due
What we're learning this week:
Science: We will be learning about the life cycle of an insect and food chains.
Vocabulary: (Lifecycle) metamorphosis - egg, pupa, larva, adult, life cycle, 

(Food Chain) organism, environment, energy, food chain, producer, consumer, depends on, interdependence, habitat

Math: We will begin our unit on financial literacy.
A fun song to remember coins: 
Penny, Penny easily spent, Copper brown and worth one cent.
Nickel, nickel thick and fat, You're worth five cents...I know that.
Dime, dime little and thin, I remember, you're worth ten.
Quarter, quarter big and bold, You're worth twenty-five, I am told.
Reading: We will practice distinguishing between the topic and main idea, and finding facts that support the main idea.
WritingWe will begin our unit on persuasive text.
Spelling: Lesson 30: hard/soft c
Regular List: city, sail, nice, cell, price, cent, call, kitten, cable, basket, face, police, cupcake
Sight words: hurt, hot, hold, full (for both regular and challenge)
Challenge List: cereal, calendar, curtain, celebrity, decided, decade, discuss, receive, incident, comfortable, color, cyclone, country
Homework this week:
Read 15-20 minutes (Parents, PLEASE ask your child comprehension questions, such as character and their traits, setting and why it's important to the story, the problem and solution, moral taught, or facts learned.)
Practice math facts (addition and subtraction up to 20)
Study spelling words for a few minutes every night (maybe separate the hard C words from the soft C words, then practice words in each group on alternating nights)
Practice addition and subtraction fluency.
Sign and return Wednesday folders!

Week of April 30

Important Dates: 
5/4 Spelling Test, Math Test, Math Fact Fluency
5/11 Moms and Muffins 7:30-8:30
What We Are Doing This Week
Social Studies: We will learn about landforms. Vocabulary: geography, climate, natural resource, river, pond, lake, ocean, coast, mountain, desert, plain, valley, hill, peninsula
An interesting site on landforms: games and information. (I played around with it for a while, and didn't find anything inappropriate, but you may want to view this site before or with your child):
Math: We will continue learning about fractions. We will make more than a whole. For example 8/5 is 1 whole + 3/5. Our Fraction Test will be this week. 
Reading: We will read Chapter Books this week. We will focus on characters, setting, and plot.
Writing: We will continue writing procedural texts.
Spelling: ck, k, ke words

Regular List: lick, leak, snake, sleek, weak, croak, whack, brook, bank, smack, kick, rock, spoke       Site Words: much, going, laugh,keep  

Challenge List: soak, broke, squeak, shack, mistake, fluke, strike, sickness, cheek, slack, trick, blink       Site Words: much, going, laugh, keep


Week of April 23

Important Dates:
4/27 Science Test, Spelling Test 28 & Fact Fluency
5/11 Moms and Muffins @ 7:30am
Homework this week:
Read 10-15 minutes a night
Practice math facts (addition and subtraction up to 20)
Study spelling words
Sign and return Wednesday folders!
What we're learning this week:
ScienceWe will continue learning about how the physical characteristics of animals help them survive, including adaptations such as camouflage, migration, and hibernation. 
Math: We will begin our unit on fractions.
Games for fractions: 
Reading: We will learn how to use the information in procedural texts. We will think about the materials we need and the steps to make/do something, such as building something, cooking something, etc. 
WritingWe will begin writing procedural text. Discuss giving detailed directions with sequencing words, such as first, then, last. 
Spelling Lesson 28: words with al
Regular List: chalk, fall, talk, calm, bald, salt, stall, stalk, small, all, call, palm, balk, pick, shall, only, myself
Challenge List: hospital, mental, medal, total, natural, capital, animal, koalas, mammal, almost, pedaled, finally, always, pick, shall, only, myself
Sight words: pick, shall, only, myself

Week of April 16

Important Dates:
4/18 Kindergarten Registration 1:00-7:00pm. There is more infomation on the DPES Website.
4/19 Math Test on Multistep Word Problems
4/20 Field Day
4/20 Science Test, Spelling Test, and Math Fact Fluency
What We Are Doing This Week:
Science: We are discussing Animal characteristics and how they help the animal meet its basic needs to survive. Please discuss different animals (to include the animal your child is researching) and discuss adaptations that have helped them survive. Vocabulary includes: characteristics or traits, physical, behavior, water, food, shelter, air, basic needs, animal, migration, migrate, travel, adapt, survive, hibernation, hibernate,estivate (to go into a dormant state), drought, season, mammal, amphibian, reptile, bird, insect, fish. 
Math: We are completing our unit on Multistep Word Problems with addition and subtraction. Please work on this skill with your child! Please continue practicing adding and subtracting with regrouping. We are still not completely proficient with this hard skill. 
Reading: We will complete our Wonder Bubble on our animal for our research project. We will focus on the text features of our Wonder Bubble and how they work to help us understand the Main Idea of each paragraph of our paper.
Writing: We will complete our research paper. We will also create text features for our research project, to include the cover, table of contents, etc.
SpellingAmbiguous vowels -au, aw
regular list: haul, maul, gaunt, pauses, raw, paw, draw, claws, dawn, yawn, hawk, launch, haunt, today, ten, six, seven
Challenge: awesome, awful, gnaw, scrawny, squawk, thawing, auburn, August, author, astronaut, because, caution, laundry, today, ten, six, seven

Week of April 9

Important Dates: 
4/10: STAAR Writing: No visitors allowed on campus
4/12: Sonic Night
4/13: Volunteer Luncheon 
4/13: Spelling Test and Fact Fluency
4/18: Kindergarten Registration: 1:00pm-7:00pm
4/20: Field Day: 1st and 2nd grade at 10:15-11:45
What We Are Doing This Week:
Science: We will begin reading about animals and how their physical characteristics and behaviors help them meet their needs. Examples include: fins help a fish swim and balance, bears hibernate during the winter, and many animals camouflage with their surroundings.
Social Studies: We will identify major land forms, including the 7 continents and 4 oceans on maps and globes, and identify  the 4 regions of Texas. We will also learn how weather and seasonal patterns affect settlement patterns and activities, and how we depend on our physical environment and natural resources to meet our basic needs. 
Math: We will review 2- and 3-digit adding and subtracting word situations with 2 steps. Please practice adding and subtracting using algorithms.
Reading: We will review text features and how they help us understand nonfiction books and passages. These include: title, table of contents, subheadings, illustrations, photographs,diagrams, captions, labels, maps, map key, bolded words, glossary, and index. When reading nonfiction books, ask your child questions such as these: How does the Table of Contents help us understand this book? How does this caption (point to a caption) help us understand the main idea of this section? What do these labels on this diagram show us? How does this help us become a better reader? 
Writing: We will contine to work on our research projects about animals.
Spelling: Dipthongs ou, ow
Regular List: how, counts, cows, clown, found, town, loud, now, ouch, down, shout, brown, ground, hard, open, example, begin
Challenge List: proud, frown, flower, shower, crown, shouted, surround, astound, pronounce, thousand, fountain, scoundrel, round, hard, open, example, begin

Week of April 2

Important Dates:
4/5 Math Test
4/6 Science Test, Spelling Test 25, & Fact Fluency
4/6 2nd Grade Awards Celebration 10:10-10:40am
Homework this week:
Read 15-20 minutes
Practice math facts (addition and subtraction up to 20)
Study spelling words
Sign and return Wednesday folders!
What we're learning this week
Science: We will continue learning about the basic needs of plants.
Math: We will be reviewing properties of plane (flat) and solid (3D) shapes.  Our test will be on Thursday.
Reading: We will be composing and decomposing words using prefixes and suffixes and using them to figure out what words mean.
Writing: We will continue writing about what we've researched.
Spelling: Lesson 25: dipthongs: oi, oy
Regular list: enjoy, oil, joy, coins, foil, boil, join, toys, destroy, moist, broil, ploy, noise, close, something, seem, next
Challenge list: appointment, avoid, moisture, ointment, rejoice, turquoise, toilet, employ, destroy, loyal, royal, voyage, oyster

Week of March 26

Important Dates:
Thursday, 3/29 - Spelling Test and Fact Fluency
Friday, 3/30 - NO SCHOOL. GOOD FRIDAY!
What We Are Doing This Week
Science: We will observe and record observations of our Plant Experiments to learn and describe what plants need to survive and what parts help them receive these needs. Voc: plant, leaf, leaves, root, stem, flower, fruit, seed, basic needs, environment, temperature, precipitation, dormant, dormancy, nutrients, function, observe, measure, organism, model, photosynthesis
Social Studies: We will continue to discover how Technology has changed in order to help us get our needs and wants from past to present. Voc: change, basic needs, technology, past, present
Math: We will continue our Geometry unit. We will focus on Solid Figures this week, and sprial back to Plane shapes when we see what polygons are used to create Solid Figures. Voc: two-dimensional, plane figures, attributes, side(s), vertex/vertices, polygons, compose, decompose, triangle, quadrilateral, rectangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon, undecagon, dodecagon, three-dimensional, solid shapes, sphere, cone, cylinder, rectangular prism, cube, edge, face, base
Geometry Games to play at home: 
Reading: We will use Context Clues within a text to figure out the meaning of a word. 
Context Clue Games to play at home:
Writing: We will begin writing our Research Paper based on the information we discovered last week.
Spelling: Week 24: Dipthongs oo

 Regular Words: books, shook, stood, wool, crook, hood, hoof, soot, brook, nook, hoods, foot, wood, few, while, along, might                                                                       Challenge list: yearbook, oops, crooked, cooking, hooves, brooks, barefoot, understood, childhood, sunroof, look, shook, few, while, along, might


Week of March 20

Important Dates:
3/22 Sonic Spirit Night
3/23 Spelling Test 23 & Fact Fluency
3/24 Party on the Prairie 11am-4pm
3/30 Good Friday
Important Information: 
Party on the Prairie
Make plans to attend the PTO's biggest fundraiser of the year Saturday, March 24th. There will be carnival rides, games, prizes, live and silent auctions, a raffle, and food trucks. Spend the day with families, friends and staff members (including me!) and raise funds for the PTO.  Our class is still taking donations!
What we're learning this week:
Science: We will be learning about the basic needs of plants. Vocabulary for this unit includes: plant, leaf, leaves, root, stem, flower, fruit, seed, basic needs, environment, temperature, precipitation, dormant, dormancy, nutrients, function, observe, measure, organism, model, photosynthesis
Social Studies: We will learn about how people meet their basic needs and how its changed over time. 
Math: We will be starting our geometry unit. Vocabulary for this unit includes: two-dimensional, plane figures, attributes, side(s), vertex/vertices, polygons, compose, decompose, triangle, quadrilateral, rectangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon, undecagon, dodecagon, three-dimensional, solid shapes, sphere, cone, cylinder, rectangular prism, cube, edge, face, base 
FunGames:  (Geometry: Shape Recognition and Pattern Blocks)
Reading: We will be finding the main idea and topic of nonfiction text. We will find facts that support the main idea. 
Writing: We will be researching interesting animals and gathering facts about them. 
Spelling: Lesson 23: Contractions
Regular List: isn't, aren't, he's, what's, they've, I'm, that's, didn't, there's, you're, here's, can't, I've, we'll
Sight words: story, saw, left, don't
Challenge List: couldn't, shouldn't, would've, doesn't, who's, where's, when's, how'll, I'll, might've, why'd, don't, won't, weren't
Homework this week:
Read 15-20 minutes: Library Book, Book from Home, Raz-Kids, PebbleGo
Practice math facts (addition and subtraction up to 20)
Study spelling words

Party on the Prairie!

T-shirts will continue to be on sale until March 9!! Please click on the link below to order your child's t-shirt!!
Please remember to send in donations for our CAMPING basket and a pack of WATER (also due March 9).
Looking forward to seeing everyone at Party on the Prairie on March 24th! 

Week of March 5

Important Dates

3/7 Jax Burgers Spirit Day

3/9: Spelling Test, Fact Fluency, Math Test, Science Test (Please DON'T be absent unless sick)

3/12-3/19: SPRING BREAK. Enjoy your vacation!!!

3/24: PARTY ON THE PRAIRIE! This will be the best FUNdraiser of the year! So far, we have 4 cases of water. Each student is asked to donate 1 case of water and something to our CAMPING basket. Thanks to Kayden and Ashlyn who have donated awesome items to our CAMPING basket.  

What we are doing this week:

Science: We will finish our unit on Objects in the Sky. Vocabulary to discuss at home: sun, sun rise, sun set, midday, midnight, star, constellation, moon, revolve, Earth, day, night, pattern, appear, telescope, position, sky, full moon, new moon, quarter moon, moon phase, and shadows.

Math: We will finish our unit on Measuring. Please practice telling time on a clock daily. We are also measuring objects in centimeters (cm), inches (in), feet (ft), yards (yd), and meters (m). We will estimate and them measure for accuracy. We will discuss broken rulers (a broken ruler is if you only have a part of a ruler, you can still measure by counting the units or subtracting the ending number from the beginning number) and area (counting the squares inside something. For example: a book of stamps would have an area of 20: 2 rows of 10). We are in a state-wide competition for First in Math Points. PLEASE, PLEASE have your child play First in Math over Spring Break, to keep skills fresh. 

Reading: We will use fiction to retell a story. Retelling consists of telling the characters and setting, beginning, middle, and end, and problem with solution. Sometimes there are multiple problems in a story. The solution should solve the problem.

Writing: We will complete our Small Moment stories and publish them.

Spelling: This is a review week.  They have seen and spelled these words before.

Spelling List: burst, squirt, earth, spark, board, porch, peaches, thank, talking, canoe, fruit, pole, tight, piece, please, chain, sing, skill, brushes, next

Week of Feb. 26

Important Dates: 

3/1 Picture Day (Please send money in picture envelopes - sent home last Thursday)

3/2 Spelling Test and Math Fact Fluency 2-Minute Timed Quiz

Important Information:

Picture Day is Thursday. I sent Picture envelopes last Thursday in their backpacks. If you would like, you can send in money early for picture packages. 

It is Read Across America Week. Here is your dress up schedule to support this fun week of reading:

Tuesday: The Cat in the Hat - Wear a Crazy Hat

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday - Wear mismatched clothes

Thursday: Oh, the Places You'll Go - Dress for Success (also PICTURE DAY)

Friday: Book Character Day. Dress as your favorite book character. BRING the book that goes along with it, too! 

** If you do not have a costume/outfit to dress up for Character Day, you may wear a plain BLUE T-shirt to be a crayon with Mrs. Kras. Her book is The Crayon Box That Talked.**

What we are doing this week:

Science: We will be learning about objects in the sky. Vocabulary to discuss at home: sun, sun rise, sun set, midday, midnight, star, constellation, moon, revolve, Earth, day, night, pattern, appear, telescope, position, sky, full moon, new moon, quarter moon, moon phase, shadows,

Math: We will learn about measurement. Please help your child measure different objects at home using inches and centimeters. Please discuss differences between inches and centimeters. Please help your child compare two different objects and determine how much longer or shorter one object is from the other.

We are also continuing to practice telling time on an analog clock! Please keep practicing! 

Reading: We will begin working with Nonfiction Stories again. We will review Author's Purpose, Facts and Supporting Details for proof. Main Idea and Supporting Details, and using Text Features in Nonfiction Text.

Writing: We will be editing and revising our Small Moment Stories

Spelling:   We will spell r-controlled /er/ words using our, ure, ur

Regular List: hour, flour, sour, pure, sure, cure, spur, churches, blurt, hurt, burst, lurch, purrs

Site Word: thought, light, head, under

Challenge List: burger, your, mature, brochure, assure, scour, devour, injury, surprise, furniture, curtain, purple, turtle