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Welcome to Second Grade!

Dear Family,


                I am so excited to announce that I have officially become your child’s Second Grade teacher!! We have had a wonderful start of the year, and I have enjoyed beginning to get to know your child. I started at Decker Prairie last January as a Reading Instructional Paraprofessional, and during this time, I completed my exams to become certified in the state of Texas. I am so happy to continue my career here on the prairie. I cannot wait to share my experiences here in Texas.


                I graduated from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee, and I taught second grade for six years. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to move to Texas with my husband (Mr. Kras), our toddler (Shawn), and two dogs (Sable and Artex). We enjoy reading books, watching movies, and basically anything outdoors!


                My goal is to help your child achieve success through fun, rigorous and relevant classroom experiences! I believe working together as a team will help your child be successful! Please do not hesitate to contact me at or 281-357-3141.


                This is going to be an amazing year! Let’s reach for the stars!


                                                                                                                                                Your New Teacher,

                                                                                                                                                Kim Kras



Recent Posts

Week of Feb. 20

Important Dates

2/23: Spelling Test and Fact Fluency #6 

2/23: Go Texan Day - Dust off your boots as we celebrate Go Texan Day on the Prairie. Children and staff are encouraged to wear their cowboy/cowgirl best as we recognize the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. 


What We Are Doing This Week

Social Studies: We will discuss National and State Pride through customs, symbols, and celebrations. Vocabulary includes the words: national identity, freedom, patriotic, symbol, celebration, contribution, individualism, inventiveness. 

National Symbols include the National Anthem, Pledge of Allegience, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Bald Eagle, Liberty Bell, Washington Monument, White House, American Flag, and Statue of Liberty.

Texas Symbols include Bluebonnets, Longhorns, Armadillo, Monarach Butterfly, Prickly Pear Cactus, Chili, etc 

Math: We will be working on 2 skills this week:

1) We will continue to work on telling time to the minute. Please practice this skill with your child. We often get the hour and minute had mixed up. We are also having troubles counting the minutes by 5's and 1's. Finally, we are sometimes confused about the hour, when the minute hand is in the "Danger Zone." 

2)We will also spiral back to word problems with 2- and 3-digits with missing addends. 

An example: I am reading a book that has 623 pages. I have already read 281 pages. How many more pages do I have left to read? 

Reading: We are continuing to practice retelling. Please have your child retell the story you read to him/her or a story he/she reads to you. 

Important ideas about retelling: Retlling should tell the IMPORTANT events from beginning to middle to end. Retelling should be in order and make sense. Retelling should include the  beginning (introducation of characters and setting), the middle (problem), and the end (solution). You can ask your child to retell a story using their hand (Or retelling glove). Finally, retelling should include words or phrases, such as first, then, after that, finally. 

Writing: We will contine to write our Small Moment stories. We will focus on the editing and revision this week. We will also work on grammar skills. 

Spelling: We will spell words with the r-controlled /er/ using -ir

regular list: dirt, first, bird, skirt, flirt, third, birth, swirl, chirp, squirt, thirst, smirk, firm

site word: start, city, earth, eye

challenge list: birch, whirl, thirsty, squirm, circus, perspiration, virtual, aspiration, circle, squirrel, directions, confirm, birthmark 

Week of Feb. 12

Important Dates: 

Feb. 14 Valentine's Day Parties 2:30

Feb. 15 Spelling Test and Fact Fluency 2-minute Timed Test

Feb. 15 Math and Science Night! Please join us for fun Math and Science activities! I'd love to see some familiar faces! (5:30-7:00)

Feb 16 and Feb 19! Relax! It's a Student Holiday! (So, come visit us the night before at Math and Science Night!)

Important Information:

A few students already brought boxes to school, so if you would like to make a box, you may. For students who don't bring a bag or box from home, they will have an opportunity to make a bag here at school. 


Please Read a book or from Raz-Kids or Pebblego every night for 15-20 minutes

Please practice math facts and have your child read a analog clock a few times a day to practice telling time.

Please practice Spelling Words nightly! 

What We Are Doing This Week:

Science: We are learning about weather and seasons. Please discuss clothing, activities, and food associated with each season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Math: We are learning about A.M. and P.M. and telling time this week. Please help your child read an analog and digital clock a few times a day. You could have them practice telling time on the analog clock and checking their answer from a digital clock. 

Vocabulary: hour, minute, o'clock, A.M., P.M., morning, night, midnight, afternoon, analog, digital, hour hand, minute hand

Reading: We are learning about Retelling. Retelling is telling the most important events in order, using time order words, such as first, next, finally. After reading for 10 or 15 from a book, Raz-kids, or Pebblego, ask your child to retell the story to you.

Writing: We are continuing to write Small Moment stories. 

Spelling: We are spelling words with R-controlled /er/ using ear, er, or

Regular list: work, germ, herd, perch, clerk, term, world, worse, nerve, verse, earth, search, pearl

Sight words (all): father, keep, tree, never

Challenge list: worry, worthless, worldly, served, spider, termite, perfect, lobster, nervous, quicker, farther, pearl, heard

Week of Feb 5

Important Dates:

Thursday 2-8-18 CAREER DAY

Friday 2-9-18 Math Test, Science Test, Spelling Test

Next Week: 

Wednesday 2-14-18 Valentine's Day Parties

Thursday 2-15-18 Math and Science Night! We need you here to make it a success! 5:30-7:00

Friday 2-16-18 No School! ​

Monday 2-19 No School! 

Important To Know:

2-9-18 Picture Day Cancelled. To be Rescheduled. 

Please send jackets to school. It is still cold outside during recess time. Thank you!

What we are doing this week:

Science: We are learning about the Water Cycle. Vocabulary to discuss with your child: evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Remember, condensation creates clouds and precipitation includes rain, snow, sleet, and hail. We use a rain gauge to measure rain fall, a ruler to measure snow, and a thermometer to measure temperature. 

Math: We will continue to practice 3-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping within 1-step and multi-step word problems. Test is on Friday. Please practice the steps to addition and subtraction. This is a major test grade.

Reading: We will continue to work on inferencing. Remember, inferencing is using clues from the text and your schema (what you know in your head) to make an educated guess on what the author is trying to say.

Writing: We will be writing Small Moment stories. Please ask your child what small moments he/she chose in class to write about and discuss details of their favorite event. 

Spelling: We will spell words with the r-controlled vowel /ar/- are, air

regular list: far, hair, parks, care, stair, dark, start, hard, charm, scare, spark, glare, chair

Site Words: country, plant, last, school

Challenge List: sharp, scarf, barefoot, faraway, lair, flair, dairy, millionaire, praire, carve, starve, barge, parched

Week of Jan. 29

Important Dates: 
01/02 Spelling Test
Important Information:
*First in Math: I hope everyone is working toward their 100 minutes of First in Math by Super Bowl Sunday! If they started last Wednesday, and played 10 minutes a day, they should be finished by Friday!
* I hope everyone is enjoying the One and Only Ivan!
What we are doing this week:
Science: We will complete our unit on Natural and Manmade Resources.
Social Studies: We will begin a unit on the history of Tomball and influential people in Tomball. 
Math: We will continue to solve 3-digit addition and subtraction problems with regrouping within 1 and 2-step word problems. Our test will be next week. Please practice this hard skill at home a few minutes a day! 
Reading: We will continue to work on infering within fictional stories. We will infer motives within characters. This is using clues in the story and our prior knowledge to decide why a character did something. 
Writing: We will write poems! Please review rhyme, rhythm, and repitition!
Spelling: We will read and spell words with the r-controlled /or/ sound.
Regular list: roar, soar, board, boar, mourn, court, war, warps, wart, warn, your, swarm, four
Site words: food, between, own, below
Challenge list: hoarse, course, cardboard, flourish, source, yourself, warmth, award, toward, mourning, fourteen, warden, roaring

Week of January 22

Important Dates:
1/26 Awards Ceremony 
1/26 Spelling Test
1/25-26 Science Test
Important Information:
We are having a contest to see which second grade class can have the BEST ATTENDANCE! Please make sure your child attends school everyday unless he/she is sick. Even if you wake up late, it's better to be late than not come at all! 
Please continue to work on First in Math at home. We are also in a weekly competition for most math points!
Please continue read every night!
What we are doing this week:
Science: We are completing our unit on Natural and Man-made Resources. Please discuss man-made items derived from natural resources. 
Social Studies: We are completing our unit on time and timelines. *TONIGHT - Please discuss the importance of understanding the past, present, and future and the use of timelines. For example, I told them that in the past I had trouble riding my bike, so I continued practicing. Now, in the present, I am able to ride my bike because I learned how in the past. In the future, I will be able to teach my son how to ride his bike. You can use the past to learn about mistakes you made or learn from other's mistakes. Then, you can use that information to make wiser choices in the future. They will write a paragraph tomorrow about this for a daily grade.
Math: We will add and subtract 3-digit numbers with regrouping. Please work on this skill at home. It is difficult!
Reading: We will read fiction stories to dig deeper in understanding character traits, setting, and plot. 
Writing: We will finish our Fable.
Spelling: We will spell words with the r-controlled /or/ sound
Regular List: score, floor, door, poor, storm, fort, pork, porch, north, for, more, shore, chore, add, near, every, high
Challenge List: orchard, shortest, organize, forty, honor, explore, adore, before, stores, doorknob, poorly, outdoorsy, coordinate 

Week of Jan. 15

Happy 2018!  We have had a great first week back from our break, and looking forward to a great second half of second grade.   
Reading:  We will use our inference skills to analyze poems
Writing:  We will publish our fiction story.
Math:  We will add and subtract 3 digit numbers, including regrouping.
Social Studies:  We will identify and classify items as from the past or present.
Science:  We will identify ways to conserve our natural resources.
Spelling:  more, shore, chore, for, north, porch, pork, fort, storm, poor, door, floor, score, cord, story, before, work

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2018! I hope everyone has thoroughly enjoyed their holiday season! As you enjoy the rest of your time off, please remember to spend some time everyday reading books from home, from the library, or on and practicing math skills on First in Math:
I am looking forward to seeing all my sweet kids on Wednesday! 


Hello, Family!
Due to our festivities, we are having Library Checkout tomorrow, Wednesday, December 20! Please have your child bring his/her library book back to school TOMORROW if he/she wants new books for the holidays!!
Thank you so much!

Week of December 18

Important Dates:

12/19: Math Graphing Major Project due

12/20: Science Test, Reading Test

12/21: Polar Express and Pajama Day! Please send your child in PJ's today! 

12/22: Christmas Parties and early dismissal for students. 

1/10: Students Report Back to School

**Remember attendance still counts this week! We have a lot of school work and fun activities to do this week! Please send your child to school if he/she is not sick!**

**Please send your child to school with a jacket!**


What we are doing this week:

Science: We are finishing our Water and Rock unit!

Social Studies: We will finish our unit on culture and traditions! 

Math: We will complete our unit on Graphing!

Writing: We will continue working on our fables!

Reading: We will wrap up our unit on Folktales! 

Spelling: No spelling test this week!

Week of December 11

Important Dates:

12/15: Jingle Bell Run (during Specials 9:50-10:50)

12/15: Spelling Test and Science Test


What we are doing this week:

Science: We are learning about fresh/salt water and rocks!

Social Studies: We are learning about culture and traditions. Please talk to your child at home about your culture and some of the traditions you do as a family! We will be traveling to different second grade classrooms to experience Christmas Traditions Around the World 

Math: We are learning about graphs! Some graphs we will discuss are bar graphs and pictographs. Some important words include, but are not limited to: title, label, symbol, key, pictograph, tally mark, data, graph, bar graph, bar, chart.

Please continue to allow your child to use First in Math at home to practice Math Skills! 

Reading: We are continuing to read about Folktales, especially Fables. This week we will compare and contrast similar fables, such as City Mouse, Country Mouse to City Cat, Country Cat. 

Writing: We will write a fable.

Spelling: Week 14: Digraphs ch, wh

Regular list: chop, each, when, chin, what, lunch, why, speech, while, which, peaches, white, branch, than, water, first, been​

Challenge List: children, chocolate, chapter, kitchen, grandchild, wrench, wharf, whiff, whine, whales, wheel, whether, whimsical  

Week of Dec. 4

Important Dates:

12/7 Math Test

12/8 Spelling Test 13 & Fact Fluency

12/8 Science Test

12/8 PTO Jingle Bell Jog


Speak Up Survey

Tomball ISD is participating in the Speak Up national research project. Speak Up is a survey designed to help students, parents, educators, and community members share their ideas directly with schools and national policymakers. The brief online survey is open to students, educators, parents, and community members through January 19, 2018. Click the link below to take the survey.

This week we will learn:

Science: We will learn about heat, light, and sound energy. Please talk to your child about the different energy you use around the house, and what you can do to preserve our energy! Our test is on Friday.

Math: We will review solving two-digit multi step word problems (add/add, add/subtract, subtract/add, subtract/subtract).  Our test is on Thursday. Word problems in general are complicated to learn, but two step problems are even more challenging. Please work with your child to help them find what the question is asking, find the important information, cross out the extra information, decide on which operation to use, and which strategy to use. You can make up your own problems for them. They love it when you use their names, their family members' names, and their friends' names.

Addition and subtraction with regrouping are still on our menu! Again, this is a HARD skill for your little one! Please practice nightly to master this difficult skill. 

Try these websites with your kids to practice and understand the concept better:  Mr. Demaio!

Language Arts: In writing, we will start our unit on writing short fiction stories. 

Reading: We will talk about story elements in folktales, learn about finding the moral in the story, and compare/contrast stories.

Spelling: Lesson 13    (digraphs sh, ph, and th) 

regular list: shine, rush, shop, cashes, short, phone, graph, teeth, those, than, phase, thank, booth, number, way, could, people

challenge list: shadow, shady, shield, should, Thanksgiving, thankful, Thursday, theater, through, dolphin, alphabet, elephant, photograph 







Week of Nov. 27


The following are helpful hints as we enter the cold and flu season: 1) Cover
coughs and sneezes, 2) Wash hands frequently, 3) Get plenty of rest,
4) Stay home if you have a fever > 100 degrees, 5) Eat a balanced diet including vegetables and fruit and 6) Drink plenty of water to help flush away
any germs from your body.

Important Dates:

Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 28&29: Reading Test on Expository Nonfiction test. Please review Nonfiction Text Features and Main Idea and Details.

Friday, Dec. 1: Spelling Test

Friday, Dec. 1: Field Trip

Social Studies: We will continue learning about communities. We will discuss needs and wants, goods and services, and consumers and producers. We will have a grade level Market Place, where we will create something that other students can "buy." 

Math: We will continue adding and subtracting with regrouping in word problems. Please review word problem "magic words," such as together, in all, in total, sum, are left, gave away, lost, how many more.

Please continue to allow your child to play First in Math at home.

Writing: We will finish our Expository writing this week.

Reading: We will complete our unit on Expository Non-fiction Text. Please review how Nonfiction Text Features help us decide on the Main Idea of the passage. For example, the title helps us find the topic of the story. The Table of Contents show us where to locate the chapter or story in a book with many chapters or stories. The photographs and captions show us what the main idea would look like. It shows us what the passage is saying. The bold text tells us that the word is a vocabulary word, and it is an important word to help us understand the main idea. The index helps us locate where topics are in a book. We will begin a new unit on Folktales! Get those Fairy Tales, Fables, Myths, Legends, and Tall Tales out to read to your child at home!!

Spelling: We are learning about verbs with inflected endings.

Regular Spelling List: walked, looking, planted, asked, jumping, filled, talking, needed, spelling, played, poked, ended, mixed, where, when, were, what

Challenge List: 
admitting, chopping, clipping, emitting, pledging, hiding, 
copied, observed, replied, buried, emptied, omitted, replied 


Hello, Families! 
I hope you have a blessed holiday! Here are a few suggestions to do over the holiday week to keep your children's minds activated: 
Here is a link that will bring you to a web store with Fabulous Free Resources! I suggest downloading Number Pieces and maybe the Number Line to help with 2 digit addition and subtraction. Please practice! When we get back our focus will move off of "How to do it" to "How to decipher Word Problems."
I sent 4 pages of math to practice: 2-digit subtraction with regrouping, 2-digit addition with regrouping, and mixed addition and subtraction with and without regrouping.
2) Reading: Book bags have NEW books in them on their new reading level. Please remember to use Raz-Kids!!
3) Typing: We will be using Chromebooks a lot after Christmas! It would be helpful if your child could type proficiently. Here is a fun link to help your child learn typing skills! 
Thanks and have a great week! 

Week of Nov. 13

Important Notes:

** I will send homework folders home tomorrow. Please practice Spelling Words tonight. I went heavy on Math homework this week. Adding and Subtracting with regrouping is a super HARD skill for our kids. PLEASE sit with them while they do this homework and go over problems that they miss. Hopefully you have a strategy different from me that will help them understand how to get the answer. PLEASE work with your kids on this skill!!!!! 

**Book Fair is this week! Your child made a wish list today. Please see it for titles and prices. You can send money with your child to go this week, OR you can join your child from 8:10-8:40 each morning or during Literacy Night to purchase books. 

Important Dates:

Tues 11/14: Literacy Night

Friday 11/17: Science and Spelling Test

BOOK FAIR 11/13-11/17

THANKSGIVING BREAK next week: 11/20-11/24

Science: We are investigating how objects move and how magnets work. Vocabulary for this week: motion, position, trace, force, slide, spin, roll, push, pull, magnet, magnetic, attract, repel, compass

Motion Games:

Magnetic Games:

Math: We will add and subtract 2-digit numbers with regrouping. Again, this is a HARD skill for your little one! Please practice nightly to master this difficult skill. Please complete the homework pages with your child. (Homework Folders will go out tomorrow.)

Reading: We are continuing to work on Expository Non-fiction. Please use the text features (Table to Contents, Glossary, Index, Titles, Photographs, Captions, Diagrams, Labels, Subheadings, Bold Text, etc) to find the Topic, Main Idea, and Supporting Details of a Expository Non-fiction Book.  A good place to find some extra titles is in Raz Kids or at the Library! Also,  please come to Literacy Night tomorrow and visit our Book Fair!

Writing: We are continuing to write expository texts to give main ideas and details about someone they know well.

Spelling: Long u: oe, oo, o

Regular list: 1. soon 2. smooth 3. who 4. boo 5. mood 6. bloom 7. shoe 8. do 9. you 10. goof 11. moon 12. canoe 13. zoom 14. set 15. put 16. end 17. does

Challenge List: 1.balloon, 2.broom, 3.choose, 4.loose, 5.kangaroo, 6.proof, 7.two, 8.hairdo, 9.outdo,, 11.through, 12.horseshoe, 13.shoe box, ​14.set, 15.put, 16.end, 17.does